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  1. strike her win over Icho from the records! ;)
  2. Well for comparison I browsed some discussion about this news on Reddit and there were a lot of high-rating comments were along the lines that Russia is a 'disgusting' country with an endless list of crimes populated by neanderthals and the world would be a much better place if it simply didn't exist. I mean cheating at sports games is bad mmmkay but that seemed a bit much to me. As for the rest of it let's just say I have a much more positive opinion about Russian people, culture, and yes even it's role in the world today, that the fair and tolerant people of Reddit. However I'm not American so I'm allowed to think that way if I want ;) Oh and I guess some of their wrestlers are fun to watch as well...
  3. I'm somewhat pro-Russian in general but they deserved this ban, it would make a complete joke out of all anti-doping efforts if they were allowed to continue with only a slap on the wrist after this and their 'it's all a big unfair conspiracy against us' domestic spin is unbecoming.
  4. Too bad for Irie, but Susaki 2020 is clearly destiny ;)
  5. Susaki/Irie is an interesting selection dilemma: You have Susaki who is undefeated internationally, 2x world champ (aged 18 and 19) and crushed the field last time out, looks all set to be the star & 'face' of the team for your home Olympics. If I was coach I'd be completely confident of Susaki winning gold in 2020. ...but then there is Irie who must be a bad/awkward match for Susaki as they trade wins in domestic tournaments with Irie coming out on top slightly more often. However Irie has fallen short several times at the global level and has no world titles yet. If I was coach I would not be completely confident of Irie winning gold in 2020. But, she just won the selection battle again & your own rules say if she even gets a Bronze at worlds this year then she goes to Tokyo... what a headache. ;)
  6. She won the Euro U23 with hair pulls and another of Turkey's juniors won the Euro juniors with them (not called despite replays and tantrums from her opponent). Hopefully they start being more consistent ruling against it so they have to change their 'style'
  7. She is a legitimately Mexican Mexican. Won the pan-am this year. Support only goes so far though - https://www.elsoldehidalgo.com.mx/deportes-local/alejandra-romero-solicita-patrocinio
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