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  1. Agree with this. If Yazdani is the great we think he is, he won't lose to DT. DT is great, but not a great. (Obviously game plan and performance on the day > destiny, but the line of thinking is attractive to me nonetheless.)
  2. very strong GR team (130kg and the embarrassment of not qualifying 87kg aside)
  3. Both against other Iranians, who he trains with every day, yes. He won't be wrestling against Iranians in Tokyo.
  4. 4 medals so he hopefully only needs to beat one of those 4 to medal (though I'm not sure about the rankings). Akgul is favourite for gold in my opinion, the rest are a bit closer. Interesting to see if Zare can replicate his win over Geno but I doubt it, Zare was on the brink of getting teched before Geno suddenly totally gassed. Steveson is hard to predict because we haven't seen him in an international tournament, but I'd slightly favour Zare over him and Kozyrev.
  5. Cox didn't even bother wrestling the bronze match? What's the point of coming if you're not going to wrestle FWIW, the Ukrainian that beat Cox lost in the final 12-3 to Poland
  6. Zare (IRI) will wrestle Gwiz (USA) in the 125kg final in around 4-6 hours from now. Zare teched Gwiz quite easily last time they wrestled and I don't expect it will be any different this time. Hosseinkhani (IRI) vs Chamizo (ITA) in the 74kg final
  7. Hosseinkhani will wrestle Chamizo in the final later today. He had a lucky draw but good win over Gadzhiyev in the SF nonetheless
  8. Cox lost his SF match against a Ukrainian I have never heard of, wow.
  9. Zare dominated the Ukrainian in the first period and will wrestle for gold against Gwiz or the Egyptian that beat Taheri. Cox lost his SF match against a Ukrainian I have never heard of, wow.
  10. Atri almost bottled his match and looked very unimpressive.
  11. Oops, Taheri beat the Kazakh Asian Champ, not Zare. My bad. I'm glad it wasn't Zare - I missed that match and was kinda disappointed Zare didn't win by more, lol.
  12. Taheri beat the 2021 Asian Champ in the first round but then lost 3-6 vs an Egyptian in the QF (all but got pinned at the end too) At the same time, Zare made easy work of his Egyptian opponent in the QF (won 10-0 in the first period) Well that settles that.
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