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  1. Why would he move to 92kg? Tougher path to being the national rep (Cox v ... no one really at 86kg), he's 3-1 against the only guy that can beat him at 86kg (an Olympic weight) and there's no guarantee he'd have a better shot at beating Ghasempour than Yazdani (to the contrary, Ghasempour is clearly elite and could be a worse stylistic match up for him). Just doesn't make sense and hard to see it ever happening.
  2. Agreed, Yazdani is a bit too perfect and boring sometimes lol. But he's a humble servant of Iran and works hard to make his dear friends happy and that's nice. Zare is extremely young but works so hard to improve after setbacks and is a bit cocky, not in a disrespectful American way but in his own confident fun way, and I like that.
  3. Has any Iranian ever beaten such an elite list of opponents by the age of 20 as Amir Zare? He has defeated: Geno twice (3x world champ, 8x world and olympic medalist), Akgul (3x world and olympic champ, 6x world medalist), Gwiz three times (2x world medalist), Deng (2x world medalist), Makhov (4x world and olympic champion), Parviz Hadi (1x world medalist but 5x Asian Games/Champion and clear #3 in world at one point) and some other world level guys (Khrankou and the Ukrainian). There isn't really anyone else for him to beat right now other than Steveson if he returns. Yazdani beat Tsabalov and I think Gadzhiev (or did he lose? I don't remember exactly who won) by around that age I think but that's not as good. Maybe heavyweight is less competitive and Zare is rising at a good time when the two stars are ageing and the potential #1 Steveson has retired without wrestling him, but that's still a great list of names. Anyone's resume can be scrutinised like that: Yazdani never wrestled JB at 74kg, 86kg is the weakest olympic weight, he is 1-3 against his main rival at 86kg, etc. I'm going to say it: I think Zare could have a better career than Yazdani. He will certainly be Iran's best ever FS wrestler in the weight class (less controversial). Other than Gable no one has a good chance to beat him, and good heavyweights don't grow on trees, hence why Taha and Geno dominated for so long.
  4. In all 4 of their matches, has DT ever been the first to score? Yazdani is very strong and can usually dominate the first period. Oslo aside, DT tries to shoot but Yaz usually does a good job of shutting his attacks down (Tokyo), until he gets tired at least.
  5. Yazdani already went up one Olympic weight. So he'd be going from 70kg to 97kg, that's 60 pounds. Meanwhile Snyder would be wrestling at the same weight he started his senior career at. At this point I can only think you're trolling.
  6. He has already moved up three weight classes from 70kg to 86kg since 2015 (Yazdani's first world medal at 70kg). Snyder also won his first world medal in 2015 (at 97kg) - how many weight classes has he moved up since then? And you want to see Yaz move up another two weight classes...? I'd rather see Snyder move up to 125kg. Yazdani v Cox is much more interesting than Yazdani v Snyder.
  7. That is insane. Why would Yazdani move up two weight divisions to face Snyder? He already moved up from 74kg to begin with. And I doubt Mohammadian can move down let alone that he would be willing to do so for this event. Ghasempour at 86kg and Yazdani at 92kg makes more sense in that it's at least theoretically plausible but even then I doubt Ghasempour will want to cut to 86kg for this having just wrestled at 92kg.
  8. Not sure this is true. JB Snyder Gable Cox etc. Only really Dake and DT of the current bunch that started winning international medals later.
  9. Taheri is 6 years older and has never won a major tournament that I know of, I don't see how you can say there isn't a big difference between them, H2H results aside they are leagues apart in international tournaments, which is all that matters
  10. Who's the B guy, Taheri? There's a huge difference between Zare and Taheri in terms of international results
  11. Just think if they sent Dehbozorgi instead of Abbaspour like I wanted Iran could have been #1 in GR (or not, who knows). I don't want to see Abbaspour Mardani or Taheri for a while to be honest, especially Taheri he can retire now as far as I'm concerned.
  12. 4 Golds and 2 Bronzes for GR in Oslo. The most successful GR worlds for Iran ever. (3 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze for FS)
  13. Geraei 1-0 after the first period He made the exact same mistake on the parterre as before, very very annoying since his parterre is his biggest strength. Geraei is way too relaxed on top sometimes and loses the position entirely. REZA GERAEI WINS THE FINAL 5-2 AND WINS GOLD REZA GERAEI 2021 OLYMPIC AND WORLD CHAMPION AT 67KG THE THIRD IRANIAN GR WRESTLER EVER TO BECOME OLYMPIC AND WORLD CHAMPION. HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE.
