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  1. If Yazdani wanted to move to 97 he would have done it by now, it's too big of a weight gap (and risk) to do it now imo.
  2. Hey man please reconsider. Why let one abusive individual affect your presence here? So many people learn so much from your posts! Really hope you don't leave.
  3. Nearly worked = didn't work. Taylor made great adjustments but expecting Yaz to change his entire style at this stage of his career is probably not realistic. He will need to do something substantial though because it seems like he's up against a better wrestler at this point, 1-4 is not a good record and doesn't bode well going into Paris with the same style.
  4. If it works it's great, but if something doesn't work then it makes sense to change it. Amouzad scores huge amount of points with his style but if one day he has an opponent who that style doesn't work as well against, then it would make sense for Amouzad to adapt his style too.
  5. Could you share Dabir's interview?
  6. Please ignore him, your contributions are great and everyone values and respects your presence here!
  7. Snyder is the epitome of class and respect and you will struggle to find an Iranian who has anything bad to say about him.
  8. I am not. You said, and I quote, "Iranian fans blow up his Instagram and talk about how he is hated by Iranian fans (including some on here)". This is not true. Nobody here hates him. Even on Instagram if you look at his posts 99% of the Iranian comments I am seeing are congratulatory and full of <3 emojis so I'm not sure what you're talking about. Go have a look for yourself.
  9. I can't respect someone and acknowledge their H2H records against other wrestlers? Not showing "high respect" = hatred? Interesting
  10. Ah yes I'm well aware of some elements of the diaspora and their frankly embarrassing and treasonous activities and objectives... But still, you would think the US visa people would have enough brains to figure out this is a world wrestling champion who was invited to compete in a wrestling tournament in the US and obviously not a threat to national security.
  11. Nobody hates him or said he is hated by Iranian fans. To the contrary, he is highly respected. The Iranian fans were cheering for their guy just like the US guys would cheer for theirs.
  12. He took another jab at the Iranian fans in his post-match interview, sarcastically saying it was weird how quiet they were after the match and asking why that was the case (rhetorically)... Pretty unnecessary IMO.
  13. If they didn't have enough time to review the application why was the visa denied?
  14. Not true about Iran, the revolution was in 1979. Iran boycotted both the 1980 and 1984 Olympics for political reasons (the 1980 Olympics because of the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan and the 1984 Olympics because of political differences (politely speaking) with the US).
  15. did they ever explain why Ghasempour was denied a visa? maybe now he is a 2x World Champion he will have better luck
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