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  1. Derek Moore. Walk-on, one-time CIF State Placer to 1x AA, NCAA Champion, 2007 NCAA OW. All while enrolled in ROTC. edit: With a tech fall in the NCAA Finals
  2. I've enjoyed watching his development over the past few years. Zahid and Anthony were household names at the top of national rankings and State Champs as freshmen in HS; as a freshman, Cael had a relatively quiet year and did not place at state. As a sophomore, he made it to the state finals and had great match with Abas. It's clear that Cael has worked hard to make it to the top of the rankings as a junior. Looking forward to his decision.
  3. How about Jordan (Burroughs, Oliver, Kutler, Decatur, Jim/Jeff/Ben/Isaac/Bo/Micah/Rocky etc.)
  4. Is he eligible to compete this year? Have to assume he would move down to 65kg, can't imagine he'd be big enough for 74kg.
  5. My Best Rival and the uncut footage was pretty cool.
  6. This is correct; however, Green opted out of a RS, while Sebastian used one. Regardless of the medical year, there would have been a 4 year difference, as opposed to the 3 year HS difference.
  7. Would be awesome to see #3 David Carr and #8 Quincy Monday go at it at some point during NCAA's - only time the matchup is possible.
  8. Zahid, Lee, Cassar, and Kemerer are some fun top tier guys to watch. Other guys that are must watch for me are RBY, Dom Demas, Taylor Lujan, Shane Griffith...every weight has been pretty fun this year due to a lot of shuffling.
  9. Mantanona is another Sooner to watch when he's on; but it's hit-or-miss.
  10. Pletcher has been a big name since youth wrestling. He had a phenomenal HS career; he made the finals and won at many premier events/tournaments against top-tier competition (Super 32, Flonationals, Who's #1, PIAA AAA). He was also a consensus top-10 recruit in 2016, and had Penn State as one of his top-5 schools.
  11. Dake won a title at 141 in 2010 and wrestled 86kg in 2016. Ringer was recruited to wrestle 149 and spent his first 3 seasons at 157. I remember hearing stories/talk that Ringer and Crutchmer walked around 200 in the offseason while at OKST. It's also no secret that OKST is notorious for weight cutting.
  12. Lizak looking like he should be wrestling 74kg! He is a big 65.
  13. Definitely! Alex Facundo has the potential to become the next. Could have had Mark Hall as well if he had stayed home. Also, Justin Oliver was a recent AA that fell off after his RFr year.
  14. Birchmeier weighed in at 232 when he wrestled a 238 Cassar.
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