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  1. scramble

    The Southern Scuffle Thread

    That picture of Carl looks just like the guy on slingblade
  2. scramble

    Nobody cares about Eierman vs Yianni?

    If I were guessing the college and international tournament market probably isn't a huge part if their base. Virtually every single high school tournament and many your tournaments are using their systems. That means all the parents and grandparents across the country that can't travel to their kids competitions can watch there kid on track. There are probably more high school tournaments across the country in weekend then the entire D1 season combined. At least close to it. I would imagine that those parents will pay 12-15 bucks a tournament. I do wish they had a college package you could buy and an international package, it combo. Nevertheless I would bet their big money market is at the non-college levels.
  3. scramble

    Folkstyle moves that should be banned

    I think they make it illegal to hit a side-by-side where you roll across your back from the mat. I think hitting from your feet is fine, or driving in and over. Just not down on the back and rolling across tour own back. Reason being I have seen elbows snap many times. When it is hooked up and the wrestler has weight on that inside hand the arm can get stuck. The on the roll it snaps or dislocates. I see one probably every other year and every 3rd year at the most
  4. scramble

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    The rule is an attached head piece. This isn't a new rule. It changed years ago. Every coach should know this and so should wrestlers. He obviously knee he had to have a hair cover. I highly doubt he didn't know it was no the correct one. It is also over a month into season. There has been plenty of time for it to be corrected with the appropriate head piece. Could he have let him wrestle? Yes. Should he have? That varied individually. Here is the thing the ref did not make him cut his hair. It was a choice. The fact that it was matside adds other things. First you have to report to the table ready to wrestle. If not it is automatically 1 penalty before the match even starts if that hasn't changed. You also start your 90 seconds injury time. Meaning he should only get 90 seconds to decide, cut, and get on get to the mat. Not time for a beat haircut. I had a kid one time ask the ref for injury time because he thought he was gonna crap himself. He made it back in 95 seconds. Match was over. I just shook my head. If the ref is racist he needs to be out if the sport. On this though rules were applied and with it being 2 months into season and a month into competition the kid had to know. He tried to push the envelope and it didn't work. The level if outrage is ludicrous. I agree, change the rule back, but that is the rule right now. Personally,. I think it's stupid to have to tape or tuck laces
  5. scramble

    Penn State vs Arizona State

    I think that ASU only does it if it gives them a chance. Depending on where they start the dual it will probably be a match by match decision. I think RBY wins though. I have watched a few of his matches. He is insanely quick, creative and seems freakishly talented. I had never saw him wrestle before this year. He is impressive.
  6. scramble

    Mizzou Performance in Vegas

    What is also interesting is the number of in state kidsa and 1/2 are underclassman. If I am not mistaking 125) Missouri kid (so) 133) Missouri kid (Sr) 141) Missouri kid (Jr) 149) Missouri kid (so) 157) Missouri kid (fr) or fortuna(out of state (Jr) 165) Missouri kid (so) 174) Missouri kid (Sr) 184) Missouri kid ...Marriot (Jr) 197) Out of State (VA) (so) 285) Missouri kid (fr) So 8 or 9 startes will be MO kids. 5 of the 10 startes are underclassman and only 2 are seniors. I'm curious as to how many other top 10 trMs have 8/10 startes on state (maybe PSU)
  7. scramble

    Can PSU break the scoring record this year?

    Thanks for that info Tbar
  8. scramble

    Can PSU break the scoring record this year?

    I know this post is about point this year, but I was wondering, with the power lineup they have now how does the future compare, in all seriousness. With cassar, nickle, and rashead all being seniors, who do they have behind them. I'm not an insider so I really am unaware. You also have Nevils graduating. Who is there to fill in for either injuries or reloading?
  9. scramble


    There are some great matchups. How about I-Mar and Derringer. That is gonna be a great one.
  10. scramble

    Colleges a kid should wrestle at....

