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  1. For those making a "dominant" scoring claim for the difference in DT and Dake, it is completely insignificant in this case. Dake does not often have big score separations. He also doesn't often lose. I love watching DT, and maybe he does or doesn't beat Dake. Either way Olympic weight or non olympic weight, and point differences between other opponents are not a good way to gage it with them. I also think if J'Den goes down he beats Taylor, but I don't think he beats Snyder. I would root for J'Den but being objective I think it goes to Snyder. JB and Snyder I have for representing us. The other spot will depend on where J'Drn goes if it is him or Taylor. My opinion
  2. 174 really clears out after this year.
  3. And I don't think you can really count Cassar as a top heavyweight recruit either, or Rasheed (97). He worked his way up and got bigger so he could fit into the lineup. Same with Rasheed. Both of those guys were smaller recruits (I think around 74) However as the depth built with guys like Talor getting bigger then Bo coming in, etc those guys had to build to gain a lot of weight and go up. Then when Rasheed and Cassar were battling it out so Cassar had to go up again. To add it took a 5th year of eligiblity before Cassar even built into that weight if I remember correctly. So the only real top 97 and HWT "Recruit" was Nevils.
  4. Lurker, that is way to positive of a take. We should never presume positive intentions on social media. Only Negative ways of thinking are welcome. So yes a positive take where everyone is understanding would be far fetched. (Sarcasm of course) Yes I agree with you. It is possible. I think people like to look for the Negative and throw darts with a blindfold as it relates to comments. Anyone who listens to interviews can tell that the athletes get annoyed with it. You can hear it when they speak and will even refer to it. Snyder, Cox, JB.... All of the have referrerenced annoyance with speculation about them. It is perfectly reasonable to think that they all 3 talked on it and there are no hardships.
  5. I disagree to an extent. I definitely don't think Snyder is putting the blame on anyone, other than himself. Leaving Ohio doesn't mean he is not looking inward. I don't think he looks at his situation at Ohio and says they can't develop me. I don't think it is about Cox and I don't think it is about money. Gwiz is going to Germany for a couple months and so is ringer. They are doing it to improve, and maybe for a little money. The guys it didn't work out for was for different reasons. Ramos left because of the fallout at Iowa. Not because he wanted a better training situation. Molinaro had Zain to deal with. Oliver went to Cornell and he did improve. Unfortunately for him so did Yianni at the same club. Ruth had Taylor deal with in the same club. Other than Oliver, the rest left because they were competing against the person in that room and they were the number 2. J,Den went to the OTC and got gold 2x. Downey made final X which was a surprise to me. Then he got his shot. Graff had been trying for the team for years, then makes it this year after heading to Jersey. In the end though everyone has their own perapective and take on it.
  6. It may not add much to PSU recruiting. I do think it could have some effect on tOSU, and possibly Iowa. Maybe even OSU. Iowa has been on an upward climb drawing recruits. If tOSU is affected Iowa and maybe OSU could benefit from those wanting to go somewhere other than PSU. Iowa seems to be setting the stage with their RTC, they have Gilman and you have to think Lee is going to enter the mix at some point. OSU has Fix right now and Ringer is knocking on the door. So I think they could maybe benefit from it a little. Additionally, Michigan may become a consideration for some kids now too if they don't want to end up in corn country or surrounded by tumbleweeds. No offense to either of those. I live right between those states :).
  7. Actually, I do think Metcalf should have left Iowa. I felt that way before he hung it up. As I have mentioned before, I also think JB should leave Nebraska. We all know that throughout a season guys get to know each other other and their tendencies. This in and of itself can stifle things. Heck even guys who wrestle several times get to know each other and it gets harder and harder to score. Being in the same room for 6,7,8 years things can get static. Sure they go here and there and get workouts in. However, when they get back it is the same partners, coaching perspectives, etc. You can fall back into your norm. Going somewhere for a long stretch can help make those adjustments you get when you go to train for a week or two stick, so to speak.
  8. I agree. I think him missing gold back to back definitely came into play with him leaving. To another posters point, I wondered the same thing. Like if MyMar might head out to the OTC, and if Kerkvliet Ed's up taking an Oly redshirt, heading maybe to the OTC in the spring. Then it allows him to re-evaluate. As for the other recruiting in the future I think there will be a lot of people watching to see it tOSU stays at the top. This year they are tough so they get some grace. After this year though I think will be a critical point for them to be a top 5 every year or a top 10 every year.
  9. O think JB needs to follow suite and head to Jersey with Humphreys. Very good move by Snyder
  10. "someone I think Snyder should go train with" 100% agree
  11. I've only met him once and he seemed like a friendly guy. It was just a short chat though when I bumped into him at a laundry mat in Soldotna Alaska after salmon fishing. Of all the places.
  12. Dang. I just learned some academic facts on this forum and feel like I got a little bit of a Harvard education just now. :) In all seriousness though, those were interesting points. I didn't know or think about many of those points. Good stuff.
  13. I would agree Taylor maybe. However, if a current defending world champ (Dake or Cox) were to get sent I think that would be a reasonable argument to send them over Downey. Now, if they would not have placed at world's you I would agree, or even if it were bronze maybe. I just think them getting a world title verse not getting in top five would be an understandable argument.
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