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  1. Indiana (just college results) Andrew Howe - 1x D1 Champ, 4x All American (1/2/2/3) Angel Escobedo- 1x D1 Champ, 4x All American (1/3/4/5) Jason Tsirtsis - 1x D1 Champ, 3x All American (1/3/7) Riley Lefever- 4x D3 Champ Kelvin Jackson - 1x D1 Champ Stevan Micic - 3x All American (2/3/4) Reece Humphrey - 2x All American (2/3) Leroy Vega - 3x All American (3/5/5) Greg Wagner - 3x All American (3/4/6) Nick Lee - 2x All American (5/5) Keith Davison - 2x All American (3/5) Guys to watch: Mason Parris, Brayton Lee, Lucas Davison Thoughts I went to 11 since Davison has better finishes than Nick Lee but Nick Lee was going to win or be runner up this season... I could see Lee jumping over Reese and maybe Micic when its all over Chad Red barely misses the cut I was doing research into this and stumbled upon Kelvin Jackson - no All American finishes outside of his championship for Michigan State Wasn't sure where to put Lefever, he's a stud but d3 vs d1 finishes Another name to note is Brandon Wright, 2x NAIA champ
  2. The majority of the posts on there fall into like four types - Im a senior, should I wrestle? - My coach is mean - I'm 7lb over Monday and weigh ins are Saturday - Any tips, here is my film Definitely a younger crowd
  3. If you wanna revert back to the old color scheme (or at least what I thought was the old color scheme), I made a Chrome extension for ya https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/green-for-flo/egphljjhdlnheccocnibgpbgpallolhk I may or may not add to the extension to replace the header logo and favicon if anyone uses it
  4. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5463146-412-retherford-tsirtsis-134649 He was a 4x Indiana State champ as well, had an amazing high school career. Big pickup for IU, I think this gives them a leg up over Purdue with in state guys and hopefully helps with keeping guys like Chad Red, Micic, and Nick Lee in state
  5. From an Indiana standpoint - 4x state champ, #1 coming out of HS, D1 national champ Granted I have tinted glasses
  6. I've seen Jason Tsirtsis around at a few tournaments I'll tell my kids "do you know who that is? Dude is a legend" and they don't even know who :/
  7. Just this past season, there's been a lot of turnover in the LU-B program's short existence (four head coaches - Paul Collum, Kyle Jahn, Angelo Crinzi, and Graham Karwath). It would be cool to see him transfer campuses and if St. Charles took into alot of the guys I'm not sure on the St. Charles campus, but Belleville had a ton of D1 guys transfer in (even though it never worked out)
  8. Lindenwood Belleville is NAIA, the other campus is D2 (the one they are merging with). I believe there are gonna have a 2019-2020 season as long as the coaching staff stays, but its being folded aftwards... Kinda sucks since they got their first NAIA All American this past season and the women's program has had some success... Also pulled in Montell Marion as an assistant too
  9. This YouTube TV will get you four ESPN Channels and let you login to ESPN to get ESPN 3. Also you can share with up to 6 people so if you do want to keep it you can always split the cost (what I do with some family members, everyone gets TV for $10 a month)
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