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  1. I have maintained confidence in Zain all along, but after today that confidence has gone way down. I didn't see the match so it is very possible he just got caught. Regardless, as good as he is, he always seems to have one bad match in a tournament. The way the international level is you just can't have a bad match. He seems to have at least one almost every time he is out. It's a bummer for sure. I think JO looks great right now. Zain looks great 90% of the time. However, the only one who seems to be consistent is Yianni. This really sucks. Once Gillman got to the finals I thought for sure we would qualify all of the weights.
  2. I don't mean to imply that they can't pull in top guys. I am just meaning that they aren't going to pull the quantity you see at the likes of PSU, OSU, tOSU, IA, and even Michigan, ASU, etc. Just they are on more of the lines of the 8-20 type schools. I know as a parent I would be more than happy to have my son go to any of the academies. When you look at programs like Missouri, VT (initially when Dresser came in), Wyoming, and programs like that they are really good at developing the talent level they get. With Dresser I am meaning when he first went to VT. Now it is a little different because he has established himself. At first though he did a great job developing what he had after the big exit of all those guys to IA.
  3. The only thing that people really talk about is his one loss during his redshirt year. Not really a blemish though. People may say that he didn't have a lot of top quality opponents, but I think he was just that much better. He only had like one or two wins his senior year that he did not bonus. He handled John Trendge a couple times pretty easily. My mind is blank right now but his opponent from West Virginia at the time was very good and he hammered him too. I am not positive, but I think he also beat Pendleton a few times as well. The other thing to consider is I think a lot of guys moved away from Cael. Irregardless to wrestle 159 matches and never lose is insane to think about. That is winning when sick, dinged up, having an off day, not getting caught, etc. Guys today don't wrestle as man matches. I'm not sure Cael even really had any controversial wins, like say Steiber. Cael was just purely dominant his Junior and Senior year. Back then it also wasn't like it is today where guys are held out at times for big matches. I don't think he ever missed a single match. The only person I feel could even be in the discussion with what Cael did in college is Dake. Dake had a loss or two his Freshman year. However, I don't remember him ever missing a match against a top opponent, and he beat some really good guys (i.e. Taylor). IMO, Cael was the best collegiate wrestler of all time and Dake is a very close second. If you split hairs Dake may not have ever had a loss if he would have had a redshirt/greyshirt. He did win it in 4 different weights and I think Cael won 2 different weights. Cael had more dominant wins against the #2-#4's than Dake, and he had more wins due to the number of matches wrestled. I think Cael had more bonus wins across his career as well. However, that isn't always the best indicator; especially with Dakes style. I think Steiber and the rest of the pack are pretty far behind those two.
  4. Johnston actually wrestled for Iowa durning Zalesky's tenure. He does a great job developing student athletes. He was probably the main reason Michael Chandler was an A.A. In fact he played a big part in the success of guys like Marable, Chandler, Houdashelt, Mayes, Lavallee, and to a degree Jordan, Leeth, and Lewis. Most of those guys were not big time recruits, if any (Maybe Lewis). Johnston was a big part of their development. A school like Navy, Air Force, etc., are not going to get a bunch of top tier recruits. So I don't think they need a huge recruiting name. Imo, they need a coach who can develop really good, but no necessarily great wrestlers coming out of high school. Developing that really good kid who may not be getting much scholarship elsewhere and convincing the to go to the Academy, then developing them above expectations is key for those programs. He is a genuine standup family guy too, and would fit that culture. Last year was his first year as associate head coach at Air Force. I don't think most kids commit to the Academy's because of the sport necessarily. Largely due to the extended commitment beyond.
  5. I think Joe Johnston might be a good fit for this role. Former Iowa guy, 11 years as an assistant during Mizzou's most successful years to date, and experience as an associate head coach at Air Force. The Mid - Mid upper weights had a lot of success when he was at Missouri. I know there are bigger names out there, but I think he is an ideal guy for that program. He is a great guy and has the perfect character and discipline for the position at Navy imo. I also think he is someone who would stay in that program and not look for something bigger and better.
  6. First, I would say that it is poor timing and taste to bring up the "rape accusation", but obviously people have a right to their comments. With that said.... I will say this on the "accusation". I was just that. An accusation. I can say this. I have a very good friend who was new the girl on an acquaintance level. Again, that means he did not know her well and not more than a "hey what's up" level. I asked him once what he thought. He was pretty objective. He said he didn't really know. He did say that he he saw her out and partying pretty hard a couple times. To be accurate he was not saying he thought she was lying or the accusations were or were not false. He was saying that there were several different ways he could have seen it going. He said he didn't know her well enough to say that she was lying, but that he could have seen a scenario where she had been drinking or maybe did do something. From our conversation he felt he wasn't willing to go so far to say that she was maybe calling it rape when it wasn't, but also that he wasn't willing say that it didn't happen. Take from it what you want. Each person will probably have their own opinion.
  7. see earlier comment where I said I didn't me "much" in the literal since.
  8. yeah, the word much, was a bit much. haha.. I didn't mean it in a literal way, but it does read like that.
  9. ummmmm... Downey???? Is that a tradeoff for Zain
  10. Eh... lol... I still think Colon's is much better. Now if we are talking laces... those laces were nice. Dake had that guy broke after the first 7 points.
