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  1. did Karimi wrestle at 86kg and lose? who to?
  2. Well that was an anti-climax: the Georgian withdrew from the final due to injury, so Yousofi WINS GOLD and is the 2019 U23 World Champion! Yousofi is now: 2x U23 World medalist ('18 Bronze and '19 Gold), Junior World Champion ('19) and Junior Asian Champion ('19). All of that was in the course of the last 12 months - not a bad collection for 12 months! He is still only 20 years old, so it will be exciting to see how he develops over the next 2-3 years.
  3. Yousofi's opponent is the '18 U23 World Champion (he beat Yousofi 4-1 or 5-1 there) and '19 U23 European Champion. And he's 22, I think Yousofi is 20 (at 130kg that can be a big difference). So that is going to be difficult for him, I think he has had a good tournament whatever the result for him.
  4. No, we have Yousofi in the final still today (in a few minutes in fact). Then Geraei tomorrow, so best case is 3 golds and 3 bronzes. Worst case is 1 gold and 2 silvers and some less than 5th because the 3 repechage guys are only in the first round repechage, not the Bronze match yet.
  5. 60kg: Mohsen Nejad is in the first round repechage and has maybe 30-40% chance of a Bronze. 67kg: Foumani is in the first round repechage with maybe only 20% chance of a Bronze. 72kg: Geraei is in the final tomorrow vs AZE Suleymanov. The Azeri looks so dominant, but Geraei can make it close and definitely has a shot, maybe 40-50%. 82kg: Langeroudi is out. 97kg: Saravi is in the first round repechage but has two tough matches, the Bronze match vs UKR ('18 European U23 Silver + '19 European U23 Bronze). Tough to win both matches but I give him 40-50%.
  6. That is Iran's first U23 Greco Gold medal as well. In the last two years Iran has only won Bronze medals in U23 GR wrestling, no silvers or golds. I don't know about 2020, there is only 60kg and 67kg. Other guys can compete: Saman Abdevali (Saeed's brother), the guy that beat Abdevali in the Takhti Cup I forgot his name, maybe Nejati as well. But for sure Delkhani will be one of the competitors, I guess for 60kg not 67kg. @wrestfan will know better. Oh I forgot little Geraei as well.
  7. At 63kg Delkhani beats the '19 European U23 Champion and '19 European Senior Bronze medalist Georgian 7-6 in the final and WINS GOLD! @irani He was 6-2 down with 25 seconds to go in a competitive match then got a 4 point throw (+failed challenge) and hung on to win!
  8. Saravi lost to a Finnish guy who's 21. But he was no joke, '18 JW Champion (at 97kg, Saravi was champion at 87kg) and current '19 European U23 Champion. Maybe Saravi needs more time to adjust to 97kg, especially when he's against slightly older guys (I think Saravi is 19 only?) who have been at 97kg for longer. Hopefully Saravi can get through to the repechage and still get a Bronze. Geraei at 72kg has been amazing (defeated TUR, RUS and GEO) and is in the SF (vs UKR). Foumani at 67kg can get into the repechage if the (BLR) guy that beat him wins his SF, same for Mohsen Nejad at 60kg. The others are out. To be honest only Geraei looked good today.
  9. The guy was at worlds alongside Delkhani (same bracket) and performed worse than Delkhani. They were also both at U23 worlds last year and Delkhani also got further than him there. Admittedly they didn't compete against each other in either tournament, but Delkhani is in good form so it's definitely a winnable match, no worse than 50/50 in my opinion.
  10. Your boy Naifonov lost to The Greatest by VFA not VSU, so it's all good
  11. Noroozi at 77kg and Badkan at 87kg were useless as expected and went 0-1 each and are both out. So from 5 weights today we have 2 finalists (Delkhani and Yousofi) and the other 3 went 0-1 0-1 1-1.
  12. At 55kg Naserpour won his first match but then lost by VSU to the Japanese Ogawa ('19 Worlds Bronze), who has made it to the final. So the repechage match is Naserpour vs the Israeli. Shame. At 63kg Delkhani had some tough matches but is in the final against a Georgian ('19 U23 European Gold, '19 European Bronze). That is a very winnable match for Delkhani.
  13. At 130kg Yousofi came back from 0-5 down to win 7-5 vs Yildirim (TUR) in the semi final thanks to a big 4 point throw (more of a push than a throw with the size of those guys). The Turk had been dominant so far. Also, Yildirim is 23 years old so he is 4-5 years older than Yousofi as well, he was the '18 U23 World Silver medalist and has been doing well in the seniors since then, so that was a good win. In the final Yousofi will face the Georgian '18 U23 World Gold medalist, which is the same guy that beat him 4-1 in that competition (Yousofi won Bronze). So it will be good to see if Yousofi has improved, but he has done well whatever happens in the final.
  14. Well we also know that performances at age restricted groups don't always translate onto performances at senior level competitions, so to say he is suddenly the #2 at 92kg is a bit silly. Beating the #2 Russian at that weight at a non-seniors event doesn't make him the #2 guy at the weight. Even Zhabrailov himself is top 4 at best.
  15. Also the 2019 world champ from Georgia is at U23 too at 55kg! If you medal at worlds I don't think you should compete at U23 competitions anymore. But Naserpour has a not terrible draw and should win Bronze in the repechage if he was to compete in it somehow.
  16. I don't know why I included Naserpour that was my mistake, I was thinking yesterday that a lot of the top guys at the lower weights are young so it will be hard for Naserpour to win gold. Also I saw the brackets for Japan/Israel next but didn't think about the repechage problem! Wow. I hope Naserpour doesn't have a wife in Germany.
