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  1. AKHUNTER, I owe you alot more than a t-shirt!! Thank you so much for that incredible gift.
  2. T-shirts to the next 3 donors as well!
  3. CJC007, I think I owe you a t-shirt!! Thank you very much! RB - will do so shortly. BH - Get back to me! Everyone else, please donate!
  4. Huge cost differential may favor BITEs. So Billy, you are "clearly" involved. I don't think I inspired you to go out and learn all you know. What's up? In the meantime, donatio s, please!#
  5. It may, but I"ve been around for awhile. Thanks
  6. CAR-T is held out for those who have basically used every other available treatment to no avail. Trust me Billy, I'm reading up on this stuff daily, but thanks for your concern. BTW. If this is a topic of interest to you, look up AMG 420. It may supplant CAR-T before it is even approved for widespread use. Anyone care to donate?
  7. Did I mention that 100% of the funds go to research? 800 views, one donation. I'm doing something wrong here. I thought we were all "family?"
  8. As far as incurable cancers go, I just happened to get on of the more "popular" ones. I'm in a clinical trial myself. Donations would be wonderful guys (and girls). First "TheMat" donation gets a free commemorative T-shirt (Design in process)!!!
  9. I have Cancer. To be more specific, I have Multiple Myeloma. It is treatable, but unfortunately, not curable. I've been selected to participate in a fundraising expedition for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). A team of 15 has been assembled and will trek across the wilds of Patagonia in order to raise funds for MMRF research and heighten awareness of this rare blood disease. Roughly a third of the participants are current patients, the remainder of the group is comprised of medical personnel, spouses and others indirectly impacted by the disease. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Having been a wrestler for the Big Red about 100 years ago or so gives me the confidence and strength to beat this thing!! Thanks. The link for the fundraising page follows: https://endurance.themmrf.org/2019Patagonia/Mank Mank