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  1. I think Gwiz made adjustments and counters. Parris was still getting to the leg. Regardless, it sped up Parris improvement because now he sees how a high level wrestler will counter him. The RTC Cup is a great thing for USA wrestling. I never thought the elite wrestlers wrestle each other enough and that's the only way to see your real vulnerabilities. Especially with many of these guys careers being short - they should be wrestling all the time against each other when they are in their prime. Legit matches are different than practice partner go's in colorado springs. The RTC Cup is the future. I don't get razzed up about wrestling unless it's good on good, or great on great. I don't get razzed up watching penn state blowout the quarters of the ncaa tournament or waiting for 1 elite match in an entire tournament/dual. The RTC Cup is pretty much quality matches up and down the lineup. The best in the world is where it's at.
  2. karen running circles around klingseiman
  3. judge makes a great point - why wasn't there a srawpoll from wrestling fans on weather they are competitors or not. I think flo would probably win that poll
  4. wow - i think your right vakattack. Martin is standing in front of a camera shooting ramos and says "i'm not filming." i'm just talking. really crazy these guys can have their personal text messages delivered to court over a civil case. Didn't know that. Cael is so cringe. double texting. What a loser lol willie to martin "we are gonna make rokfin what flo was. we are gonna crush ." hahaha
  5. Taylor has no comeback. The truth hurts. Burroughs with the quote of the year so far in wrestling
  6. snyder still a good wrestler - but point is that hype train has gone off the wheels. Undeniable Snyder is least talked about wrestler out of the upper tier guys in the us now. Has gone almost invisible since going to state college.
  7. snyder just went from big man on campus to just another guy at penn state. snyder is turning into an afterthought especially if he doesn't make the team which looks likely.
  8. taylor lost to jden on one leg. no more to say. Taylor is like 0- 10 against dake. large. Dake is 1-7 against jb. oh, and guess who else taylor can't beat. Burroughs. wouldn't 74kg be considered best pound for pound considering the burroughs who didn't even win gold last year has large sample size of wins over the 86 and 79 world champs ? DT has hammered guys that Cox and Dake have barely beaten—e.g., Hasanov from AZE in the case of Dake. this sounds like college dake and taylor. i swear taylor can be 0-100 and people will pick him. Same with dake over burroughs.
  9. The problem for taylor is he cant beat cox so beating sadulaev wouldnt prove hes best pound for pound anything.....why a round robin would be so intriguing is styles would make the fights and someone would always be losing to someone else,,,,taylor may be the only one in the world who can beat sadulaev and yazdani, but he loses to dake and cox.
  10. and a round robin of taylor, cox, yazdani, snyder, sadulaev
  11. the previews are longer than the actual match
  12. this music is getting intense. definately looking like a vegas strip and dance club
  13. i always thought foreigners talk the way taylors transcript sounds. Good to know none of them actually talk like that
  14. Did anyone ever figure out if nickal is going 86 for trials We all know this should be nickal vs taylor for this bout
  15. that's really weird cause she's going all over twitter about how flo hasn't made any female flodocs yet
  16. helen maroulis is butthurt there just isn't a flo doc about her yet. women don't really drive traffic in any sport. And will do so less in wrestling. Theres more womens basketball players and potential female viewers with interest in basketball than females with interest in wrestling. It's all male viewership they would be relying on and is a real man going to honestly say he can get hyped up for a womens match like he can dake/chamizo ?? and women won't either. they prefer watching male sports. Because both genders see the difference between high level and low level. Women watch nba and don't watch wnba. Males were put on this earth to do combat high level sports and women are inherently more boring to watch doing athletic skill than men. It's just biology. They don't have the strength, speed, etc to make it exciting. These are just facts. Not opinion. Women agree with these facts or they would support their own. All the more shame to the pat downey situation. A man gets slammed for stating facts.
  17. right now flo is kicking rokfins a@@ i'm sure martin and willie with their disdain for flo and ingenuity can figure out a way to overtake them just perhaps not the resources Flo is always going to draw when they can show live matches. they are the espn of wrestling. flo doesn't even need big ten rights, people will watch all the high school tournaments and whose number 1
  18. Njrtc policy is crap and trying to merge ivy with jersey shore is a death sentence. Fire downey to get real woods ? U really think suriano is gonna wrestle for njrtc after seeing how fake they are ? And now they pissed reece off, what are they without reece ? What accomplishments does njrtc have outside of downey ? Downey keeps getting more popular because they see an innocent man whose being lynched
  19. do you think women always in there feelings ? do you think greco is more boring than mens freestyle ? do you thing womens wrestling is more boring than mens freestyle ?
  20. nonsense. soft as charmin. thats an opinion most people in society have, and say. There is no freedom of speech ? the president says worse things daily. I didn't see downey say anything racist or anything mosogyny enough that is an attack on someone worthy of being punished. To me he could of said "helen maroulis is a bitch" for all I care. thats not punishable. He'd have to cross the line into "women belong in the kitchen, take off your wrestling gear and go wear a bikini you dumb wh### "" for it to be a punishable offense. Downey did not cross the line.
  21. Just my opinion but downey got blackballed. The majority agree with downeys statements. Getting let go for,saying people dont watch women and greco is one of the biggest jokes ive ever seen
  22. I was looking more for nomad has to pay for girls and all his tinder stories are made up prostitutes Just saying, lol if you think any one of those flo guys who are on the nerdier side have any success with women Pat downey - yes. Asking for girls picture is actually funny Nomad? - prostitution, and especially since the rumor is he was sending cash via venmo for conversation
  23. why is nomad paying girls to have a conversation and asking for photos when he is always getting laid off tinder ?
  24. Iwell a russian horsed him around to where it looked like he either didnt eat meat or lift
  25. JO, Stieber, Retherford, Yanni , Metcalf - all damn good in usa but wheres the medals in international at 65 ?? not good enough. I'll take metcalf out of that group in a round robin and he couldn't do it. Metcalf hung tough in most of his losses on the big stage - Stieber got blown out like he didn't belong - 61 non olympic weight is different animal.
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