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  1. Problem with this is pushing is not wrestling. But something needs to be done about the definition of stalling. Every weekend I shake my head at stall calls. How many matches end where the guy who is winning may be the only guy called for stalling.
  2. Yep that’s his thing. One good shot a match. Nice 3rd period by B. Lee. I wonder does verk type 1 cause him conditioning issues.
  3. Lots of good action. At some point in the 1st period I was like wow this still the first period.
  4. Cass is a hell of a wrestler. Paris just has to be strong as an OX. Holy ****
  5. Let be honest if most of us was judged by our worst moment. We all be in trouble.
  6. You are right. I’ve been overmatched in a match and felt so overwhelmed. That’s what Moran just went thru.
  7. Perry is not wrong . The best wrestler looked like RBY.
  8. I also have 1 set of tickets I’m looking to sell
  9. I like the transfer rule. If it was for fresh and sophomores. But not for jr and sr. Unless a grad transfer. After a school has invested so much money and time in you. He was a 3 time Aa. If still like to know how mizzou failed him. Plus nick Lee just smashed him.
  10. Parris is very athletes and good but I think those three will be ahead.
  11. Gonna be gable and kerkvliet going forward. Then Cass third. In the future. Those three are electric.
  12. I said this 6 months ago. Some said I was rude. But was noticing a trend.
  13. Lance crump my first college match ever. I lost of course. Mocco, Cain V I beat him we were both freshmen in college. T Rowland’s I lost. The heavy from Illinois then who was a national champ I believe I lost that one also.
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