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  1. alliseeisgold

    Non Wrestling Fans

    how is wrestling is going to get popular among non wrestling fans if the highest level of the sport is not popular among our own, already established wrestling fans ? World team trials nobody attends. The elite of the elite battling is to me, alot more riveting than ncaa tourney that packs madison square garden. Perhaps it's the college affiliation and fandom craze to the schools as much as it is the individuals?, which if is the case then needs to be further capitalized on to connect fans of their favorite university to wrestling through duals and rival matchups. Oklahoma State vs Oklahoma ? A non wrestling fan will tune into that if it's on because it's a heated rivalry. A dual team championship to follow will add to the intrigue. If nebraska fans will tune in to watch their womens volleyball team play for a national title they will tune into watch a dual team championship. The college coaches need to all see this and agree to make duals matter Espn would pickup a dual scoring season and tournament, and get more eyes on the sport. bowling, poker, strongman, madden video game competitions, and arm wrestling is on espn enough that it has brought fans to those sports believe it or not, now just imagine what it would do to wrestling. Espn is on at every bar in america, when there is nothing else on, people are forced to watch and give it a try. Combine that with capitalizing more on the connection to wrestling through the mma community and using mma/wrestling celebrities as a way to showcase wrestling as an actual exciting sport instead of just mentioning it in passing. None of these guys are actually showing the sport. Chael sonnen could easily turn his hundred of thousands of youtube channel viewers onto wrestling by showing highlights of matches, great sequences and techniques, etc and telling a story , all tying it in as a farm system of mma guys that fans can follow. Someone needs to show the matches and tell a story like sportscenter does, Ben Askren has a wrestling podcast but it is far from the type of show that is needed. Basically someone needs to use their platform to actually promote the sport and show it, not just talking about it underground to other wrestling fans and in passing to the mma community as if it's some boring and obscure technical sport like pankration which is how people think of it.....aka not something actually cool, and wrestling has more to work with than alot of other more popular sports just my opinion
  2. alliseeisgold

    Princeton vs Rutgers, featuring Ashnault vs. Kolodzik...

    i like to see guys who are good on their feet go into freestyle any chance we see micah go freestyle ? he's arguably as good as anyone on his feet
  3. alliseeisgold

    A bad week for wrestling?

    st eds vs wyoming seminary and montini catholic cancelled due to montini pulling out
  4. alliseeisgold

    Yarygin 2019

    snyder this close to going home with no medal and 1 match, salas took magomedov to the wire. during that match imar lost a nail biter by 1 point, lots of flurries. Imar went down early big on a weird sequence where it was imar was in control and he was going for the pin yet imars back was exposed. perhaps a misundertanding of freestyle by imar he looked like the better wrestler sidakov in a squeeker with another russian
  5. alliseeisgold

    Yarygin 2019

    snyder loses
  6. alliseeisgold

    Yarygin 2019

    Zain showed out despite the loss. He fared much better against rashidov than Steiber who got teched in no time. Much better positioning, I think Molinaro of all the guys at this weight has the worst neutral position. I just need to see more with Zain internationally, if anything he had the benefit of scouting Rashidov and coming in with a plan where not sure if rashidov knew much about zain. but you can tell Retherford has strong hands defense and a possible improved offense if what we saw in the fist is any indication. I see Molinaro as lowest ceiling, Stieber most inconsistent, Oliver ? i haven't seen him wrestle internationally in ages. Retherford is the man at this weight if i'm betting. And I'm excited about the prospects of zaintrain
  7. alliseeisgold

    Yarygin 2019

    yep, i'm fine with playing defense only under 30 seconds but rashidov had the entire 3 minute second period to get a read and feel up the timing of Zain. You can't hold off a talent of rashidov for 3 minutes when he knows he has to score. He will find a way to do so. And that's the match. From 3 minutes till 45 seconds zaddick was telling zain to get one, because he knew the inevitable.
  8. alliseeisgold

    Yarygin 2019

    you could see that coming a mile away.....zadick saw it, great coaching. Told Zain he needed 1 more takedown the last two minutes and he didn't even try. Obviously he can he had no problem to start the match. You just aren't going to hold elite competition to 0 points for that amount of time and in crunch time
  9. alliseeisgold

    Yarygin 2019

    russians taking it to usa ....gilman, green schooled and chamberlin likewise. chamberlin did beat the china man who impressed vs metcalf unpopular not so wild opinion - green and gilman are at best fringe bronze medal candidates in worlds, the trend is downward with green and gilman is proving to be a notch below when faced with non watered down tournaments. i don't expect medals at those weights at worlds. amazing how easily the russian got to gilmans legs
  10. alliseeisgold

    Yarygin 2019

    the richards match may have been one of the worst managed matches i've ever seen, tossed for 4 to lose with a 4 point lead in last few seconds up 7-3 with 20 seconds left why didn't he give up the out of bounds and give the point up vs fight it? you could hear the coach telling richards to score another point to go up 8-3 at the end and he should of been playing defense
  11. alliseeisgold

    Yarygin 2019

    stream just isn't working......stream plays for a minute then goes black and says stream could not be found playing paused
  12. alliseeisgold

    Let's Scuffle (brackets out)

    why no david carr ? was waiting to see him against nolf
  13. i've heard that logie is a vegetarian., and not a joke. think how much better he could be if he ate meat.
  14. alliseeisgold

    65kg Meh...

    I think we are going to struggle to get someone up to the level of metcalf at this weight. He was underrated really, as you point out. Every loss he had at worlds you could came away saying it was 50/50 and he could of won easily. Him and Burroughs were the best on the team. Wonder where some of the guys that beat Brent are doing now ? Even remember a dude from China that gave him a tough bout that looked on the come up. Retherford and steiber just aren't quite as good as metcalf imo. Oliver ? metcalf dominated him repeatedly. Take away the folk top game out of Zains game, and it completely makes him a different wrestler. I see his potential capped because he's not a dynamic takedown guy. We need to upgrade to younger higher potential guys at 57, and 70, and now. Those are our weakest weights imo. 57 needs to be the spencer lee show. To beat russia we need high potential guys. Enough of not letting Lee compete on the big boy stage. Lee has the most upside and better chance at gold than gilman. don't forget Nashon Garret, kid has the raw skills to be as good as he wants to be. In the long run Garret is definitely the better option than Colon. Garret could be offensively unstoppable. 70 Green is solid, but is he great ? Nolf has all the tools Our weakest guys on our roster are still solid. The problem is too beat russia everyone has to be great. Gilman is solid, Lee can be great. Green is solid, Nolf can he be great. Steiber and Retherford are solid, Yanni can he be great. It's an arms race right now between usa and russia and good and solid just isn't gonna cut it anymore