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  1. Nigerian looking like Adekuoroye 2.0 out there
  2. yeah the ref messed up, it was a dangerous angle while still in the single leg and then it turned into a roll and pin... it's the officials job to protect the athlete there, he didn't and unsurprisingly she got injured, hopefully not too badly. I'll put my conspiracy hat on and say he may have let the action go because he got a brief he was to try and encourage the development of wrestling in Kyrgyzstan, so to speak...
  3. Mukaida has been a bit flakey (by J-women's 1st team standards) - bottled it in 2017, blew it at the 2020 asians, and was beaten by the PRK girl at the 2019 asians & worlds (the latter a 12-1 tech fall). I see Fujinami taking that spot in a year or two, then Japan have Susaki, Fujinami, and Ozaki to rule & 50, 53, and 62 for the next couple of cycles (plus a Kawai or two, if they stick around). The growing depth of women's wrestling will see them get squeezed out of the 2 heaviest weight categories completely though IMO.
  4. It was certainly a starring Olympics for Susaki - she got to carry the flag in the opening ceremony, they arrange the wrestling tournament so she had the potential of getting in the headline slot in the last match on the last day of the Olympics, and she delivered the performance expected of her without breaking a sweat. So it's kinda crazy to think in 2019 the odds were she wouldn't even be there, after Irie squeaked her out of the team for the worlds (and Olympic team slot that would have come with any medal). Cruel as it is, JWA and JOC must have been somewhat relieved when Irie crashed and burned at the worlds. It also goes to show, even when you're (by far) the best at what you do, luck and timing beyond your control can make all the difference in the world. Also good that their mens free got a gold with Otoguru, it'd be a shame if they hadn't won any gold at their home olympics, overall the Japanese have my favorite style to watch and he's one of the best examples of why I think that.
  5. they should have Fucik's 'Entrance of the Gladiators' as their anthem, gladiators being very, ahem, manly, dignified and 'Olympic' of course... also Sidakov isn't Dagestani... not sure if Ossetians would be as negatively disposed to the Russian/Soviet anthem...
  6. ah OK. Helen vs Kawai is certainly an interesting matchup to look forward to then but I'd have to go with the wrestler who's swept the last cycle at the weight (and is 10 years younger than Yoshida)... it's up a weight class (or two, really) from Helen's 2016 win as well....
  7. Isn't Helen competing at 53kg anyway? Risako will be at 57kg. Personally I do think R Kawai is more of a favorite than Yoshida was in 2016. Yoshida was 34/35 years old and her margin of victory was shrinking every year in the worlds. In 2015 she was crying after winning the gold, when asked why - 'because it might be the last' - so I think she knew too. I saw several ppl calling it years in advance and I even bet on Helen winning (at great odds) - I wouldn't bet against Risako though (although the Chinese girl might be worth a bet at long odds, if that's your kinda thing). Risako is also the *only* Japanese lady to have kept a perfect track record at the world championships since the last Olympics.
  8. The only Japanese women I think are 'locked on' for gold (or near enough) are Susaki and R. Kawai, while Gray and Mensah are clear favorites at their weights, so yes it seems very possible. I believe 53kg would be Mukaida for Japan, who is a gold contender but unreliable by Japanese standards (and lost 2x North Korean in 2019 - last time getting teched - shame that N. Korea just pulled out of the games...).
  9. Saitiev using a harness: Not sure what his / his posse's stance on bridging is though...
  10. The head coach of the Russian women's team died from it https://vk.com/wrestrus_ru?w=wall-26619469_479896
  11. It's interesting that Yordanov doesn't get as many mentions in these kinds of topics despite having more world championship medals than anyone (and as many of them gold as anyone else). However he 'only' has one olympic gold, and one olympic bronze. Maybe because of the difference in visibility between that and 'only' the WC? Bulgaria boycotted in '84 as well of course...
  12. it's basically like folkstyle except you can win by make opponents submit with illegal moves rather than having the ref call 'illegal move' on you, as well as by pinning them. which shouldn't be too surprising because collegate wrestling was adapted from catch wrestling to make it more 'acceptable' to moms and pops as a collegate sport, so far as I gather. (I suppose freestyle traces the same roots but it moved further away from the original ethos with very limited mat time and a focus on moves that roll the opponent to score 'exposure points'). IMO it should become more relevant again in today's neverending quest for ratings, as I can see it being potentially a lot more fun to watch (for the layperson) than the pretty much any other grappling style.
  13. strike her win over Icho from the records! ;)
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