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  1. i felt the georgian was the better wrestler that match. bright future
  2. very impressed with this georgian ...anyone have his accolades/background
  3. for all the hype of this match it's hard to live up to it without a best 2 out of 3 - with the money involved and hype i think best 2 out of 3 would of been better. Good match but fell a little short of expectations imo considering the lack of action
  4. i agree jb did struggle scoring and I just wonder how much size and reach had an impact on that, because it looked like geduev in the olympics where he could get nothing going. you never see that out of jordan - ever - and dt isn't known particularly for his stout defense as much as his offense. Me thinks like geduev , size and strength played an impact in this one. Taylor also had major problems scoring when he first went up agianst bigger oponents - it was bizarre. But mentally you could tell taylor was hanging on as if if something in the back of his head was reminding him of his shortfalls in the past. I think burroughs wins if he was a few years acclimated into the weight
  5. taylor tried to lose that match burroughs still has the mental edge. Size was everything. Remember how much taylor struggled when he first went up. JB comes out of this match looking much better than taylor.
  6. I think cbs still had to pay march madness rights this past year even though it wasn't shown, no idea if flo is still paying broadcast rights for college season. But would have extra money if not for sure.
  7. my thinking too is flo is a company who I heard has not actually had any profitable year per say......like other highly leveraged companies that can spend on government loans and investors debt. So it's like the fed printing more money - why does flo care what they spend if their investors don't need to see profit to invest ?
  8. if you wanna go bring up those boxscores and show he lost the takedown battles go ahead because i'm not sure I believe that , let's not act like micah didn't have some of the slickest offense and was one of the top college guys for getting to a leg when you need to create offense........which is what I look for in freestyle. He probably would suck in top/bottom in free too so it's a moot point, but micah was better at getting to a leg than ashnault and pantelo. Everything else they were better. In freestyle I want guys who can get to a leg.
  9. where the hell was zain , and yianni ? nolf ? I mean look like we had a few kg here difference between bajrang and some of the guys. jmo but the 8 man left a little to be desired - while it was still much needed didn't satisfy the tastebuds quite like the club duals did which had much more great matches. Would like to go to another round and have more studs. Bajrang not facing any challengers until the finals was just anticlamatic. Easy money for him.
  10. with willie saying taylor/jb purse is about half a mill.... - how many more people are subscribing to flowrestling just for these matches for them to recoup this near million dollar payout to wrestlers this year ? just my opinion the real wrestling fans were already signed up before these matches. I don't see how they are making money.
  11. micah was the better offensive wrestler and the worst top/bottom guy. Freestyle fits micah better than both. and all those matches were barnburners
  12. seeing pantaleo and ashnault out here makes you think micah jordan should of tried freestyle - would of fit his game nicely
  13. oliver so overrated. guy always comes up short in big matches. Guy can't be a canidate for our rep when he got dismantled by metcalf by 100 points over there career
  14. i think parris is the future at heavyweight. too bad stevenson thinks he's not worthy to wrestle
  15. where does hidlay place at the olympics
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