  17. Good point about Maghsoudi, I don't know why they sent that useless Hajipour to U23 instead of him. It seems a lot of these junior guys want to skip U23 and go straight to worlds. But I highly doubt Maghsoudi can beat Ehsanpour at the moment. Tomorrow the GR wrestling starts. This is the team: 55kg: Pouya Naserpour (’18 JW Gold, ’19 Worlds 10th) 60kg: Mehdi Mohsen Nejad (’18 U23 World Bronze, ’19 U23 Asian Bronze) 63kg: Meysam Delkhani 67kg: Sajjad Imentalab Foumani (’18 Junior Asian Bronze) 72kg: Mohammadreza Geraei (’19 Asian Championship Gold) 77kg: Ali Abolfazl Norouzi 82kg: Choobchian Langeroudi (’18 U23 World 15th) 87kg: Hamidreza Abbas Badkan 97kg: Saravi (’18 JW Gold, ’19 U23 Asian Gold, ’19 Worlds 7th) 130kg: Hossein Yousofi (’18 U23 World Bronze, ’19 JW Gold) I have no idea who the 67/77/82/87 guys are. Very young team. But I think Naserpour, Mohsen Nejad, Delkhani, Geraei, Saravi and Yousofi should medal. Saravi is my favourite greco guy at the moment and I particularly expect a good performance from him here (that means a Gold medal). Anyone know about the 77/82/87 guys and if they're any good?
  18. Sharifov over Snyder was a hugely unexpected defeat. Hamid Sourian getting pinned by the Kazakh in 2016 Olympics was a heart breaker.
  19. Not a big loss if Talebi is indeed out. But that is the annoying thing about the Iranian trials, they usually end up with everyone losing to everyone in a triangle and there is no clear winner. Hopefully we get one guy that stands out from the others and there are no 'extra' or 'special' trials if some people in the federation don't like the result. I hope we at least get Mohammadian vs Yazdani that's the main match for me at 97kg. 65kg is tough with Biabani/A Yazdani/Ehsanpour/Sadeghi. Will Yakhkeshi go to 57 or 65? Of those guys I only like Ehsanpour, maybe Emami can come down to 65kg but still Ehsanpour is better. I hope they don't all win and lose against each other in triangle trials like last year. For 74kg the trials will be between Emami/Nokhodi/Hosseinkhani/Mohammadi as the main guys I think. Nokhodi only lost to the Russian who is World Gold level at 70kg (10-10 with Baev), Emami got a Bronze but with a great draw and lost close match against his first real opponent but it was in his home, I don't remember the last time I saw Mohammadi, and Hosseinkhani doesn't seem reliable enough. I think we will have another triangle trial here again... I think it should be Emami or Mohammadi here. 125kg is clear with Hadi if he is fit but if not Mohebi vs Zare it seems. Mohebi is bad but 125kg is quite weak so he can have a small chance at a Bronze with some luck. 86kg is obvious also. 57kg also quite obvious for Atri because they love him, but maybe Sarlak can give him a good challenge. So to me it looks like: Atri, Ehsanpour, Emami/Mohammadi, Yazdani, Mohammadian/Yazdani, Hadi is the best team available for 2020. Did I miss anyone important? (That is assuming we qualify the spot for 74kg of course, which isn't guaranteed!)
  20. I use Opera which has a built in free VPN (though I don't need to use it because I'm not American), might be worth a shot.
  21. At 92kg, which is probably Russia's weakest weight of all. And that was a conversation he lost.
  22. Some of these guys can disappear then suddenly appear some years later and look great, look at Hadi before 2016 we would not think we would be clearly the #3 guy at 125kg at the age of 30! Isn't it strange that Talebi and Mohammadian both disappeared for 4 years and now they returned and both look great... (I don't say this in a negative way, Mohammadian was good before he left as well, but I don't think Talebi was.) Was Talebi suspended during those years as well? Also what about the Daniel Shariati kid at 97kg, is he still around and expected to compete? But to be honest those 6 you mention are enough and wow that's a tough field. I think it will be Yazdani or Mohammadian, but it's very early of course.
  23. Yes I had the same thought about Hadi/Mohebi, although he is only 18 so it's normal not to be on the physical level of those guys. But still I think he is smaller than those guys in general (Taha/Geno/Hadi all seem much bigger than him in height/frame) and he seems small for the weight for sure, so that is a slight concern. Hadi is very good for now so hopefully he can be fit for 2020 then from 2021 onwards lets see where Zare/Taheri/Hashemi etc are and hopefully one of them can be a better replacement than Mohebi. Reza Yazdani already called their bluff with that tournament before worlds! So I doubt they will act any differently this time... Speaking of Yazdani, has he recovered? Imagine if they make a trial with a fair and full bracket at 97kg with Goleij Shabani Mohamadian Talebi Goudarzi Foroutan and the others! He will possibly go back into retirement instead. 97kg must be our most stacked and competitive weight right now, I just hope we can find a somewhat conclusive winner instead of having a triangle situation as usual.
  24. I just caught up with Zare's QF match vs the Kazakh (it was the only match where he gave up a point - he actually gave up 7 vs the Kazakh and won 17-7), and holy sh*t look at that size difference! The Kazakh guy is at least 2 years older than him and has been competing at 125kg for 6+ years, and of course Zare was still at 110kg only last year. I would be interested to find out what Zare weighed here (or at the Asian Champs) - any idea @wrestfan?
  25. the matches are on YT now, here's the final:
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