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  1. DrStrange

    Wrestlers in business

    That’s how us normal sized people see short horns.
  2. DrStrange

    Wrestlers in business

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/thegrio.com/2019/07/12/viral-bagel-shop-guy-says-hes-not-racist-but-uses-n-word-and-hes-the-mlk-of-short-people/amp/ the mlk of short people.
  3. DrStrange

    Wrestlers in business

    Thanks for self identifying as a 125er Gross. One day you might get out of kids sizes
  4. DrStrange

    2019 California H.S. State Champions status

    Vasquez has gone to a couple schools already and seems to be destined to be another Cali stud who burns out after high school. I wouldn’t recruit him but I wouldn’t recruit many of those Cotton soft Cali kids.
  5. DrStrange

    Wrestlers in business

    Nobody else is creeped out by 125 pounders? As a former 190 and up guy, I never understood why the short horns were such sawed off little angry guys. Guess I’m figuring it out
  6. DrStrange

    Wrestlers in business

    It’s a medical training show for Doctors like me
  7. DrStrange

    Wrestlers in business

    I’m at a trade show. Always reminds me of big tournaments. But most of the thought and business leaders are at least 6 feet tall. How do you tiny little guys make it in the business world? I won’t even talk with a 125-149 pounder. Too small and little.
  8. DrStrange

    Wrestling and IQ

    Stanford has 1 ncaa champ ever. Princeton has none. Cornell rigged the admissions process so they can get dumber guys in through their community college scam. Penn has a couple champs. Harvard has 1. Smart does not equal good wrestler. I like coaching dumb kids. They don’t question themselves or what you tell them as much as smart kids.
  9. DrStrange

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    Why do you think Johnston is gone too?
  10. DrStrange

    Suriano vs lee

    NCAA Wrestling is the pinnacle of Folkstyle. Freestyle is a different sport.
  11. DrStrange

    Fix oly redhirt?

    You must be a PhD and not a real doctor. Because you ain’t real bright. 6 weights means stiffer competition. Nowhere to hide. Learn maths.
  12. DrStrange

    Can Wrestlers profit from websites?

    What is wrong with you? Go back to hall monitoring. You are a rotten apple.
  13. DrStrange

    Stop 1984ing us

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! God forbid that the main source of news for college wrestling cover actual stories. That would be terrible. Snowflakes.
  14. DrStrange

    Who will Maryland hire?

    I will take PayPal donations if anyone else wants me to tell them the future. I called this. Long before his name had been mentioned anywhere else. I am officially smarter than you guys. I mean, hey, I am a doctor!!
  15. DrStrange

    Who will Maryland hire?

    I'm worried. Come on Alex. I need this.