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  1. The thing about 57 is there are at least 6 names that will be contesting for this weight. Yet none will be favored to get a medal. As good as our guys seem to be, in the biggest of ponds a medal is gonna be hard to get.
  2. I forgot all about Colon and Graff. If they can manage the cut okay they will be tough as well. I really like Graff. Nevertheless, despite the last WTT I think Colon will be the better of the two in the drop. Graff is successful when his motor is high. It will be hard to keep a high pace with that cut. Colons defensive style will allow him to conserve match energy. While I don't think he is the favorite to win, I think he will chest lock some poor soul into space. He will be strong at that weight and his hips are like concrete. More than anyone in the country I think he would benefit from working at Cornell with Dake and Yianni.
  3. I'm actually working on a study and will be seeking publication on the technology integration in schools. Basically you have 3 models. The traditional face-face, blended learning/hybrid learning, and full online. The hybrid is a broad definition. So depending on the course a person could meet as little as 1 or 2 times with the instructor and the rest is online. The other is full online where it is all asynchronous and you never meet with your instructor. So either option could/would let him take classes from a distance. Also, I am pretty sure tOSU is on a semester schedule. However, a lot of colleges offer 8 week courses. It is the same number of meeting hours for the course. You just may be allocated 6 hours a week instead of 3 for a 3-credit course. So the two start, end, and final times are probably to inform students on full semester classes and short courses. Eligibility is gonna be based on semester. So if you took all short courses you could take 6 hours the first 8-week and 6 the last 8 weeks for you 12 hours at the end of the semester.
  4. I agree with everyone about the others out there with Gross but I was impressed. I thought he handled the weight cut well. What surprised me though was how well he wrestled coming back from being out last year with his injury. When you consider his injury, the weight cut, and how he wrestled I think he has to be considered a legit threat. Right now I think Gross, Fix, and Gilman are the front runners. Gilman and Fix being the top 2. I know people keep talking about Lee, but he has been away for a bit. I think he is the 5th best in that weight Freestyle wise. Behind Suriano. The thing that really stood out to me today and also at the WTT and final X was that those competing quite a bit internationally are just much more strategy savvy. The little things like grounding yourself, re-attacking on the edge to get 1, knowing when to give a step out, etc. With the exception of Gross, everyone in the finals seemed to be guys who have recent international experience, and I think most of the top 3 would be in that category today would be in that.
  5. I think IMar wins regardless. With that said, Nolf was clearly hurt to a level you can't take much aways from that match. It was very evident in the first feet to back. Nolf had his inside leg off the ground and back. Fighting the throw with his left leg. In that position he should have had his inside leg planted hipping in and getting his hips in front. He did the exact opposite.
  6. If this is true it's a little confusing to me as to why he would leave the OTC. He has done really well under KJ. Also, if Snyder left because of workout partners why would he go there. Is he gonna have workout partners. I'm not knocking tOSU. It's more that he has won 2 world gold's with KJ and the OTC so why leave now. The only thing that I can see in it is that they will know Snyder well, who he has to beat. However, I think snyder will wrestle a little different so I don't know that is a benefit. He will be training for the Snyder that was at tOSU. Not the one at PSU.
  7. Is there actually talk from J'Dens corner about going to the Ohio RTC? I'm genuinely asking. Its hard for me to see him leaving KJ right now.
  8. And prior to that he had won a national title with Labette the year before I believe. If I'm not mistaking he also won one with Labette in his second or third year at the head of that program and they had never won a title prior. I think he has to be in the discussion as one of the top NJCAA coaches of all time.
