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  1. A running theme on the board is that Cox is the "Lion Slayer," due to his wins over McIntosh, Taylor, and Nickal. Moving to the NLWC makes Snyder a "Lion" now. I know it's a joke, but in no way would that influence J'den's decision. He will do whatever he wants regardless of outside influence.
  2. Augustana is making the transition to DI. I'm assuming that they're not allowed to compete in DII, similar to Cal Baptist. Anyone certain about this?
  3. I definitely agree! Just introducing the current discussion.
  4. In his interview, Cox mentioned that he would choose the best path to solidify his legacy; he also insinuated that he would leave it up to the fans to choose for him. It has been discussed by many that 97kg would do just that by defeating Snyder and Sadulaev. It has also been brought up that it was a challenge to make 86kg in 2017.
  5. Plot Twist: Sadulaev goes up to 125.
  6. Flo did a series a few years ago about the best to never win it from 2007-2017, based on points scored at NCAA's. The top 10 included, 1) Mike McMullan (56.5) 2) Tyler Caldwell (55.5) 3) Dylan Ness (53.5) 4) Tyler Graff (49.5) 5) Mitchell Port (47.5) 6) Craig Brester (46.5) 7) Logan Storley (47.5) 8) Nick Amuchastegui (45) 9) Robert Hamlin (44.5) 10) Montell Marion (44.5) *I'm sure this listed has since changed, but these are some noteworthy entries. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6001283-the-best-to-never-win-a-title-top-10-of-last-10-years
  7. yonz_g


    141 over the last 9 years has been interesting (all in consecutive years): Marion (Iowa) 2010-2012: 2,4,2 Port (Edinboro) 2013-2015: 2,3,2 Meredith (Wyoming) 2016-2018: 2,4,2 Also, Greg Jones is an interesting one: 1,DNP,1,1
  8. Definitely! Important to note that he's one of only 3 guys to beat Bo Nickal in college (while counting his redshirt year).
  9. Nate Jackson is somewhere around 6'2" - 6'4" and he wrestled 174-184 for Indiana. Just won the Medved at 86kg.
  10. Donovan McNabb edit: Would also like to add Marvin Harrison, Dwight Freeney, Jim Brown etc.
  11. Greg Gibson? Olympic Silver in Greco, 3x World Medalist in Freestyle.
  12. Can Hidlay still make 174? He's representing the Junior WT at 86kg (189/190), and looks pretty good at the weight.
  13. He is not eligible. 1. He did not place at Jr. Worlds last year. 2. The caveat about being on the senior team is contingent on the fact that you have to place Top 3 at the U.S. Open (2018 Junior FS World Team Member places in the top 3 at the 2019 U.S. Senior Freestyle Open and then competes in the 2019 U.S. Senior Freestyle World Team Trials Challenge Tournament or the 2019 U.S. Senior Freestyle Final X series) . Gable did not compete at the Open, he opted out since he was qualified for the WTT.
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