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  1. "My wife does not allow me to help at all... I don't touch anything so as not to upset her!" Seems to be a trend!
  2. wasn't he planning a comeback last year then he called it off?
  3. "she says just don't make a mess and that is the same it as if you did a thousand things" :D
  4. It probably was an instagram live story, so it wouldn't be recorded or posted anywhere (unless someone recorded it themselves).
  5. This is the instagram video (he nailed the chants lol):
  6. Hadi still trying... Kaviani moved down to 67?
  7. Only Ebrahimi won gold! not very useful in a non olympic weight class. At least now we know Zare should be the guy for 125kg, and Bazri wasn't important anyway.
  8. Hosseini looked far more tired to me. Hosseini also got lucky with his counters so I think we'll have to agree to disagree
  9. I thought it was an easy win, he played with Hosseini and had multiple big point moves (not all converted but showed his dominance)
  10. Pretty good (senior!) tournament for Goleij. Beat two world level guys in Musaev and Yergali.
  11. 57kg has a good level of competition for Sarlak - e.g. Takahashi, Ravi, Sanayev. This Maghsoudi at 65kg is the juniors guy right? Good level of competition here for him too. Imagine if Bazri beats Punia, 86kg is so weak. Goleij and Hadi have to win in their weight classes.
  12. "even alcohol"?! say it ain't so! -- excited to see Kaviani and Saravi tomorrow
  13. i want what you're smoking, must be some very high grade stuff
  14. "the guy" is called Mohammadian and he teched Bo AND pinned Snyder
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