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  1. Hotkarl712

    Flo messing up already

    In real time, this match is trying to be as long as the previous one
  2. Hotkarl712

    No Teasdale?

    No Teasdale
  3. Hotkarl712

    Flo messing up already

  4. Hotkarl712

    Flo messing up already

    sometimes the Big Ten streams take a few extra minutes to start
  5. Hotkarl712

    How does this make you feel?

    He's just telling the crowd it's two more until Sunday Italian dinner with some chicken cutlets for an appetizer
  6. Hotkarl712

    True Freshmen

    Wrestlers aren't leaving school early for the draft so you can sit them a year knowing you're still getting four out of them
  7. Hotkarl712

    Rutgers @ Minnesota 3:15pm on B1G Network

    "Kemmerrer" too
  8. Hotkarl712

    FLO Pro seems like a bargain to me!

    Technically most wrestlers are starving too
  9. Hotkarl712

    Could Suriano take out Spencer Lee this year?

    Yeah but that was Suriano's injury and people don't like him so it's no excuse
  10. Hotkarl712

    Gavin Teasdale update

    Seems the redshirt is off. I winder if Cael figures he has no idea if Teasdale will make four years so he might as well use his eligibility while he has him.
  11. Add in some post-grad years and I think he has a chance at a good eight Midlands titles
  12. Three if he takes a redshirt year and still enters
  13. Hotkarl712

    Midlands finals

    Suriano about to do a weight cut!
  14. Hotkarl712

    FLO Midlands Finals issue

    same on apple tv
  15. Hotkarl712


    And he still has to wrestle Pantaleo if he chooses. That's three top ten guys plus Sasso, Bannister, and Brayton Lee in one weekend.