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  1. MedicineMan

    DF or Russians?

    I wouldn't call it political tennis, you sombeach...see, there you go starting an argument, being contentious,...you should know better than to talk politics...or religion,....tell me where you live and I'll come over and kick yer a$$!!!!!
  2. MedicineMan

    Wrestling and IQ

    Oh horse$hit
  3. MedicineMan

    Why wear a t-shirt under a singlet?

    conceal shoulder acne and impetigo
  4. MedicineMan

    Threatened by "College Wrestler"

    threatening college wrestler: "Hey Big Boy, throw another elbow my way and I'll be chokin' you out, leave you floppin' on this train floor." other guy: "What? WHAT?? Yer gonna What?" Threat: "You heard me, dick...I was a college wrestler, so I know how to roll." Other guy: "Where'd you wrestle?" Threat: "Iowa." Other guy: "What year, what weight?" Threat: "1998, 134...why, did you wrestle in college?" Other guy: "University of Iowa? 1998? 134? That would make you Mark Ironside, two-time national champ...you don't look like him." Threat: "no, actually it was Elsworth, Iowa." Other guy: "Junior college wrestler, huh? Well... just so you know, I wrestled for Oklahoma State, never made the team, but I was a backup for Alex Dieringer...I wrestled D1 three years ago and you played Juco 21 years ago, so I don't think you'll be choking me out anytime soon...Dick. Threat: "Yeah, well I'm also into MMA pretty big...wait, that's Dana White on the phone now...I gotta take this.."
  5. MedicineMan

    Who's the best wrestler you've ever beaten?

    Terry AND Troy Steiner. I was in college and they were 13...still counts though.
  6. MedicineMan

    Beach wrestling shorts vs folk singlets

    Thought this had something to do with Yianni’s mom ☹️ OP losing his focus lately
  7. MedicineMan

    Hawk Talk with Mudflap - Busted Hombres

    it's a prelude to a prelude for an upcoming post, which'll be braking news on who the next coach'll be
  8. MedicineMan

    On Bo, helping opponents up

    When I got pinned in the state finals by a fluke move, I set a state record for the longest a guy laid there on the mat, on his back, before getting up: 32 seconds. I was waiting for my opponent to help me up, it was the least he could do for gifting him the state title, but he just sauntered around the edge of the mat waving to the crowd and throwing kisses. I would've gladly accepted his help, a gesture of "Good job, good season, hey...I got lucky, don't let it get you down." Bo's gestures are just good sportsmanship....except for the dirty dancing one....that was awkward.
  9. MedicineMan

    HUGE Upset....spoiler

    In his racing debut, excellently named Medicine Man runs third in Oklahoma. The owner of Medicine Man and I were elk hunting in the Colorado Wilderness a many years ago, a horse packing expedition deep into the mountains. The owner got injured, broke three ribs when he got kicked by a mule. I administered a healthy dose of equine anti-inflammatory drugs to my sidekick (pun intended), and he was then able to ride out of the mountains in tolerable pain, on a travois I fashioned. He dubbed me Medicine Man. He named that colt after me. And he wrestled in college, hence the post on college forum.
  10. MedicineMan

    Who gets the Hodge?

  11. MedicineMan

    Nolf's ankle bands

    Scribe cried....then said he had something in his eye
  12. MedicineMan

    Who got OW of the tourney?

    Looked pretty dangerous with that cradle at the end...he was merciful to Moore
  13. MedicineMan

    Rob Koll

    Who has more blue in their hair bow nickel or scribe