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  1. Don't they now have the most points returning by a small margin? If so, then by that measure I would say perhaps a slight favorite. Much different than last season when they were, by just about every measure, an overwhelming favorite.
  2. panewbie1

    Why Did Sammy Sasso Go To Ohio State?

    Hard to argue with Cael's decisions here. Nevills > Haines and Joseph > Marsteller. Other than Lee (possibly Kem), the others that didn't go PSU like Courts, Pletcher and Shields...meh.
  3. panewbie1

    Who does PSU send out at 125 next year?

    Matt Parker just tweeted he's transferring from Lehigh to PSU.
  4. panewbie1

    Nick Suriano: Fashion Icon

    Malta is very possible. I should have stated more clearly that what I proposed is a possibility not a known fact.
  5. panewbie1

    Why I think Penn State is about to decline

    It would be quite a feat for PSU to win again. But if Cassar returns, won't they again have the most team points returning? It was quite a feat for Sanderson to replicate Taylor & Ruth with Nolf & Nickal. It suggests he could possibly do it again. Why can't Brooks, Beard, Starocci, Nevills, & Joe Lee load them up for another multi-year run? They are all in the mid to upper weights which traditionally has been PSU's bread & butter.
  6. panewbie1

    Nick Suriano: Fashion Icon

    Lots of Italians, upon immigrating to the US, dropped the vowel at the end of their last name. His last name was likely Cassari or Cassara.
  7. panewbie1

    List of Transfers

    Why the heck isn't Teasdale going to Campbell? Iowa's log jammed at his weight. Plus he'd be getting coached by Cary Kolat...who incidentally like Gavin happens to be an alum of Jefferson-Morgan High School in good ole Greene County PA.
  8. panewbie1

    Nick Suriano: Fashion Icon

    The gum chewing and the shirt are both obnoxious.
  9. Find video of his losses to Isaiah White (CK), Connor Flynn (dual) and Chance Marsteller (RS year at Scuffle). Review those and his loss in the finals and develop a plan. That sounds like as good a place as any to start.
  10. panewbie1

    Cassar’s Lip Tattoo

    So a guy who had to cut weight to make 97, ate 7000 calories/day since the conclusion of the 2018 season and routinely weighed in at ~230 for the 2019 season gained 50 lbs? LOL Math does not add up. Some of those wrestling announcers may be in some HOF. But that does not mean they do not suffer from diarrhea of the mouth.
  11. panewbie1

    Rob Koll

    Yeah, Trevin Cowman and Joe Arnone really tore it up.
  12. panewbie1

    Coach John Smith

    Actually, he'd have been better off telling Fix to get a damn haircut. If Suriano did actually grab the gear, who could tell with that scrub brush on his head? I had the same issue last year with Rasheed, his PIA dreadlocks and the stupid doo-rag he tried to wear.
  13. panewbie1

    Somehow the finals felt like a letdown for Penn State

    No. It sounded to me link he was linking to incompetent pollsters. But hey, you have a nice day.
  14. panewbie1

    Brands' comment on the pundits.

    Not bitching about farms. I love food and the farmers that grow it. Just stating a fact. The old timers are probably even more upset with the guy who sold the farm for $$$ than us carpet baggers.
  15. panewbie1

    Brands' comment on the pundits.

    If Flo wasn't around, fewer people would be talking about wrestling. The old guard probably likes that. Its like our neighborhood. Used to be a bunch of farms. Now its a couple of housing developments and we provide significant school funding. But all the old folks comment about is that their sleepy township is ruined.