  9. There always seems to be a debate regarding a dual title verse a team title. However, I still think PSU would have won most if not all of them anyway. My reasoning is because if you look at the teams who would have contended, the point separation I don't think would be a big difference. For example. Take tOSU and PSU. The year Bo pinned MyMar. That would have been 6 PSU O tOSU. In the Taylor and Ruth days they would have walked out with 2 pins for sure and probably 3 with Wright. In the end, the only way they would have ever lost a dual is if there was a team who could have won 6 of 10 matches, and I don't think there have been. I don't see any year where they did not have at least one person who would have left a dual with a pin. The only way is if a team had their guys wrestle to not get pinned and that would not be good for a national title dual in terms if fans. I also think it would Completely cripple any team that was not fully funded, or your schools that have hard entrance regulations. Cornel might be able to pull it off, but I think even they would have a tough time. They haven't been able to beat Missouri in duals most year. The current format at least allows teams like Wyoming, Stanford, Lehigh, Campbell, etc to have a chance to get into the top 10. They can recruit 3-4 guys who are AA level and get finish high at the tournament. I understand how the format may favor the top 3-4 perennial teams. However, if you look at the big picture beyond that, it would be bad for the sport in my opinion. Cornell and Mizzou might be the only teams not in the big 10 and big 12 that would ever get even a sniff of a top 10 finish. I think most teams understand that the reality is a top 10 finish is the best they can honestly hope for. If you go dual format it will kill that.
  10. I agree. I'm not sure how many people on here have seen Eiremans dad Mike coach and teach technique, but he can be pretty funky too. A lot of the "funk" development that comes is from roll around situation. Rolling around and getting into awkward places then being innovative there. Once it seems there might be something there that works the sequence begins to get recreated at increasing tempos. A lot of the things aren't "coached". They get developed on a semi-individual basis. So much of it is feel and awareness which can be hard to replicate for all the different scenarios. I'm pretty sure Ben did it a lot like that too. So i don't think those kind if things are something a coach really teaches in a systematic calculated fashion. Eireman will continue developing with the unorthodox stuff because if the way he goes about developing. I will say though that where Iowa will help is that it provides a very different style than typical for him. Esoecially with the hand fighting, but also the more basic sound fundamentals. I think this will be a bonus for him since it will add that layer to his tool box.
  11. I think J'Den is to tight with Kevin Jackson. I also think Jackson has done a good job with him. I could see J'Den going to ASU before Iowa. I will say I think Iowa will be the favorite in 2021. PSU graduates a bunch and Iowa will have every they currently have still. They are going to be tough.
  12. I don't really agree with the "wake up call". I'm sure most teams in the country would love to have a significant funding pool for an RTC. That's not the reality. Recently, when Snyder went to NLWC someone posted a link to. JB article where it talked about the funding at Nebraska. They have JB! And green to boot. And they are even limited. They also have a better tradition than most schools. There is no doubt Smith does not work like crazy to raise money. But there is no way that most schools will keep up with the top guys.
  13. If it were IA it would certainly increase the chance of PSU getting knocked off at NCAA. They would be stacked with top 8 guys almost all the way through the line-up in 2021.
  14. I don't think it a concern. I'm trying to remember if Eireman redshirted or not. I'm thinking he did. If so he has to be close to graduation. Close enough that 2 part time semesters could get him there. Regardless, I think transfers are becoming more common in genera. To others people's point they just had a great recruiting class. Missouri also has been good about keeping most of their top HS kids home and u expect that will continue. And also as noted. He may not go anywhere. If he does I wish him the best of luck. I wouldn't blame him for wanting to chanfe things up while he is still young. He has been in the Columbia area most of his life. I think it's good for kids to get out and experience other environments. Best of luck to him. Missouri will still be a top 10 program imo.
  15. I thought Wisconsin or ISU made since too. The other places I think might make since would be Michigan or Rutgers. Both have good RTC's going, and at Rutgers you have Suriano and Graff.
  16. O think this is actually a very good take on it. Primarily the "in college" part. I never really did a lot of critical thinking on that idea. However, when you think about it the thing our guys at that age are doing that not many in other parts of the world are is getttng an education. It would be interesting nto see what our guys juggle when compared to the rest of the world. Many are meeting the demands of college and trying to be elite athletes. I would be surprised if a lot of the other elite athletes in the world are doing the same. I would assume many are simply training full time. That stands to reason why maybe manybe our athletes are older (post college) when they hit their stride on the international circuit.
  17. I would say though that dresser may be able to do at least as good. He has been impressive. Other than that though it would probably take one of our current world champs to match it, largely due to their ability to bring in big recruits. Even them it would be a learning curve. I think Humphreys would probably do a good job as well.