  11. Dake must have this forum pulled up on his phone. I bet he read all of the comments and said, thanks coaches'. Then went out and made those adjustments to point a lot of points on the board.
  12. I thought JO looked pretty good. I felt like he should have got 2 when he go stuck on his back. I thought the initial exposure was his, but then he gave up 2 when he got tipped back over and caught on his back. He was in a couple of times. He is right there, and could be a medal threat at the Olympics. I think Yianni is a threat to. My feeling of Zain not so much anymore because he seems to have to many mistakes to not lose a match he shouldn't somewhere in the competition.
  13. What was Zain thinking hoping over the back. Okay, as I say that the idiot from Ukraine throws himself to his back with a 3 point lead and gets pinned. Fortunately for Zain that was an even bigger bonehead move.
  14. I like Gilman, but there is something about Colon that has always made me a fan. Even in his college days when he upended my MO Tigers at conference. In Gilman's defense he tends to do a great job hand fighting and driving his opponent toward the edge while still holding center. I think that is whey he doesn't get put on the clock much. We are often looking at his lack of attacks, but officials are looking more at how he controls the center. Him and Colon were virtually in the same over and under position, Gilman even blocking with his head, but because Colon had his back toward the edge, and was being driven backwards he got put on the clock. I too thought it was a questionable 2. Could Colon not challenge that? I thought maybe Colon started that throw before he stepped out. It was hard to tell though without replay. Either way it was a good match. Colon is going to be a tough draw at the trials. I thought his shape looked pretty good too. It will be interesting to see how he does as he continues to acclimate.
  15. I mentioned in a different thread that I felt Colon would be a threat if he could make the cut. I am glad he is having a good tournament. I have always felt that Colon gets kind of forgotten about because he isn't flashy. The guy has always had a great defense and if he gets on top he can score points in droves. I think he has the best gut wrench of an American. Including our greco guys. I am not saying he will be our rep. I do think that most people who give up one takedown will end up taking the loss. If he gets 2 takedowns in a match I think everyone takes a loss. If he gets on top twice he is going to get a turn and if it is in the center it is going to be more than one. Compound that with his defense and that is a lot of points to overcome. Zahid is very impressive as well. It will be interesting to see how his trajectory continues between now and the trial. I still like Deringer to right now though. Either way, Cox or Taylor will be our rep. I think it will be J'Den. Gilman and Fix are always close. They have wrestled so many times the past couple years it is always going to be a close match. They know each other to well. Snyder: At the end of the day he will be fine. I have said for a while that I think he needs to take a break. After the Olympics I hope we don't see him again until right before the next Worlds. That dude has been going at it hard for 6 years now. The body can only take so much and if he doesn't slow down his body is going to break down. I really don't buy the muscle thing. He has wrestled so many matches the last few years there is gobs of film on him. Him and JB are probably the most scouted U.S. Wrestlers in history. Dake: I am with the group who doesn't take much from his matches. Dake has always won. Whether he scores a ton of points or one point. Like JB, when he needs to score he usually can. Yes, I know that it can catch up with a person but really the only time it catches either of them is when it is a top world competitor. In those situations I don't think it is low scoring from keeping a match close. When the top 2 or 3 guys in the world face each other the matches are going to be close. I still think JB is our rep. I don't think JB has lost as much as it is made out to seem. Is he a little slower? sure. But you don't get 5 golds and several bronze by not knowing how to win.
  16. I'm looking forward to seeing Colon at the weight. Also, Zahid, Ringer, and Downey I think is interesting.
  17. My thoughts 57kg: Clark: If he is back, which i am guessing he will be by the qualifier. In no Clark: Rodriquez or Waters 65Kg: I say Meredith, maybe Eireman 74Kg: Didn't Lavalle take 5th? If so he is qualified. Nolf: He and Vincenzo should be an interesting one. I'm guessing the hope is that Vincenzo wins the NCAA. Otherwise he will have to beat Nolf. I imagine Nolf will win that last spot. 86kg: Tough call here. Brooks or Heflin Brooks: I don't see him getting in via NCAA, because I think Zahid wins that. 97kg: White 125Kg: This depends on Cassar Cassar: If he doesn't win the NCAA, which will be tough with Gable a year older. If not Cassar: Elam: tough call with Nevils, but with Elam's youth he has more growth by the trials IMO.
  18. Is Graff going down, up, or just going to try to make Greco? If Colon goes down he will be huge. If he can make that cut I and have energy will be a very difficult draw. I don't think he wins the spot, but I could see him beating anyone other than maybe Fix and Lee. His defense is so solid. In addition he may have the best gut of anyone in the country. It is probably up there with the best guys in the world. With his size and strength at that weight he only needs one takedown and he can open the score up in a big way. Again I am not saying I think he wins, but he can definitely pose a problem, and he isn't someone you want to give a takedown to in the middle of the mat.
  19. Doc, thanks for the clarification. In 2018 Zillmer was behind J'Den. After 2018 he moved up to 97Kg so he could grow into the weight in preparation for 2020. He has had some success internationally there. My only case, albeit a thin one, is that Zillmer seems to show more consistency than Moore. Granted, Moore seems to show he steps up in the big moments. I guess he is consistent in that, which is what really matters. It should be a good match either way, but I am still picking Zillmer by a photo finish.
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