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  1. alliseeisgold

    Bo Nickal

    Bo's a gamer; a big match performer. The bigger the stakes, the better he is. And that highlights the greatness of j'den cox and jordan burroughs. In the team trials we get to see matchups of "gamer" vs gamer" and see who is the bigger clutch performer David Taylor actually has a history of taking on all challenges and winning the toughest matches - bumped up in high school to take on palmer, beat steiber, etc etc. The bigger the match, the better he was. Then he gets outgamed by Kyle Dake, making you think he is the biggest gamer of all time. Then Dake and Taylor both get owned by and pay property tax to Cox and Burroughs. Now add Bo Nickall to the list. Cox and Burroughs are beating guys who are in all other times, historically talented and clutch primetime performers. Just tells you how historic cox and burroughs are.
  2. alliseeisgold

    Anthony Echemendia

    I don't blame Willie for thinking he's too old; all you have to do is look at the kid and he looks alot older than he is.....facially that is, not even talking physically, all birth certificates are not created equal, I don't know if obama's birth certificate is real, and I don't know if Echemendia is real......but I know I've seen alot of fake id's. Regardless, who cares ? He's usa now, and I'll take him to help usa beat cuba and russia. Now let's go win a gold for usa echemendia. The answer to this question is how much he improves at wrestling, if he never has any growth we will know he was already reached his peak. Someone may need to take a look at Mark Hall's birth certificate too, not sure if he's gotten an ounce better in senior freestyle from cadet freestyle.
  3. alliseeisgold

    2020 Dark-Horse?

    does anyone think metcalf isn't the rep if we had the final x system...........2 different tournaments, 2 different best of 3s is alot different than 1 single elimination with 1 best of 3.........final x not an ideal system for the underdogs, suprises, and dark horses. It will ensure the best win the spot
  4. alliseeisgold

    Braxton Amos

    reading this makes me think he will pick virginia tech from the tea leaves. He seems like a kid who would stay home too.
  5. Cox would beat Taylor, but not sure Cox would beat Yazdani. Seems like a bad matchup as Cox admittedly likes to work from space. Taylor may be the best man to beat the worlds best. I also think Cox gets as much satisfaction winning the spot and beating the next lauded american fan favorite multiple time ncaa champ as he does winning gold at worlds over an iranian or russian
  6. alliseeisgold

    What we learned at Dogu

    Nolf I can't say is experienced enough to be a guaranteed shoe in to do better than Green at worlds but at least he has a chance. That training camp would of helped him immensely and who knows hoe good he would of been by the time worlds came around ? He's still very young in freestyle now. And this is not the Green that's medaled at worlds in the past. He's done. Nolf at least gave us a potential shot and would of got valuable experience for the future. The real travesty though is nickal.
  7. alliseeisgold

    What we learned at Dogu

    Actually I'd just say replace downey with DT OR bo nickal and we are in contention. Even with Zain. The Zain/Yianni difference is not nearly what DT and Bo Nickal are with downey. USA ideal lineup for max potential with dts injury would have been nickal, nolf, and yianni. Thanks again, Cael. Love - russia fix can do some damage though, I'm excited he is in.
  8. alliseeisgold

    What we learned at Dogu

    Downey was in both his matches and frankly, the reason he lost is he got out toughed. At the end of both of those matches he lacked alot of the folkstyle grit and conditioning we as americans are supposed to have. Downey is gonna be in a large pool of mediocre wrestlers who all could battle for a bronze. If Downey wins the close ones; cause he will have alot of them, he could pull out a bronze. But betting odds are not in his favor. Has Green been the same since he had surgery on his knee or leg ?? He used to be a shoe in for a low medal, but past few years he has been a shoe in for the opposite. Odds are he doesn't medal this downward trend from Green has been obvious for awhile now and why I was hoping Nolf would take his spot. Griz I feel like isn't a shoe in for a bronze. There's a top 2 and then a few guys Griz is in the mix with for 3rd that he can definately lose too if he matches up with draws not as lucky.
  9. alliseeisgold

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    bo nickal would of beat punia. CAEL lol; what a brilliant wrestling mind. Most perplexing wrestling decision ever. Same with nolf. He could of won a match
  10. alliseeisgold


    do we think stevenson will ever be able to compete with an akgul ? akgul has to be p4p one of the best. Snyder isn't that much better than gwiz, akgul probably crushes snyder in his visits to columbus.
  11. alliseeisgold

    Yasar Dogu Saturday results

    anybody see downeys first match it looked like he gassed. Was a big 4 point move then he started coming back got within 3 and had the leg of punia and then just gassed seemingly.
  12. alliseeisgold

    Zain's left knee?

    looks like it hurt like a mother. ...could put him out of worlds. Spencer Lee wrestled with a torn acl so the fact that zain was able to move for the last 20 seconds doesn't mean much. Yanni is still very much alive.
  13. alliseeisgold

    Zain not Learning

    zain isn't coming out with the throw the kitchen sink mentality nothing to lose mentality he had at final x zain's achiles heel right now in freestyle is too try to play the cat and mouse game and he is going to lose that style to superior more savvy technical aware international wrestlers who haven't been humping folkstyle on riding time. let's go take a look at zaintrains loss at ivan yargin. A complete meltdown at the end and lack of playing to win. zain was more conservative just the other night in comparison to final x. Basically; at final x zain knew he was the underdog and came in with that mentality. He needs to keep it because he is still a long shot to medal at worlds. zain needs to open up and keep doing stretches and become freestyle savy. He's a little too stiff out there and folkstyle metcalf. He's working on it, and he looked loose at final x. The more defensive minded he gets in these freestyle matches playing to win by 1 point the more he turns into a stiff guy who wants to ride you. Freestyle is like being a ballerina, not a boxer.
  14. alliseeisgold

    Zain will win arbitration

    is zain wrestling the hungrian can't wait to see how fast zain gasses him
  15. the advent of women's wrestling is not as much appreciated in these hours of nights. Can't they do women on their own day ? blah