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  1. Lance crump my first college match ever. I lost of course. Mocco, Cain V I beat him we were both freshmen in college. T Rowland’s I lost. The heavy from Illinois then who was a national champ I believe I lost that one also.
  2. My post was not a slight. Being an Black American myself I am always interested in seeing where others pick to go. Nebraska seems to get their share. But penn state has swiped up 3 I believe. Not including mark hall. Yes I know a couple are mix led but you know the rule.
  3. That’s the diffence between Flo and espn. Flo will give us the background of the wrestlers. The story that is needed for people to want to follow certain wrestlers. ESPN has no interest in doing that. But other then that I have no complaints with espn and their broadcast of the tournament
  4. Cenzo hasn’t won a third nothing yet so to early to celebrate
  5. I never said fire brands. I don’t think he should be fired. So I’m a troll for for typing facts.
  6. First of all I’m not bagging brands I’m making fun of the excuses Iowa fans make. Tom had a head start in that he won a title first. Now with metcalf being the poster boy. If you don’t think David taylor did not have a big effect on penn state recruiting then you are crazy. I’m sure metcalf did also. But David seems way more personable then metcalf. i know he won with Iowa boys. That why I said he didn’t have to take the bad Iowa wrestlers. Again I’m not bagging on Brands I’m bagging on the excuses. Brands bro seem like no excuse guys but the Iowa fans seems to have plenty of them. You can’t win them all. Penn state time will come to and end. Then I will make fun of their fans excuses. Do be so sensitive. You can’t fight every Iowa battle on these boards. Unless you are Eustice or morning*
  7. He had a head start on Cael and Tom Ryan. Brands had already won his national titles. So he already had built in equity with wrestlers around the country. The had a poster boy in metcalf. Just like David taylor was for penn state. So there was no reason for them to not realize the type of recruits he needed.
  8. My favorite is excuse they use a lot is about recruits. Like Tom and terry didn’t know that if you recruit the best high school kids you will more then likely have the best college wrestlers. Lol. It took Mr. Lee to tell them that. So all the while Cael was recruiting penn and across the nation brand boys just thought they was supposed to just take the bad wrestlers from Iowa also.
  9. Do you say that when coaches are acting like a fool in the corners also or yelling and screaming at the refs. Young wrestlers are watching them also.
  10. I’m ok with that. GTFOH. What does that mean he would be a kneeler. Because he doesn’t follow the “rules” yea baseball is having an image issue also because of people like you.
  11. Wrestlers can’t or don’t wrestle 20 match seasons. You think adding more matches would help. Also in football the only people it would help adding more games are the schools, fans, and people making money not the players. Just adding more work and no pay to fb players.
  12. jchapman 499 Posted Wednesday at 08:43 PM He scored the only TD in the match and lost the ref decision. Quote Call a spade a spade it was because he was black.
  13. 125: picc over seabass. Lee takes Olympic redshirt and goes back home to PSU 133: Fix. I thought it was gonna be Nick at beginning of year but he is just to basic on his feet. Compared to fix and the Michigan kid 141: yanni. With healthy knees. Nobody is beating him. 149: AA- unless the Rutgers curse hits him then I’m going Brady Berge 157: Action Jackson Jason Nolf. Panteleo really isn’t that close to nolf. 165: VInchenzo the Italian Roy Nelson. Looks like he should lost but don’t know how he keeps winning Joseph. Yes the bull beat him last year but VJ controlled that whole match and lost it going when he didn’t need to and the bull took advantage of it. 174: Mark (Cormier) Hall. He’s on a mission Lewis is looking good this year. I’m a big fan of Lewis but not this time. 184: Miles that’s not my name but don’t forget about me Martin. He is killing everyone this year. He’s fun to watch. 197: Bo please stop trying to help me up Nickal. Best chance to beat Bo is to literally not try to wrestle till last min of match. Hwt. Gable Chocolate Drop Cupid shuffle Stevenson. He will have close matches but he will not lose. Only person who will have a chance will be Daniel kerkfleet in a couple years. OW: If Bo do not bonus his way to a title it’s nolf. Hodge. Bo only because he weight class is weaker then 157. Team PSU. I have nick lee 2nd at 141 joe smith beating marinelli at 65 in qtrs big name that doesn’t place will be Kaid Brock
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