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  1. BBB4PSU

    Penn State is in trouble

    3 one point matches. We’ll see...
  2. BBB4PSU

    Penn State is in trouble

    Jennings made Cassar look vulnerable when Cassar reversed him to get the MD. Right....
  3. BBB4PSU

    Penn State is in trouble

    Lee cannot hang with McKenna? They have had three 1pt matches and McKenna leads 2-1. I guess to “hang,” the matches all have to go to SV. Nice take...
  4. BBB4PSU

    Smith lays an egg

    Wow! Let’s see what he does in the consis...
  5. BBB4PSU

    PSU third period conditioning

    I heard the same. McKenna is an elite level wrestler. He’ll be better prepared in March, I’m sure...
  6. BBB4PSU

    Penn State Heavies

    And they have the Edinburg Open champs at Heavyweight and 197 gray-shirting. They have done a great job filling in top talent at that end of the roster and just need a 125 that can qualify for NCAAs. First World Problems... You could argue that 149 is still not stable. Hopefully Berge can make a solid run through B1G and NCAAs to fill that slot as even Verkleeren is having 3rd period has tank issues...
  7. BBB4PSU

    Is Jason Nolf overrated?

    You bring up an interesting angle, MD. Who is the best ever at 157? I do not know myself but in the last 15 years I will say for argument it’s Kyle Dake. (Heck, throw in Imar, too, this this next part.). What were his bonus statistics at 157? How does Jason stack up? I don’t know that answer either but my gut feel is that Jason is right there with the best ever if he is not better by statistics. That, of course, means nothing when you speak of freestyle potential. Few of the PSU alums were active at the world level last year but we expect them to be this year. That will tell us a lot and I think Jason will be in the mix for the 70 kg spot this year. But where he goes after that could be more problematic. Maybe he has a great great grandfather that visited Jamaica and he can represent them in 2020... : )
  8. BBB4PSU

    The All-Transfer Team

    Good topic! I would not have picked Minny as the top hired gun roster. I would have thought Iowa or Wisconson. PSU has had their share and they wanted McKenna bad. PSU has the least need right now so no surprise they didn’t make the list. But as they come back to the pack next season and beyond, I imagine they will be back in the hunt. I had very mixed feelings about the open transfer rule when it was announced but the more I think about it from the kids’ and parents’ perspectives, I support it. If my son had made a commitment as an 18 yo and was not progressing the way he wanted then I would sure want him to get a shot somewhere else. Aside from Suriano/PSU, I do not believe any team has really been burned by this. There were some big name transfers from ISU as Dresser was coming aboard but I think a few of those were mutual. So the next step is to make the All Time transfer team. I know it includes Kolat and Mocco...
  9. BBB4PSU

    Fave non-favorite teams

    PSU and ASU are tops because I lived in both places. Now I have OSU season tickets but the drive is a lot longer. After that, I follow the personalities I enjoy. Say what you want about the cost of Flo or Track memberships/events but we have SO much more access to the people in the sport that you can truly follow the people you enjoy most. Pulling for Chris Bono at Wisconsin is easy. Same for Pat Pop at NC State. With the possible exception of Indiana and Purdue, I can tell you 2 or 3 guys I enjoy watching on every team in the B1G. So my top 10 to watch are 1) PSU , 2) ASU, 3) OSU, 4) Wisky, 5) tOSU, 6) Iowa, 7) Minny, 8) NC State, 9) Michigan, 10) Cornell. Campbell would be on my list if I could watch them more often : )
  10. BBB4PSU

    Barstool Sports Vincenzo Joseph Interview

    Who would have thought that after his Jr season, Cenzo could have cemented himself as the PSU 165er with the most NCAA Championships? Pretty impressive!
  11. BBB4PSU

    Zeke Jones and Mark Manning

    That’s harsh - too harsh for Zeke, for sure. I lived in AZ before I moved to PA and Sun Devil fans have a lot more to be excited about than they have in a long time. They look to be the reigning West Coast power for years to come. Zeke has a helluva staff and he has another top notch recruiting class coming in. Tonight, ASU was the underdog in 8 matches. It went chalk except for Mark over Zahid. That match did not resemble any of their previous college matches. (Nomad is going to fill us in on the Tulsa Nationals matches...) Having said that, I am sure that Jones, Pendleton and Pritts are not happy with ASU’s results. What was the final takedown count per team? I think that is going to tell the tale in PSU matches this season. The over/under for opponent takedowns could go down significantly after the Scuffle. They already pitched a takedown shutout against a badly injured Lehigh squad. I suspect at least one or two B1G opponents could suffer the same fate if they make a change at 125. Let’s see how the rematch between the two teams goes in Tempe next year. That should be a much more competitive match. If ASU finishes top 8 or better at NCAAs this year, it is a step up from last year...
  12. BBB4PSU

    Lehigh at Iowa

    Lehigh is PSU longest running rival and PSU had never won all 10 matches... until yesterday. 125, 149 and 174 were the only matches won by decision. Don’t see 125 as a close match for Perez, much less Spencer. Hate to see a team competing with that many guys out. Hope they get a lot healthier after the New Year break.
  13. BBB4PSU

    Does Penn State need a new lightweight coach?

    Hey, I am all for the Dynasty rolling along. But this is not a huge concern for me. Nick Suriano would have plugged that space perfectly. Things didn’t workout there and it took a couple of years to recover. We will see fantastic production from 125 and 133 compared to the last two years. My bigger concern is how hard is the biology department working on cloning Bo, Cenzo, David, Ed, Jason, Mark and Zain? We have been spoiled by the level of excitement in watching this team hit amazing moves year after year starting with QW, ER & DT. I sure hope it continues! At the same time, where do you go from here? What could top the Tourney win last year? I think we are in great hands while the Sanderson/Sanderson/Cunningham era continues. And no doubt Jake will help with HWT. But that weight could be locked up for a few years. Just as 125 appears to be...