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  1. Right that’s what I was thinking. Yes we know he’s not allowing that.
  2. We all know Cael is not a fan of he being the center of attention but wouldn’t it be cool if some did a new doc on him that he would endorse.
  3. Who was more dominate at 165. In college. D Taylor or JB.
  4. I hope so growing up I was a big Oklahoma state fan. I just wonder if John is past his prime. Not many people his age still doing it.
  5. The wife and the three daughters just left to go get pedi and mani and dinner. She knows how to get to a man’s heart.
  6. Glory Rby Lee Yianni Monday Keegan STAR BROOKS dean goat
  7. I guess cater was right. Michigan was not on PSU level.
  8. Weird on the first page there is not one mention of Oklahoma state. I know everyone respects John. But they have had many quiet weekends.
  9. As long as he isn’t trying to teach them to get off bottom.
  10. It would be bold. He is a great wrestler. But he’s not gonna be man handling guys like he does in high school right now. Place yes. Win a title next year. Naw.
  11. He has not gotten better in 4 years. He’s a tough hvy but it just seems like he’s the same wrestler he was 4 years ago.
  12. Until wrestling is up front about injuries and lineups it will be pretty hard to bet on it.
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