    Eagle, I don't disagree. That isnone reason I say it is important to be clear on the purpose when kids go to school. You are right, there are definitely kids out there that need money. Much of my work and research I do around my work is around low-socioeconimics and some around restorative justice that impacts poverty. So I completely agree fiancees are issues. Again that is where purpose comes in. There are NJCAA schools, D2 schools, and D1. I don't believe D3 gives athltic scholarships (but I could be wrong) NAIA is an option, but I have seen a lot of kids unfamiliar with the financial process not realize some if the loans in their "financial packages". Many of those schools can be quite costly. Part of the purpose why I thought about posting that list was informative. For example, D1 has a 9.9 max allocation that can be broke up. Unless you are a top recruit a person isn't getting. Full ride to PSU, tOSU, IA, or OSU. Even if you are a top recruit at those schools you probably aren't getting a full ride. A consistent top 10 school but not the top 5 may have a little more money to allocate to a blue Chip. However, a school not getting top recruits but with strong coaching (i.e. Wyoming, SDS, NDS, Oregon state) may be more inclined to give. Bluechip a good chunk or even a solid non-bluechip some money. With having to spread 9.9 scholarships (and many schools don't have that many to allocate) I think anlot of parents greatly over estimate just how much money is actually out there. However, there is also nothing wrong with a kid going juco and then on from there for financial reasons.
  11. scramble

    Colleges a kid should wrestle at....

    jchapman, yes that is what I am trying to say. You said it much more clearly though :-)
  12. scramble

    Colleges a kid should wrestle at....

    Klehner, That discussion has been had. Several times. College or trade. I don't push him at all. In fact, the only think I make him do is schedule breaks. To often kids take breaks once they are tired. The problem with that is once you realize you are tired and need a break, you are generally past the point where you should have already taken it. In the end kids burn out. Most kids only have so much fuel in the tank. Academics are first, however, the other pieces of time need to be productive. I don't care if it is band, drama, wrestling, or chess. He likes wrestling. That is his choice. I just support him and give insight in to options. It is up to him to think critically about it and then decide.
  13. scramble

    Colleges a kid should wrestle at....

    Not by them per-say, especially as a top 10. More so that outside of the top 5 I am surprised there isn't more mention of them when compared to many of the other programs that get mentioned. I will admit, seeing how many Missouri kids are in their starting line-up are from Missouri, and they still have that success was interesting. Seeing how many home state kids were in their line-up was a little surprising. I guess I would just think Missouri would be a bigger school of choice for more out of state kids not attending PSU, OSU, tOSU, Iowa, or without the grades for Cornell. So I guess it is surprising to me that Missouri doesn't seem to be in the discussion of recruits more than they. ASU, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, etc, seem to get more recruiting attention.
  14. scramble

    Colleges a kid should wrestle at....

    agree that people know if they follow wrestling. I was looking into the statistical side of it more out of curiosity. Anyone would note the top 4 or 5 teams. It is extremely obvious. What I found interesting was not the top teams, but the teams after that, and then the falloff after that. Me personally, I have a pretty extensive understanding of the college level and beyond, but for me personally, it is generally intriguing when actual numbers are put next to things.
  15. scramble

    Colleges a kid should wrestle at....

    Correct, here is what I told my son, 1) If you want to wrestle, then wrestle, period. Scholarships are great, but they are not as big or as big as people think; especially in non-revenue sports like wrestling. 2) If you base your decision on scholarship money, and you don't end up happy where your decision lands then you are likely to not do good in school, quit, come home, or all of the above. At that point, the scholarship money becomes irrelevant. 3) First, you have to decide if you want to wrestle. If you think you might want, then you need to continue doing things right between now an then so that you have the choice when the time comes. As long as you keep doing things how you are now, and maintain an upward trajectory, then you don't have to decide right now, but you have to prepare as if you are; especially in the classroom. 4) Then decide the purpose you want to wrestle. To be a national champ, an all-American, a varsity guy, to be part of a national championship, or just to wrestle for your favorite school. There is no wrong choice. Just the right choice for you and the right choice for others. 5) Once you know the purpose, find the schools that fulfil that. Then pick. Scholly money is irrelevant. That is my approach with him.