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  1. Last I checked the only team Kyle Snyder wrestles for is the US team and wherever he thinks he can improve is fine with me
  2. Please enlighten me on the other crossovers that Flo tried to do. Cheering vs Gymnastics? Rugby vs Singing?
  3. The new logo looks like it should be an old logo that gets switch to what is now the old logo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Bill Hyman is the only State or National Champion from my hometown
  5. Luckily for me I'm only really interested in the finals if an American is in and that's on TV so I don't have to go the Track route
  6. "but was then exposed himself by Dake's crotchlift" taken out of context how a whole different feel to it
  7. I know when I don't know the result of a sporting event or TV show/movie I go right to the message board for it before finding out
  8. Let's just hope for sound, or maybe none is a good thing
  9. Who? Who is snickering? An arbiter is hired because he/she know how to comprehend rules and listen to arguments from both sides. They don't have to be experts on every subject they handle. The arbiter doesn't need to know the many layers to back exposure to make a decision on this case based on the evidence provided to him. The NFL Deflategate case was handled by all kinds of lawyers and scientists and I'm sure not all of them could break down a cover 2 defense for you.
  10. Antoine Braga is in the wrong business, He needs to be a Bond villain.
  11. Because he'd look foolish wearing one that said Taylor
  12. We're still going on about this? Bottom line is that is was in bad taste to harp about the kid's age while he was wrestling in the finals and Willie has apologized to Anthony about it already and I believe he's admitted he shouldn't have said it at that time. With that being said, it is a smaller community in the wrestling world and fans can probably have more access to the wrestlers and media than in other sports so it's a bit more chummy than it may be somewhere else and sometimes the announcers need to see the difference in calling a match for the masses or acting like you're discussing it with your buddy on the couch. I don't believe Willie was trying to be malicious about it but apparently it was all the talk at the tournament (which is stupid because all it takes is one guy saying to another that he's too old and once that gets told to a few more it goes right into rumor status) and it was going to brought up eventually by the guys on FRL anyway. Also, I rarely know what the heck I'm talking about anyway so don't listen me but that's just how I feel about the situation. Personally I feel he's of age as there's really no benefit to lying about it at this point considering the career path he's chosen as opposed to maybe saying he was 16 and crushing cadets as a 19 year old with two years of high school left.
  13. The camera guy front and center at the Yianni ceremony looks like he just realized he lost his wallet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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