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  1. if Karimi goes to the worlds in December, maybe he can finally get his gold medal (assuming Cox competes at 97kg)
  2. Yes, it's nonsense and should not be taken seriously. They are an opposition network based abroad in the Netherlands. It's hard to find good polls but University of Maryland make the most credible polls on Iran if I remember correctly.
  3. GAMAAN is a joke and not a credible pollster, they have been widely rebuked by their (more credible) peers
  4. "religious fundamentalist" is not just a suicide bomber. iran has many fundamentlists and not many iranians at all will describe themselves as not muslim or not religious if you ask them.
  5. yes. and also for some crimes if the victim's family forgives you (you pay them blood money) you can escape punishment that way. like a former mayor of Tehran that you probably know about. actually not a terrible system, a good way to reduce the number of executions and it gives the power to the victim's family.
  6. this thread is about an iranian wrestler being executed but somehow you still managed to make it about the american flag. congrats. Is there a more self-centred and ignorant group in the world than Americans like you?
  7. I referred to Israeli media (not Israeli people as you brainlessly suggest) because the OP linked to an Israeli news website (Jerusalem Post). But don't worry, I won't take the opportunity to reciprocate your pathetic personal attack.
  8. He apparently confessed to killing a security guard during some riots in Iran last year. Whether the confession was made freely is another question, I don't know. This story comes up every few months; Iran plans to execute someone found guilty of a capital offence and almost automatically the Western/Israeli media go into overdrive with the same things every time. But Western (or in this case Israeli) media suddenly caring so much about a 'champion Iranian wrestler' (that confessed to murder and is a wrestling 'champion' in the same way that I am a champion of my local chess club) strikes me as completely insincere and hypocritical given their total lack of coverage on the millions of Iranians that suffer on a day to day basis due to the illegal US economic embargo/sanctions. But I digress.
  9. Apparently he killed someone. Foreign media are just using and exaggerating his wrestling 'background' to serve their agenda. Whether he wrestlers or rides horses is totally irrelevant when you commit a crime (not that they proved he did, but as a general point).
  10. No, I said "Does anyone think it will take more than 3 mins", i.e. I don't think it will take more than 3 mins. 3 mins is not more than 3 mins; thus, my statement includes 3 mins. So I did not predict "LESS THAN 3 minutes".
  11. Clearly my statement was about their upcoming match, so PD lasting 30 seconds longer one time 3 years ago doesn't make me "wrong" at all. But PD survived for 3 mins 30 seconds before being teched in one match 3 years ago, instead of the 3 mins I predicted (for their next match) - you sure showed me !!
  12. FWIW, PD3 deleted some of his tweets about the weight situation, so clearly it was B (who could have seen that coming!). What is up with this guy? Dake has gone full retard too, Americans are truly special.
  13. Hi everyone. When do DT and PD wrestle? Does anyone think it will take more than 3 mins for DT to tech/pin PD? I don't.
  14. "My wife does not allow me to help at all... I don't touch anything so as not to upset her!" Seems to be a trend!
  15. wasn't he planning a comeback last year then he called it off?
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