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  1. "even alcohol"?! say it ain't so! -- excited to see Kaviani and Saravi tomorrow
  2. i want what you're smoking, must be some very high grade stuff
  3. "the guy" is called Mohammadian and he teched Bo AND pinned Snyder
  4. you are both hugely overestimating Bo and hugely underestimating DT
  5. People are seriously comparing Bo to DT and giving him a chance to beat DT?
  6. obvious and correct decision. good for Cox and good for USA. DT and Cox are too good to not have them both on your team.
  7. Not particularly impressed. The kid should just wrestle Gwiz already.
  8. Isn't that the guy Zare just beat in the final in Italy?
  9. I was only sad to see Kimia leave. And the junior chess kid from Mazandaran. My impressions of being in Iran recently and speaking to many friends and family inside Iran is that it is a very poisoned society. There is no hope and people are not happy at all and society is sick! I can't think of a better way to say it than that. But the Iranians I speak to are not necessarily representative of all Iranians (mostly from Tehran and northern Iran - all very educated, not religious, etc). Iran is such a big country with such a radical divergences of opinions and lives that I hesitate to really put labels on the situation, but clearly things are not good.
  10. He got a better deal than Mollaei. His stories only got him to Mongolia.
  11. You know things are bad when the Iranians are trying to calm everyone else down.
  12. Definitely not a pin for me. And 4 points for Kaviani also. At least Geraei came back in the end, in the other video it looked like he just walked off entirely.
  13. Look at that incredible pin at the end. Zare will have nightmares about getting brutally thrown on his back and pinned like that.
  14. Zare finally has some real competition.
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