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  1. Hotkarl712

    Journeymen Northeast Duals

    The whole table at 4 is having problems
  2. Hotkarl712

    Flo - live events not on Roku/Apple TV

    event clips has older matches listed and they're broken down into singular matches instead of just the whole event straight through
  3. Hotkarl712

    Busiello to......ASU?

    I could see PSU going hard after Robert Howard now as he's a year behind Busiello and it gives them more time to figure out their lightweight situation
  4. Hotkarl712

    Frenzy at the Fieldhouse

    His Back in Black singing is on point
  5. Hotkarl712

    Frenzy at the Fieldhouse

    The screen is wrong, Young was at 157
  6. Hotkarl712

    Flo - live events not on Roku/Apple TV

    This is correct, it's buried way back there
  7. Hotkarl712

    Hey Spey - Suriano lost to non-Hawkeyes

    I had to create an account just to tell you how much you're nitpicking the difference between an actual defeat and an injury defeat. Are we also now counting the Spencer Lee losses to Moisey and Russell as if they actually beat him at Midlands?