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  1. I saw an interview with him where he said his goal has never been to win a NCAA title, but an Olympic Gold. I guess he was serious.
  2. Can Eierman wrestle unattached while on an Olympic redshirt?
  3. It would be funny if Colby Smith beat both of them.
  4. Why isn't Meyers wrestling at Heavyweight. He was initially listed at the Va Tech dual, then didn't wrestle there.
  5. I saw Cam Fusco sitting with the team yesterday. Hopefully he's coming back and can help at 125lbs. Not sure what's up with Ceverado, maybe he's not beating Punke in the room.
  6. I didn't see Malik Johnson at the dual with the team. Is he not wrestling this year? Also, how come Wisman wasn't in the lineup?
  7. Per flowrestling "Ohio State head coach Tom Ryan also indicated he will be enrolling in January, making him eligible for the second semester."
  8. Same issue that I had, except none of my devices would work.
  9. I couldn't get the ACC network to work on my espn app. I missed the whole thing.
  10. They're going with Rodrigo Diaz at heavyweight instead of Myers apparently.
  11. Unless Myers has improved drastically, I don't see him starting the entire year.
  12. Maybe he hasn't cut all of the weight yet? Not sure.
  13. According to trackwrestling, Connor Brown is on the roster and eligible. Malik isn't listed.
  14. I don't object to that. Why not disappoint no one and give all 5 people $10,000? They're all worthy.
  15. Not mad at all. Why did we vote if they're giving them both the prize? They could've saved us all the trouble of voting.
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