  14. Dalkhani wins gold at 63kg. Who would have thought Dalkhani would be world champion before this tournament? Not me lol but he did very well. He was close in 2019 too but lost a few close matches and didn't medal. Dalkhani is Iran's 10th ever GR world champion. Technically that puts him in our top 10 ATG GR wrestlers... lol
  15. If Geraei can win gold tomorrow he will become only the third Iranian GR wrestler ever to be Olympic and World champion (after Sourian and Norouzi). Historic...
  16. At 130kg I assume Lopez has retired, so it was only really Riza and Semenov that were missing. Admittedly they are two of the best but I think Yousofi could beat Semenov. Riza could be a problem, but he's 10 years older than Yousofi and must be near the end of his career. I think Geraei should win 9 times out of 10, but he is extremely unpredictable, even here he went 6-1 down twice and found ways to win (actually not unusual for him lol). But otherwise his parterre looks very good. Dalkhani is a bit harder to predict but I think his match is very winnable too, so I'm hoping for two more golds (but of course anything is possible in GR).
  17. YOUSOFI WINS GOLD AT 130KG ALI AKBAR YOUSOFI - 2021 WORLD CHAMPION Yousofi (21 years old) is Iran's first ever GR world champion at 130kg (or its former equivalents). What a star. I knew he would be better internationally than Mirzazadeh and I'm so glad he got to go to Oslo instead. Yousofi won Bronze at 2018 U23 Worlds (at the age of 18), then became both Junior World and U23 World champion in 2019 (at the age of 19), became the Asian Champion earlier in 2021 and now is the 2021 World Champion (at 21). This guy is incredible and will win a lot of medals in his career.
  18. SARAVI WINS GOLD AT 97KG MOHAMMAD HADI SARAVI - 2021 WORLD CHAMPION Saravi (23 years old) is Iran's first Greco Roman world champion since Hamid Sourian in 2014.
  19. Hancock won Bronze at 97kg. Congrats
  20. Did anyone see that Geraei Zoidze semi final match? That was nuts!
  21. HOLY **** how did Geraei win that match ?! He's down 6-2 with 10 seconds left and gets two push outs each called as a caution for fleeing, so 2 pts for each and wins 7-6 (after a failed Georgian challenge)! He really messed up his parterre and let Zoidze just stand up without even trying to link his arms around Zoidze, but somehow still managed to win in the last 1 second. Unbelievable. He got very very lucky. Only Geraei could win like that, LOL. Zoidze really threw that match away in an almost Iranian fashion. Geraei will wrestle Abdullaev (RWF) in the final for Gold tomorrow. I still back him to win Gold here, as long as he doesn't mess up his parterre attack again lol.
  22. Wow Dalkhani (63kg) destroys Mammadov (AZE) 9-0 in the SF and will wrestle for Gold tomorrow against Abuladze (GEO) in the final. Mammadov won 2019 European Bronze and 2021 European Silver, though was otherwise very inconsistent in worlds etc. Abuladze has won 2021 European Bronze and was 2016 Cadet world champion.
  23. Dalkhani beat Temirov 3*-3 and will wrestle Abbasov (AZE) in the SF. I thought he was going to lose after he messed up the parterre but he found a late takedown. Good result for young Dalkhani, Temirov is 2018 World Bronze and came 5th in Tokyo. Geraei beats Jafarov (AZE) 11-0 in the QF and will wrestle Zoidze (GEO) in the SF - Geraei beat Zoidze 6-1 in Tokyo if I remember correctly. The Geraei brothers are just so insanely good from parterre, it's amazing to watch.
  24. Taheri lost to Denmark 3-1 (really 1*-1 until Taheri just laid on the mat and gave up when he knew he lost). I knew he was bad but I didn't know he was this terrible. They should forget about Taheri and send Alizadeh next time, he won 2021 Asian Championships and came third in that Olympic qualifier and he's a lot younger than Taheri too.
  25. Reza Geraei scared me there... Losing 6-1 with one minute left against the Japanese 2021 Asian Champion in the first round before he quite easily throws him on his back and pins him, winning by pin (5-6).
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