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  1. Ferrari and Sealey are in the same class. You might be thinking of middle brother Anthony.
  2. No AA'S in 2019; I believe Abounader was the last in 2018. Allan Hart and Bryce Andonian finished in the R12 this year. Almost started a new streak.
  3. Eierman (5,4,3,2,?) and Amine (4,3,3,3,?) could be the first 5x tournament AA's. Spencer Lee, Rivera, Nick Lee, Red, Hayden Hidlay, and Kemerer would be next if you count their NWCA 1st team AA honor.
  4. True! Have to win one before you win four, so these guys have the best chance at the moment.
  5. 4x Spencer Lee Yianni Diakomahalis Mekhi Lewis David Carr Shane Griffith Aaron Brooks 5x Carter Starocci AJ Ferrari
  6. He is! There have been multiple AA's from SD, but Abas and Truax are the only AA's in 10 years. There's been a bit of a drought.
  7. Bernie Truax (Rancho Buena Vista HS) and Jaden Abas (Rancho Bernardo HS) are the first D1 AA's from San Diego since Todd Schavrien in 2011(Missouri 141 6th/Poway HS). Hoping to see more in the near future.
  8. Current top 3... Yianni Diakomihalis - 47 (66-1) Noah Adams - 32 (51-15) Shane Griffith - 28 (28-0)
  9. Nahshon Garrett was a state champ at 103 as a junior and 112 as a senior; he eventually grew out of 125 and won at 133.
  10. How about a 4x AA with World/Olympic Gold, or a 2x/3x NCAA Champ without a world/olympic medal? such as... Kevin Jackson (3,3,7,2)/2x World Gold, Olympic Champ vs. Brent Metcalf (1,2,1)/3x World Team Member
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