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  1. Snyder would of been like a fish out of water.....flat and lifeless , and pinned. A fish on dry land is snyder on his back.
  2. only thing that never changes - our 65k guys keep coming up short in close matches I still feel Yanni is the best close match finisher at the world stage. And best result against bajarang
  3. air downey looks svelte with the new haircut and nike tat. Wrestling really well looks lighter on his feet too
  4. that match was a defensive one move type match until the last 30 seconds. When he tried that with Yanni he got crushed. Only when he opened up he beat Yanni but he continues to play that style overseas
  5. i think bono stole that line from ryan. Tom Ryans favorite line "take them to deep waters" osu #2 dual team in nation. Jordan big upgrade over Hoffman. Where they don't have an all american they at least have someone serviceable and not swiss cheese. Few positions that could be upgraded, namely 125 and 165, but no massive holes.
  6. 2014 minnesota beat penn state in a dual ; then flipped in national title 2015 oh state didn't feel like a great dual team lost several duals what other years ? gotta be a plethora here, as we all know teams fare differently in duals than tournaments. There's a troll wannabe wrestling fan who thinks since PSU was undefeated in duals and won the tournament last 4 years that the tournament champ is always the best dual team.
  7. I'd bet Askren told flo to go fly a kite on the non compete and Flo prbly didn't even ask him for one. - Askren is the one with the power here. I've always felt employers will throw non competes out if they think it will cost them talent - it's usually something they get you with because employees don't read what their signing or even think they can negotiate it or care about it at that time. And talking on a podcast is not anything that is intellectual property so it's not even needed for Askren - they only got willie on the high school rankings I'd guess Askren will keep his rokfin vlogs and still do flo - he may not even see it as a conflict of interest, though it's certainly weird in that if these two companies are direct competitors Askren was the very first rokfin poster , was posting everywhere on twitter about willie joining rokfin, always promoting rokfin in general, and is a best bud with martin. If all that is true and you join a competitor then I think you have to wonder what is going on Is Askren not making any money at rokfin and flo is giving a offer so large he can't refuse ? .....Maybe he just wanted the larger platform ? .I think I'm in the camp that there isn't much harm/or competition in askren doing frl that is going to hurt rokfin. Flo is already established and has live video content - people are going to go to flo first over rokfin because people want to watch matches. Until rokfin adds that , i don't see either hurting each others business. Although, askren doing a podcast together with willie on rokfin.........that would of drawn more interest to rokfin podcast and away from flo. Wonder why that didn't go down ? ........all in all , starting from the floerinis still having interests in both flo and rokfin it sounds like a weird dynamic from the top down.
  8. So sounds like martin wrote and signed willies non compete at flo, convinced him to break it to go to rokfin, promised there is nothing to worry about, and then makes willie front his own lawyer ??? Martin should be covering willies ass on this one imo Also damming to rokfin that askren , rokfins number one fan it seemed, moved to flo
  9. so did we ever find out how spencer vs gilman goes in the room if spencer is handling gilman i think he takes out fix no problem
  10. I think they have another ranked wrestler Alek Martin, maybe not competing ? not a town many people wanna live in is true. Not in a major city and not a boarding school. It's like a monroesville, which had the stiebers and cam tessari and another guy and never heard from again - elite talent in those smaller schools just don't grow on trees and these days if your not getting transfers your not elite. Without Jordan why go to Graham ??
  11. willies a knowledgeable; grass roots wrestling dude Awesome for the promotion of wrestling and the sport. But he is for sure more than a little self absorbed. "the greatest mind in wrestling"
  12. burroughs > dake and cox > taylor. All day, every day. This shouldn't even be a debate. We've seen this play out before. When one guy has another guys # - it usually doesn't change. Dake vs Taylor is a prime example. Dake could win 100 times though and fans would still pick taylor. I'm not picking michigan to beat ohio state anytime soon and neither am I picking dake to beat burroughs. It's a "show me" situation. As good as dake looks and as uber talented as he is , burroughs is the same with more experience and a good sample size history of beating dake at his own game. Winning close matches. I'm not picking jb to lose a close match to anyone on planet earth not named sidakov.
  13. would of been cooler if you ran into J'den Cox there
  14. how's bouzakis faring in the practice room ? bouzakis vs bartlett is probably a brawl
  15. True. alot of them do look like nerds. Does anybody really believe Pyles, Spey, or nomad actually wrestled ? I'm guessing they weren't pretty good if they did or they lied and said they did.
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