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  1. Current top 3... Yianni Diakomihalis - 47 (66-1) Noah Adams - 32 (51-15) Shane Griffith - 28 (28-0)
  2. Nahshon Garrett was a state champ at 103 as a junior and 112 as a senior; he eventually grew out of 125 and won at 133.
  3. 141 had an interesting pattern in consecutive years from 2010-2018: Montell Marion (2-4-2) 2010-2012, Mitchell Port (2-3-2) 2013-2015, and Bryce Meredith (2-4-2) 2016-2018.
  4. How about a 4x AA with World/Olympic Gold, or a 2x/3x NCAA Champ without a world/olympic medal? such as... Kevin Jackson (3,3,7,2)/2x World Gold, Olympic Champ vs. Brent Metcalf (1,2,1)/3x World Team Member
  5. I always seem to count Heil as well. There's been (3) 2x champs in the past decade that failed to place their last year of competition. McDonough went (1,2,1,R12), Delgado went (7,1,1,INJ), and Heil went (4,1,1,R12). In the case of McD and Delgado, it is well known that they dealt with injuries; Heil had a tough year due to the application of the DZ.
  6. I'm counting 6 in 2018 with 1. Tomasello (1,3,3,3) 2. Retherford (5,1,1,1) 3. Sorenson (4,2,3,5) 4. Martinez (1,1,2,2) 5. Jordan (3,3,2,5) 6. Snyder (2,1,1,1) 6 in 2019 with 1. Ashnault (8,4,6,1) 2. Nolf (2,1,1,1) 3.Lewis (4,6,4,4) 4. Martin (1,5,2,3) 5. Miklus (7,6,8,6) 6. Nickal (2,1,1,1) 5 in 2020 with 1. Kolodzik (7,3,5,AA) 2. Joseph (1,1,2,AA) 3. McFadden (6,5,5,AA) 4. Hall (1,2,2,AA) 5. Moore (3,4,2,AA). This class could have also had Micic, Eierman, and Amine had it not been for ORS; as well as Valencia had he not gotten into trouble.
  7. I agree, yet he may have had a similar situation at Mizzou. Eierman was at 141 during the same years, and then there was Mayes, Leeth, and Mauller at 149 in consecutive years.
  8. Guys to consider, that haven't been mentioned (multiple-time-finalists, 3-4x AA) - Mitchell Port, Micah Jordan, Matt Kolodzik, Dylan Ness, Nick Amuchastegui, Mack Lewnes, Logan Storley, Craig Brester, Kollin Moore, Mike McMullan
  9. 2017 OKST had 8 AA. Collica and Schaefer did not place. Solomon Chisko wrestled for Virginia Tech.
  10. Derek Moore. Walk-on, one-time CIF State Placer to 1x AA, NCAA Champion, 2007 NCAA OW. All while enrolled in ROTC. edit: With a tech fall in the NCAA Finals
  11. I've enjoyed watching his development over the past few years. Zahid and Anthony were household names at the top of national rankings and State Champs as freshmen in HS; as a freshman, Cael had a relatively quiet year and did not place at state. As a sophomore, he made it to the state finals and had great match with Abas. It's clear that Cael has worked hard to make it to the top of the rankings as a junior. Looking forward to his decision.
  12. How about Jordan (Burroughs, Oliver, Kutler, Decatur, Jim/Jeff/Ben/Isaac/Bo/Micah/Rocky etc.)
  13. Is he eligible to compete this year? Have to assume he would move down to 65kg, can't imagine he'd be big enough for 74kg.
  14. My Best Rival and the uncut footage was pretty cool.
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