  18. I agree for the most part. It is hard to argue with what Ryan has done. He has more trophies I believe at this point than any coach in the country except Sanderson and Smith. Maybe Brands and Zalesky when he was at Iowa, but I don't know the numbers for sure. Can't remember how long Brands has been at Iowa. Regardless, OSU, IA, and PSU are the only places with coaches who come close. Also, Snyder leaving does not reflect on Ryan or Trevel in my opinion. Sometimes you just need a change after spending 6 or 7 years with the same coaches and partners.
  19. Somehow this Spencer Lee thread turned into a DT thread. So I will respond with a DT comment :-) I don't think you can compare the DT situation with that of LEE or Yianni. I think there are completely different variables involved. First just the difference between freestyle and folk. In freestyle you are not turning someone with a gut or a lace at a world class level with an ACL tear. You are also going to have a hard time defending one. Especially if someone locks up a leg lace. Also, you are talking about multiple matches in a row against the top guys in the world. Not getting through a match or two with someone who is at your level in the U.S; especially considering the fact that Lee and Yianni are world class level and the only guys respectively at their level were McKenna and Fix at the time. In college, you might as well try to finish out the season if you are so far in that it will count toward your eligibility anyway. You also have a full 9-10 months before you compete again (2nd Semester). On top of that you can work yourself back into shape by selective competition for a another couple months till the NCAA qualifying tournament. Giving a person close to a year to recover. In DT's case, it would have resulted in waiting for several months until the worlds training with caution. You can't exactly walk into the world tournament half ready. Yes JB did it with his foot injury, but he had been train hard up to 3-weeks prior. There is also a difference between a healing foot, and a non existent ACL. It also would have meant he would have had to have surgery right after worlds and only had about what, 8-9 months before the trials, where it is going to be a very deep field of world class guys with the weight consolidation (potentially Cox, Hall, Valencia, Ringer). During an Olympic year no less that only comes around every 4-years and he may not have another cycle in him. So I think there a many reasons why an argument that Yianni or Lee wrestling the NCAA with a tore ACL versus DT choosing to forgo worlds to be more healed before the Olympic cycle are very different scenarios due to the differences in variables of their situation.
  20. I agree Bo is very good. And like many others I think he would have metal at whatever weight he would have went at the worlds had he been one of our Representatives. The thing is Cox Russell's very smart and strategic bucking score when he needs to score. Also Cox has a great counselor defense so often times the more you attack the more he's going to score. That is not taking anything away from bow I just think people that over attack Cox end up on the short end of the scoreboard.
  21. I agree. With Snyder now a NLWC he will have to wrestle a teammate for any Olympic spot. I do think you'll give the Olympics a go obviously. But if not he would be a good rap at 92 depending on whether or not Taylor or J'Den went up. We really have a lot of depth in the US between 74 kg and 97 kg
  22. Unless Bo is beating DT it would be short sighted to think he could beat J'Den. And I'm not a PSU. Hater. I like PSU and I am a big fan of Sanderson. But I'm also objective and I don't see how even a person would think that J'Den is an easier road then Taylor unless they're neck-and-neck with DT or beating them. At the very least J'Den and Taylor are neck-and-neck themselves and could go back and forth. I personally think J'Den is a hair above David Taylor. However I wouldn't go as far as to put money on it.
  23. I agree. It would also set him up to be the 92 rep at the world's for a year, unless one of the other guys were to go up. Also, IF and it's a big IF Snyder were to try and go up after the Olympic cycle for a year or two it would leave room for BO and Cox. With that said, if DT were to retire I think BO would be the favorite at 86 after the Olympics. I think he beats all those other guys. I think he is a terrible match up for ringer, to tall and big for Hall, and Valencia loses his leverage advantge against BO. In the end I do hope Bo sticks around because I think something will open up for him down the road. At the very least he will be the number 2 and get plenty of opportunities. As fo MMA, I would think that with his potential he would get some pay in an RTC somewhere. With the money he would get from being on the ladder, the RTC, and camp money Im not sure he would make that much more in his early MMA career. He may not even make as much. It will take him a few years I would think. He could stick around for another cycle and probably still be young enough to go MMA after if he wanted. For him to make big money in MMA he probably needs to get to the UFC and that will take a bit. I could be wrong because I don't know a ton about the payout for non UFC organizations or those just starting in the UFC. I wouldn't think though there would be a big difference as a newbie to UFC.
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