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  1. ...The Easter Goblin this morning? Abbunny Jadidi says Happy Easter!
  2. In 1966, a high school sophomore named Siddidi Finch, an adopted Iranian-born foster child from Oak Park, Illinois, whose parents died in a plane crash near Nepal, entered the Tbilisi tournament in Georgia and won... defeating 5-time world champ Ali Aliyev. He was denied the championship' however, when it was discovered he did not meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years. He never wrestled in high school folk style matches and only pursued freestyle. The majority of his training during his teen years occurred in Japan, where he was coached by the father of Yojiro Uetake Obata, and accompanied the elder Uetake on many trips to Tibet to learn yogic mastery of mind-body under the great poet-saint Lama Milaraspa. The elder Uetake when asked about the wrestling skills of the teenage Finch, stated: "Siddidi has taught my son, Yojiro, many skills." He did however, after graduating high school, walk on at Portland State university, where he twice defeated Rick Sanders in wrestle offs, but was denied a starting spot in the line up because of "academic performance"... The truth is, Finch rarely attended classes, other than to take exams, and in fact his GPA was a 4.0, but the University staff frowned on his absences from the classroom. After the debacle at Portland State, Finch decided not to pursue a wrestling career, instead choosing to play the French horn or golf or something. What if.... Imagine how great he would have been. Perhaps better than Cael... Below is the only known photo of Finch, sparring with Yojo, taken by his father:
  3. Announcer said that OSU had a point taken away… So who was it that lost the tournament for them? Anybody know?
  4. What were the rules back then? Sudden victory in first OT? Then Sudden Victory in 2nd OT period based on scoring or riding out? Plus it looks like dropping down to ankle was called stalemate after 4 seconds?
  5. Perhaps the greatest television or movie anti-hero in the past 10 years is Cullen Bohannon, from AMC's Hell On Wheels. His exploits during the 5 year series are nothing short of Jadidi-esque. While becoming the single most important factor in building the Transcontinental Railroad, Bohannon managed to kill about 100 people, including hanging a boy, stabbing and shooting one of his best friends....and he managed to knock up a barely legal Mormon farmer's daughter. He was an aristocrat slaver and a drunkard who was fearless in any fight, highly intelligent, beloved by many and known for his honor and ethics...how's that for the definition of an anti-hero. And yet I can't help but wonder if he tops Jadidi on the Anti-hero list.
  6. Johny Hendriks got pinned about 2 minutes before he won the title, for true.
  7. That is deifinitely Lucas McCain....and Gary Kessel refereeing
  8. Fadz lies.....he took the actual photo above....and may have coined the word "Kesseled." Great photo, Fadz!
  9. JadGable before he learned to raise his own arm in victorious manner.
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