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  1. You can watch as many as three devices at s time but they start throwing you off one when you get to four. Also, that’s for live content and may not even apply to archived content so you should be good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Zain Retherford at least is the most recent one. It seemed like being on the mat with him was the least fun out of all the guys you could wrestle.
  3. Rutgers isn't going to Midlands
  4. Everybody keeps forgetting that Suriano actually entered the tournament and was seeded third and Cruz fourth. If healthy, he likely would have made the finals and took on Cruz since his seeding had no bearing on the Cruz-Gilman match and quite possibly would have won the title. Of course we'll never know and it's possible that Cruz was on such a magical run anyway that he would've beaten anyone put in front of him anyway.
  5. Watch the Team Foxcatcher doc on Netflix for a way more accurate depiction of the madness going on there,
  6. It's just not fair with Spencer Lee
  7. The whole table at 4 is having problems
  8. event clips has older matches listed and they're broken down into singular matches instead of just the whole event straight through
  9. I could see PSU going hard after Robert Howard now as he's a year behind Busiello and it gives them more time to figure out their lightweight situation
  10. His Back in Black singing is on point
  11. The screen is wrong, Young was at 157
  12. This is correct, it's buried way back there
  13. I had to create an account just to tell you how much you're nitpicking the difference between an actual defeat and an injury defeat. Are we also now counting the Spencer Lee losses to Moisey and Russell as if they actually beat him at Midlands?
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