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  1. This is why I never thought you could crown a national champ from a duel because kids actively stall and refs don’t call it correctly
  2. What weight did they start on the okie state Rutgers
  3. It’s just buffing in Apple TV. When I go to app on phone a warning pops up and says uh oh something has happed. It’s not my internet.
  4. Is anyone else already having problems with flo
  5. Yes I believe so because if gambling
  6. That is exactly what it was like when Iowa won their 9 in a row.
  7. I don’t understand why people needs him to get subpar talent to give him credit. Isn’t it his job to get the best talent out there. That’s like telling nick saban to only recruit 2 star kids or he’s a terrible coach. I don’t get the logic.
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