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  1. scramble

    Bo Nickal

    I think maybe people are not fully bought into just how good a lot of our #2's are. It is almost like we only have one guy who people think can medal which means if our number 2 can't start then "they aren't ready for the big stage". It simply isn't true anymore. I picked Cox to beat nickal and didn't think there was much of a chance for any other result. However, that doesn't mean Bo isn't world class or couldn't medal. I think he is that good. He just happens to have to beat out the best guy in the world to get his shot. So if he is top 5 that isn't good enough to make the world team. It does not mean however that he can't beat some of the best in the world. Same with I-mar, zahid, hall, ringer, Gable, etc. I think a lot of those guys could make noise on the world stage. They just can't break into the team right now... (Still waiting on ringer)
  2. I wasn't aware. I figured he was still out east. I can see an athlete at his level seeking out specialists or to people in the field for sure though.
  3. Serious thought.. I wonder If DT will actually drop some weight because of his injury. If it is an ACL he will be limited in his lifts. At least with real weight. Not much squats, deadlifts, or power cleans. Those are 3 key power lifts. While he could do some upper body, he will be limited on lower body workouts. A lot of weight and strength comes from lower body and power lifts. Not that he will go down, but he may not have as much good mass with 2020 fast approaching.
  4. I can see that in the since that the trajectory is with different points in time. Snyder has really been working freestyle since his senior year where Cox put heavy focus starting after college. So tha makes some since
  5. Really good points. Especially with the scouting aspect. I think you see this a lot. Score gaps close and we think athletes are not improving when really they are improving on strategy and ways to win against an international community who are all focusing on them. That's why often it is harder to stay at the top than to get to the top.
  6. 1. If J'Den goes up he can put 10 pounds on and he will have the weight. I doubt the strength is to much different. There is no clear favorite with Snyder. The two of them have been pretty even since high school. J'Den is a bad matchup for KS in the since he can wrestle outside, but JS is a bad style match for J'Den in that he attacks the ankle a lot. Which is J'Dens week point. 2. He may go down, but it will be a big pull. Taylor will give him a tough go this time. I will be pulling for J'Den but that cut combined with Taylor's motor and it will be tough. 3. I watched Ringers matches from this weekend. He is tough but after a few times watching them I don't think he beats Dake. Dake is so low to the ground. A lot of Ringers set ups come from shiffting his oppoonts weight to one foot and attaking. In other words he pushes (i.e. post or elbow pass) rather than pulling (i.e. sweep single or snaps to a score). Dake is a stump. I don't see ringer moving him and getting the angles he often creates. And Dake is freak strong. Dake will be our Rep. However, ringer will get there and get his medals in the near future.
  7. scramble

    Bo Nickal

    I think we have several weights where our #2 could be a medal threat. I think BO is one of them.
  8. scramble

    Zain should do the right thing

    Yianni DID NOT get robbed of the world team. At best there were a series of things that led to him losing the second match of a 3 match series. He still had to win another because he lost the first. There is no gaurantee he would have won the third. I mean he lost the first and this entire mess is because the second match was down to the wire. Yianni is not and has not been Zain out. The situation this weekend doesn't change that. These conversations keep going as if Yianni was a clear favorite. He isn't. Not yet. Yes he has a huge upside, but for now they are super close. People also keep talking like Zain is a Longshot to medal and has no shot at gold. I respectfully disagree with that opinion. Zain has represted well in the past. Yes he lost to yianni. He also has beat yianni. Zain is very much a medal threat, including gold. I think yianni will create a gap in the near future. However, right now they are pretty even. Whoever goes I will pick to medal.
  9. scramble

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    I don't have knowledge of specifics, just an abstract understanding of bits and pieces of things I know or have heard. Again, it is vague as I haven't heard anything direct. When you look at an "academy" format within the state of Missouri for developing youth you have the Purlers, Eirman, and at one time a few Henson kids. So you are naturally going to have a divide at the fan level. A difference of opinions on who is better. With that comes the "he said she said" and unsubstantiated statements against all of them from one person or another for personal reasons. If you filter all the stuff out from the youth or high school level and look only at the college level.. the college level could care less about who's opinion is what about whom. So from an abstract understanding... I don't believe there is any personal dissension at all between Eirman and the Mizzou staff. If there was, Missouri would have a few guys less on their roster and the likes of OU or ISU would probably have a few more. Several of Eirman's top kids have gone to Mizzou. So that in itself is kind of a statement there are no personal issues between him or the MiZZOU staff. I know 100% first hand that people connected to the Mizzou staff think he is doing a good job with kids and has a "great wrestling mind". Unless something new has transpired over a couple years I am not aware of, there is a good relationship there between the two. So whatever the reason I am guessing it is logistical. Whether it be something logistical, degree status, or some other reason I don't believe it is just because Eirman is not a college level coach. I mean heck, the way assistants get paid in wrestling it may not even be financially feasible for Eirman to take an assistant position. Regardless, I think Maple was a better hire to fit the overall needs. However, regarding why Eirman wouldn't have been considered I think it is more logistical. There is something that probably will keep it from ever happening, but I don't think it is a broken relationship between Eirman and Mizzou. I do know Smith is a straight up, systematic, program first kind of coach. He has a set of Norms, whatever they are, and he won't sway from them.
  10. scramble

