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  1. There's been more new original content on Intermat in the last ten days than the last two years combined
  2. As a fellow Italian I say basta to all this italian pride discrimination
  3. Hotkarl712


    He was fine until he hurt his shoulder against Wentzel and hasn't been seen since but I assume he'll be somewhat good to go net week since they entered him into the conference tournament to qualify for the bid
  4. Spencer's a senior this year and a win gets him his third. his bonus year is his fourth
  5. Spencer has a shot at four titles, Mekhi Lewis and any freshman has a shot at five titles. Maybe Yianni, I don't really know the eligibility situation over there.
  6. Crap, I based my entire fantasy draft strategy on the fact that Kendall friggin LaRosa was gonna be a huge sleeper at 125, good thing you did a full investigation by even factoring in his brother's weight to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Wrestlestat listed a random incoming freshman who nobody has ever heard of at the wrong weight. I say we flog them.
  7. This whole thread lacks decency and transparency
  8. I can't confirm he was six foot but he was up there
  9. Wasn't Stieber an eighth grader for that match?
  10. Maybe he's the Scrap Life guy
  11. Because if there's one thing Suriano is known for, it's clearly drinking and partying
  12. There's a pretty large river making up that border but I'm quite certain New Jersey at least has a land boundary. Plus, they were born in NJ and lived in nearby Port Jervis so PA has nothing to do with this.
  13. The Banachs were born in Jersey but grew up In Port Jervis which is right on the border anyway so both states have some claim
  14. Yes, and it was a major issue there and as far as I know they had his paperwork to prove he was 19. Whether that's his true age or not I don't know.
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