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  1. As much as I’d like him to be guilty, I don’t believe these two low class women making claims against him. They have everything to gain by making up the story.
  2. shields had a great NCAA, Hidlay is still head and shoulders better. I don't think Hidlay makes weight at 57 this year though.
  3. With a good coach this lineup would be solid with Borelli you can’t count on anything other than top guys transferring, quitting or getting hurt he’s a huge disappointment as a coach and a far cry from how good his dad was at CMU before he got old and stopped being relevant Truly one of the worst program leaders in all college wrestling I’ve met the guy and antisocial and awkward is a massive understatement he’s a complete weirdo Tirapelle couldn’t hack it at penn so not sure adding him to the staff will help anything they ran the one guy who could coach out of there in jamil Kelly
  4. Borelli is still the coach? Id say they’d be lucky to break the top 30. He’s limited at best
  5. Based on their recent history, I’d be willing to bet that a few of those projected starters won’t even be on the team this year.
  6. Don’t you love people who quote movies as their go to Schtick? Pretty sad stuff
  7. I said DON'T bet on green. I'm kind of fade material...
  8. He could push for wrestling. He could be involved in the sport that got him in to Stanford to start with. Where was the guy from? Kansas? He could be cutting hay right now instead of sitting in an air conditioned office NOT supporting wrestling. We need more wrestlers to give back to the sport. Many of the former D1 guys don't touch it again after they leave. Social climbers gonna climb.
  9. Pretty disappointing to see the former wrestler as an AD at a school without wrestling. I guess when money is involved, supporting the sport that made you doesn’t matter. Those former lightweights just don’t have much backbone
  10. That’s how us normal sized people see short horns.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/thegrio.com/2019/07/12/viral-bagel-shop-guy-says-hes-not-racist-but-uses-n-word-and-hes-the-mlk-of-short-people/amp/ the mlk of short people.
  12. Thanks for self identifying as a 125er Gross. One day you might get out of kids sizes
  13. Vasquez has gone to a couple schools already and seems to be destined to be another Cali stud who burns out after high school. I wouldn’t recruit him but I wouldn’t recruit many of those Cotton soft Cali kids.
  14. Nobody else is creeped out by 125 pounders? As a former 190 and up guy, I never understood why the short horns were such sawed off little angry guys. Guess I’m figuring it out
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