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  1. So whose the amouzad coming up in usa ? I don't see another taylor dake or snyder on horizon....generational guys.....Valencia? Major downgrade....David Carr? Downgrade.....may be another 20 years till we get some stars of dake or Taylor caliber Whose the next 4 time ncaa champ ? Let's start there......let's start with whose even close to nolf in ncaa currently and he's a guy who can't get traction internationally.
  2. Taylor is the least liked american domestically.....many love him but also the most polorizing as many have complained of his showboating attitude for years. And can't forget the time jden beat Taylor on one leg practically and Taylor complained and made excuses for the loss and then pointed to jdens failure at worlds
  3. Amouzad looked like pound for pound only behind taylor this tournament
  4. It's put up or shut up time for Yanni He presents himself as a freestyle guru, a student of international wrestlers, an international freestyle snob in comparison to usa wrestling.......his style is suited for the international game, his technique is and the passion and ability to work at it like he does usually bodes well for the big stage. And he's got some years under his belt now so throw that excuse out ....He's not the next level talent some thought with the losses he's racked up to guys who aren't even close to medals, but he's got enough talent and perceived intangibles for international wrestling that he should be breaking through
  5. Darn Carter kind of trashed him in the postgame. Just your normal I would of beat him, no respect giving at all
  6. Cox isn't wrestling well. Couple levels below his prime about 2 years ago
  7. Let's jump the brakes on nolf. He hasn't even been at a james green level...in fact lost to green several times....that's a whole level below Burroughs, dake. He's only had dake to prepare for These guys like Valencia, nolf, they have potential but on the big stage 1 loss your done scenario are not trustworthy. Nolf could be tetched or lose to a nobody Valencia isn't even on naifonov level The talent in USA is going to drop big time when these one in a generation types retire.
  8. Exactly....look at a cassar. What was he rated ? Thats evaluation.....now for the 5 stars they do the same thing....if we can have pick of litter we gonna pick the right ones. Had a heavy committed and told him we don't want you anymore he went to osu and busted and psu went with the heavy from california.....sure many examples Cael is a good developer, is a good coach.....but it's pretty miniscule compared to other coaches who also know what the he'll they are talking about and teach the same stuff. Caels not teaching anything different.....but his evaluation is off the charts. And that goes for guys who may not be great immediately but down the road.....guys who develop can be more attributed about seeing the potential in high school and identifying those raw skills....cael can't develop finished products.
  9. No way Cael does a better job with the younger Amine. Few years ago he was battling guys like Keyshawn Hayes now he's beating Marinelli. Does Cael develop Spencer Lee better ? Does Cael develop Yanni better ? No - because development is by large overrated. And most guys who develop will do so in any college system. Talent is underrated. Cael is just the best at evaluation. The top high school talents who aren't as good in college - he doesn't recruit.
  10. Was in the ncaa finals at cornell and shouldn't of been at penn state if officials make some calls......looks like the same wrestler. Don't see that Cael got him to jump levels
  11. yea but the penn state mystique isn't just developers it's also their ability to wrestle best on the biggest stage - you know whatever cale says to em prematch behind closed doors. so the central michigan coaches were better at getting drew hildebrandt to perform at highest moment. .......If we want to talk development we can look at mason manville who was a top 10 recruit and regressed worse than anyone at any college maybe ever The argument that doesn't get enough play is talent evaluation . If you put these studs on other teams do they not win titles ? Penn State is really good at developing guys - but I don't think thats their competitive edge on everyone. It's talent evaluation. If you flip the rosters Cael isn't winning the title with michigans roster but michigan is with penn states roster
  12. Drew Hildebrand ......so if caels guys wrestle so much better on the bigger stage why did he have a better ncaa tourney at central Michigan??? Looks like he wrestled tight against weaker comp I thought psu wrestled loose and free And let's not forget cael still hasn't been able to beat dake in 10 tries and he can't beat sadulaev,,,with amazing talents. Hildebrand is a failure. It's great to point out the successes but he is not infallible.
  13. So good the lightweight regressed at Penn state, was an aa at central Michigan. Cael failed
  14. Really like this rock Harris guy
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