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    No sweat. regarding the first post... I do think Ramos would be a good addition to a staff. I was not a fan of his in college. However, I think since he has left Iowa and branched out he has matured and developed overall. I think he would make a good coach somewhere. I know Iowa has a certain Brand (not to be connected or a pun with Brand's), but if the bias is removed a lot of their guys go on and do a good job in the coaching ranks. Perry, St. John, Metcalf, Moffit, Schwabbs, Morningstar, Joe Johnston. They all do a good job. Personally, I think Gillman will make a good coach. and I am definitely on board with Maple hire. I think it is the exact kind of move they needed. To address Show_Me post, he will be great for those guys. Yes, he is a little bigger, but he was around those weights early on. He will be huge for Eireman's goals. I too thin Maples is a step up at this time from Waters. That is not a knock on Waters. However, when you consider Maple is a little older and has experience on the international circuit, has time training at the OTC, and spent the last 2-years around training situations with Burroughs and Green as well as coaching with Lightner and Manning you have to think he has developed in his coaching skills. He has had versatile exposure to some of the best coaches and athletes in the last couple of years. He will have a lot to bring. As good as Mizzou has been this could be the push they need to get their lighter weights consistently over the top. He will add a lot to the freestyle ranks at MIZZOU as well.
  11. scramble

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    Violently opposed to Eirmena? I am not sure how you got that extreme view from what I said. Violently? I don't have anything against Eirman. I think he does a good job. He develops young kids to a high level through his clubs and academy. He also does a really good job on the freestyle level. I am not questioning his coaching. Last I knew he had a good relationship with the Mizzou program and as far as I know he still does. So I am not at all violently opposed to him. I simply felt in this circumstance it wasn't the best fit. Mizzou is right on the edge of being on the stage consistently year after year instead of being a spot or two out. In my opinion, It wasn't the right fit for Mizzou at this time. I personally felt a more high profile and fresh name was something they needed, like a Kendric Maple (who I hadn't thought about). so it wasn't knock on Eirmeman. If the question was posed who should they get to work with their freestyle team he would have been a name I would have thrown in that ring for sure. Eireman is insanely creative with impeccable mat and match awareness. Outside of Missouri though I don't know that his name would draw much in the recruiting circuit. Which I think they needed. In response to Humphrey not having experience coaching, I respectfully disagree. What he did with guys at tOSU and what he is doing in Jersey with the RTC speak volumes. It is all irrelevant at this point though now that the hire of Kendrick Maple is done... Which I think is a great grab. It is exactly what they needed. He is perfect for Eireman and his freestyle ambitions. He is gonna be great for the lighter weight in both folkstyle and freestyle. He gives added recruiting draw for kids out of Oklahoma and Kansas for sure. Kansas doesn't produce a high number of national level kids, but the ones they do produce are solid. Oklahoma kids will definitely know him and he could help grab one or two of them. He is also a fresh name out of the top tier international guys on the senior level. Missouri is so freaking close to being in the top four every year. One or two more big recruits every couple of years is all they need to break in.
  12. scramble

    When does Iowa State overtake the Squawkeyes?

    I wouldn't bet against Cael, but a few guy's that I would consider who may be right there and make it interesting would be Mark Branch, Brian Smith, and Dresser. All 3 of them have done A lot with the level of guy's that they get in their development. If they had a cuboard of bluechips it would be interesting to see what they could do. Still to say that a coach can win that many titles evev with a cuboard of bluechips you would have to refer to John Smith or Gable. Caels teams have been impressive. Great recruits don't pan out at programs a lot of times. Cael seems to consitantly develop them. Still I think the 3 mentioned earlier would be able to develop them also.
  13. scramble

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    I don't see Eireman coaching MU. While he has done a good job with developing some kids through his clubs I just don't see him being an overall fit into the system. Personally I would like to see them go outside of coaches with Missouri ties. For no reason other than bringing in some diversity. Even someone new to coaching. I would love to see a hail mary at someone like Reece Humphrey. Bring him in as associate head coach. I know I'm dreaming but he pops into my mind right away. Tony Ramos could be interesting, or Molinaro. I don't legitimately think it will be any of them but I would like to see some form of outside the box grab like that.
  14. scramble

    Could Ke-Shawn Hayes win a title in 2020?

    It would be great if Keyshawn wanted two more years and could get it. I don't know where he sits with being eligible for another year, but you would think with the way 5 and 6 years are becoming more normal that if he is eligible he could get it.
  15. scramble

    Could Ke-Shawn Hayes win a title in 2020?

    I wish he would have gone to Mizzou. I felt that way when he signed with tOSU. He would have had a more ideal weight every year, and I think he would have developed just as well if not better. I know it is all hindsight, but being in the middle of the Jordans and McKenna was not ideal. Personally, I think Mizzou develops athletes as good or better than tOSU. tOSU has a recruiting edge and is in the Big10 which favors them. However, Mizzou is just a step away every year with less to pulls from. Regardless, I wish him the best. He deserves it. He has paid his dues.