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  1. I was up at 2-3 am watching matches - you were sleeping ? I guess people just lack the passion I have for the sport ? Go watch the match - because none of u have.
  2. playing football and baseball doesn't mean your athletic typically like basketball does or that those sports translate to wrestling at all unless your a lineman. The point was he lacked a fluidity and flexibility to adjust in freestyle positions, call it athleticism; whatever you want - it was the 1 match i saw at worlds is all - I think I might be the only one who even watched it apparently. He could have more than what he showed, but I saw the match and that's what I saw.
  3. Amos first match was not pretty - if we are talking relative weakness I may put athleticism in for him too. That is not a troll post - we are talking senior level which is a big step up from juniors - he seemed to struggle getting to the legs. He's just a beast upper body and tough dude for this tournament.
  4. that colton hawks lacks athleticism ? I won't take that back; go watch that match. Otoole I give all the props in the world but he was getting smoked at the time - and it's still his weakness all things considered if he wants to do big things on the next stage. Had no reference to elam at the time. Overall solid performance from team usa; the best the could of done with that roster and better than I expected. Won alot of close matches. Now the whole goal of this is to have the junior champs make the next step into senior success. I am still a doubter that we have high level senior guys here - maybe Elam best shot of the 3. Wasn't able to watch much of him.
  5. Look at Mendez get ragdogged and tell me we wouldn't be better at this event without folkstyle Mendez got teched and still looks like one of the best guys on this squad. Seems like a gamer. 2 Missouri wrestlers lack athleticism in a big way. Not a good showing for Hawks. Hard to believe he is the best we have for that spot. Don't see holes in the lineups for russia and iranians like the usa this year. Big difference.
  6. yeah true......but who from valencia to now is in the stratosphere as the aforementioned - none. If they were they would already be making an impact at seniors and they aren't. Valencia's, Mark Hall's, Daton Fix's don't win world golds seniors. DNPs and maybe bronze - where we were in last era when we sucked. And speaking of which, just looking at this roster I think our depth in juniors has declined since the valenia mark hall teams. David Carr - he won a junior he's good, but not great. We've got some guys, but I don't see the next David Taylor. Maybe Bo Basset is. I don't think the run the USA is having now at world senior level should be assumed to be sustainable We may just be in a lucky era to have a few Kobe's Jordan and Lebron's talent wise. I'm sure these same guys would be winning big no matter what country they were born in and are training in too.
  7. this team looks ultra weak. When Dake, Taylor, Burroughs, Cox, Snyder leave who is going to be there to carry the torch ? I don't see any of those caliber of guys walking through that door. The next crop is going to determine if we just have had a lucky run of generational talents or usa wrestling development programs has really made an impact like people think it has - I think it's still to be determined.
  8. Chamizo has lost every matchup vs the elite guys in his class at the world championships last few years. I don't feel like he is ever close to beating sidakov and it's goes about how the dake/chamizo match just went. I think him and bajrang also can wrestle guys like jordan oliver and it's a close match and elite guys should dominate jordan oliver.
  9. agree. He's always wrestled better against Sav then the other top guys at that weight. Snyder's benchmark at this point isn't really sav, it's distancing himself from the others. Where's he place in Sav's bracket ? Dlagnov gets snyder to the finals in this olympics just as easily it was a joke of a draw.
  10. I thought Cael got outgame planned by the russian coach. You can say sadulaev didn't shoot much but that was part of the strategy, they knew Snyders low single was coming and were prepared. Snyder tried a gut turn at the end , he needed it and it was what youd expect
  11. I'd really like to see Rashidov, Aliyev, Otoguro wrestle some of elite 74s - I think they could take Sidakov/dake out. Hot take but the two most overrated wrestlers in the world right now is Bajrang and Chamizo. I think Bajrang is a clear level below at 65 and Chamizo is a clear level below at 74. 65 is not just deep the top tier is elite elite. Otoguro is a top 3 pound for pound in the world.
  12. John Smith's country drawl makes you feel like your at a bar watching wrestling with the legend himself. I don't need some Chris Fowler or Christian Pyles trying to precisely announce wrestling correctly, just someone who sounds like one of the boys and one of the best of all time to boot. I actually really enjoy listening to him get on the refs.
  13. the belarusian didn't beat his first round opponent by much, recall it being a 1 or 2 takedown margin. Dake and dake fans shouldn't be overlooking anybody right now Based on common opponent margin of victory on paper Dake is going to lose this match
  14. I am not sure Taylor has gotten even a single takedown or point on Dake the last few times they wrestled. I mean Taylor can get absolutely shut down. Last 2 matches with Cox and last few with Dake, I'd be interested to see what his takedowns are. But I know he's had a 0 in 6 minutes. So I think Yazdani can win without a takedown but his defense wasn't as good. He's right there with the gameplan today. I'm surprised taylor scored at the end honestly. In that situation he hasn't in those type of matches. IMO if I'm Yaz I come out early and get a better working margin before shutting it down. He got up on taylor last 2 times but kept going and got wore out. Either that or wait to make your aggressive moves toward the end. I kind of feel Yazdani had enough in the tank to go get a score at the end but already had committed to playing defense. ......and again, if he just plays defense better he wins. That may be all he has to improve on there.
  15. dake was perfectly fine, healthy just got beat The iranian he beat first round he beat more soundly than JB did at worlds few years ago. Jb won in the last 30 seconds. The dude he lost to just beat Chamizo and has beaten Sidakov. Prbly wasn't even on Dake's radar, give Dake time to prep for him likewise and it could be different.
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