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  1. so this must be why tom ryan was against the rtcs and in favor of the clubs
  2. truth be told the changing rtcs for fresh perspectives hasn't worked for ramos, molinaro, garrett, ed ruth, jordan oliver, etc. and most people thought it would - in actuality they got worse. Sometimes you just have to blame yourself. It's like saying JB needs fresh perspectives because he lost in the last seconds against the best in the world in russia two years in a row ? please. nebraska and ohio state were good enough for them to win gold but aren't now ? kyle hasn't stalled out - he's always lost matches to guys , won close , and never been a sadulaev who dominates and is levels above his competition. The margin for kyle is thinner - and always has been. The worlds loss was not really a surprise....maybe the problem was he was too focused on sadulaev and not his other matches ? This is kind of a grasping for answers type move instead of an inward look at himself. I just don't see the evidence that these moves work. Dudes that are confident in themselves don't make these moves. This is a sign for Kyle that he has lost confidence - in himself and by proxy his training. You would never see Yanni lose confidence in Grey. Or Burroughs lose confidence in manning, or derienger in smith. "put me at ease that I tried that option" - mr snyder is going through a wrestling crises right now and I hope he finds answers , but the real answer is it is himself that needs to step up to the plate and perform better and focus better, not other factors. Chance he gets worse mentally especially if this move doesn't payoff like he thinks it does. me thinks sadulaev is really playing with his head.
  3. maybe snyder just isn't as good as we all thought he was ? he's a little stiff - his athleticism and natural born potential has as much impact on training - theres only so much improvement to be made. maybe all those iowa lightweights that could never medal at worlds should of left iowa hawkeye wrestling club because the brands weren't good coaches and training wasn't the best.
  4. curious if there's more to this than the naked eye - just doesn't seem to make much sense.
  5. even more shocking is his relationship with rudis which is just down the road from columbus and connections with tommy rowlands - also rogue fitness out of columbus
  6. color me shocked - just because psu has the most talent most of these top athletes aren't going there. Dierenger, Imar, Dake, Burroughs etc aren't running to penn state. They have some school pride. tryan was bringing in top guys from other rooms including europeans - and snyder was still visiting other teams rooms for spars. isn't tervel snyders biggest tutor and best friend ? I don't think tervel can be in snyders corner now. I'm guessing coach ryan did not take this news too well - and for Snyder , to go to a rival takes some shine off his ohio state legacy. Not gonna be what a burroughs means to a nebraska. unpopular opinion - the difference in RTC rooms and coaching is pretty negligible. I've always thought that - all these guys are getting good coaching, they all train between each other anyway. If a okie state rtc wrestler loses to an iowa guy or zeke jones arizona state guy that doesn't mean the training is worse/better. Also - snyders got it completely wrong if he's making decisions based on following his girlfriend. Should be the other way around. He will never touch sadulaev again.
  7. logo change is whatever, but color scheme blows. it's like child color book red. dull disgusting hue. not very sharp, bad move. and they probably paid someone 100's of thousands for that children coloring book move.
  8. this is where i read the snyder interview - no idea if it's true , doubt snyder would say that, and doubt cox is losing 2 of 3 from snyder anyways
  9. sadulaev also used to wrestle karimi and i believe cox has handled him just as easily
  10. just noticed dt sent cox a congrats on twitter - is he trying to butter up cox to prevent him from coming down ?? Is anyone really buying snyders interview where he supposedly said he takes 2 of 3 from cox ? didn't see it, just saw that in this thread. Snyder is a gamer though what do u do if your cox ? I think it comes down to a few things --who do you want to take out for legacy ? and ---which weight will affect performance most. While there is a weight cut issue (and we've seen cox complain about it before) there is a major adjustment to going up (see taylor, and sadulaev, and yazadani acclimation year) IMO yazdani actually would be a bad matchup for cox. cox likes to work from space - even admittedly. yazdani you need to feel him at least once first or he will push you around the mat with his unique power. dierenger and taylor gave up 100 pushouts to yazdani first time, need to feel him once. not that once at olympics. Cox had had 2 shots to get yazdani at worlds and olympics, and he didn't even get to him. .imo that was the time to do it if you wanted yazdani....at this stage you need to move on and challenge sadulaev. A few wins over taylor already proves cox legacy at 86
  11. burroughs is the goat. most clutch wrestler of all time. and mentally the best wrestler.
  12. this hungarian looks more athletic than burroughs. looks like a cat. burroughs hasn't taken 1 shot . i don't see jb turning it around
  13. similar in height and weight advantage...coons probably more athletic too. if griz can't finish on guys heavier than him it's time for gable
  14. onslaught of americans continue gwiz better wrestler again just like green. .....was this a reply of snyder vs coon ? one wrestler can get to legs at will. other wrestler just sprawls. how can you finish on coon but not this guy ?
  15. devasting loss for green, on so many levels bad officiating. but i saw some real heart out of green. just needed smarter tactics at the end.
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