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  1. Iwell a russian horsed him around to where it looked like he either didnt eat meat or lift
  2. JO, Stieber, Retherford, Yanni , Metcalf - all damn good in usa but wheres the medals in international at 65 ?? not good enough. I'll take metcalf out of that group in a round robin and he couldn't do it. Metcalf hung tough in most of his losses on the big stage - Stieber got blown out like he didn't belong - 61 non olympic weight is different animal.
  3. Dake better accept this cause if not we will never see him against elite foreigners and once jb beats him hell be old and he'll never see elite competition in his career besides jb who he cant beat
  4. not seeing any finalist potential here. Sasso can't get to the legs and I'd bet money he doesn't win a title as opposed to winning one. This is a virginia tech type team from dresser a few years ago best case scenario
  5. i'm seeing all american potential at every weight except for the first two. A solid deep team ; better dual than tournament team.
  6. you can't blame your losing on the process and then go out and lose when you have equal footing - and the way he lost was worse. Dake was not agressive - another example of tactical defensive low scoring "gamer" dake style that wins against everyone not named burroughs - not working against burroughs. And then Dake complained again after the match. Winners go out and win not continue to whine, complain, lose, and whine after they lose. JB has had to wrestle top top competition on short rest at the world level for a long time -JB is not using the excuse. ...but kyle is a world champion too.....no comparison in those weight classes. JB should of asked Dake why he went up to 86 to wrestle cox instead of jb that one year - drop mic. Taylor and DAKE moved weight classes due o jb - 2 world champions. and JB has a large sample size of beating both - put some respect on his name.
  7. jb has been old the last several times he has wrestled dake. you wanna see a more athletic burroughs ? look at the first time they wrestled Burroughs has won decidedly on the record book due to mental toughness, and better tactics. Dake needs to score to beat burroughs he can't play his usual defensive game
  8. Dakes plan has been exactly that in freestyle, play defense and grind out a win against jb. That style doesnt work, everytime jb needs to score he does. Lincoln trials dake could of taken out jb 2 matches to none he had a lead and his amazing defense wasnt as good as jbs amazing offense What does the record have to be to believe jb is better ? 20-1? Records matter. Proof is in the pudding. And did jb point to that record on flo? No, all class. All he had to do was say record. End of argument. Instead dake is acting tough when he jumped weights to avoid jb and has a near 15 percent winning percentage against jb
  9. Taylor getting stifled isn't that groundbreaking - j'den cox stifled taylor, dake continued to do so in freestyle. It just boggles my mind why this is no different than taylor vs dake - why did people continue to pick taylor and why do people continue to pick dake against burroughs ? The record is not close. dakes defense is so good against burroughs that when he has had a chance to beat him with lead in third period burroughs scored when he needed to. dake and taylor are perceived so much better in college because they came in better freshman year. Burroughs career isn't seen in the same light since he was a late bloomer but senior year burroughs was so good he left college and instantly won worlds - how did dake and taylor do right out of college ? dake is being a real fake tough guy as of late - so confident he can beat burroughs he decided to go up weight class in an olympic year to duck burroughs because he knew he couldn't beat him. Taylor will never beat dake and dake is never beating burroughs in any matchup - dakes mental toughness edge against his competition is like the mental edge burroughs has on dake. Only question will be what will dake's excuse be this time ?
  10. Snyder would of been like a fish out of water.....flat and lifeless , and pinned. A fish on dry land is snyder on his back.
  11. only thing that never changes - our 65k guys keep coming up short in close matches I still feel Yanni is the best close match finisher at the world stage. And best result against bajarang
  12. air downey looks svelte with the new haircut and nike tat. Wrestling really well looks lighter on his feet too
  13. that match was a defensive one move type match until the last 30 seconds. When he tried that with Yanni he got crushed. Only when he opened up he beat Yanni but he continues to play that style overseas
  14. i think bono stole that line from ryan. Tom Ryans favorite line "take them to deep waters" osu #2 dual team in nation. Jordan big upgrade over Hoffman. Where they don't have an all american they at least have someone serviceable and not swiss cheese. Few positions that could be upgraded, namely 125 and 165, but no massive holes.
  15. 2014 minnesota beat penn state in a dual ; then flipped in national title 2015 oh state didn't feel like a great dual team lost several duals what other years ? gotta be a plethora here, as we all know teams fare differently in duals than tournaments. There's a troll wannabe wrestling fan who thinks since PSU was undefeated in duals and won the tournament last 4 years that the tournament champ is always the best dual team.
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