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  1. flanders

    Kamal Bey

    I think he really has a PT cruiser.
  2. flanders

    So are you saying there's a chance?

    Last year Kyle Conel over Kollin Moore (1 seed).
  3. flanders

    MAC's on ESPN+

    Malik will fit in there somewhere. 133?
  4. flanders

    Big Ten Session 1 Thread

    Looked like his left shoulder popped out of socket.
  5. Pretty cool. J'den Cox sings the National Anthem on a semi regular basis.
  6. flanders

    Grant Leeth Out for the Season

    According to this it's been pulled. https://mutigers.com/news/2018/12/10/wrestling-tiger-styles-mauller-wisman-claim-titles-at-uni-open.aspx