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  1. They wrestled right after high school and Surtin teched him. I don't remember exactly what event it was, maybe East Vs West or something? It wasn't close at all.
  2. Mizzou clinched already? https://www.facebook.com/118729454847565/posts/4968467699873692/
  3. Mizzou Wrestling put out a few Facebook videos honoring their seniors. Schmitt was one of them. The videos, to me, looked like they aren't returning.
  4. He's being honored tonight at Mizzou. It looks like he may be done wrestling.
  5. O'toole was matside and looked fine.
  6. Mine says Mizzou vs Oklahoma but of course they're showing tennis.
  7. I just looked it up with my Spectrum account and it's actually a channel that I have except it's just called "Balley Sports". It looks like they have a streaming website too.
  8. flanders


    Mizzou was Covid canceled I believe.
  9. Also, I don't see Zach Elam on a bracket.
  10. flanders


    Maybe with Jacques struggling, they're considering pulling it.
  11. I'm guessing so. Jaques is listed too at the same weight. I wonder of something is up there.
  12. Niceville, I believe, is in the Central Time Zone.
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