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  1. Jadidi falls into the handcuff strangle hold, but appears unworried... a
  2. Coach Carson Sanderson Wells discusses strategy with Abbas Jadidi minutes before the fight.
  3. Anton Chigurh enters the arena displaying his new tat, his grand entrance music drowns out the boos raining down upon him
  4. Jason Buffer will be announcing the bout.
  5. Before you submit your final votes, be aware that Jad has studied the tactics of Anton, used on previous opponents:
  6. Negative. The referee brought in for this face-off has zero chance of being bribed:
  7. Lewboo loved this thread (I wish the real photo of him and Jamie Lee would show up....maybe he can re-post it for us)
  8. Worst practice partner, farm boy, 190 lber, Samson strength, but slow, awkward...Us lighter weight guys would try to take him down...single, double leg, Fireman's? forget it. Sometimes an arm drag or duck under would get you behind him, but then it was almost impossible to break him down to the mat.....even on that rare occasion when you managed to buckle his knee and get him off balance, just as he was falling to the mat like a redwood tree, he'd reach around and get the last knuckle of a finger on your hip or behind a knee, and drag you around in front and fall on you...moves 95% completed were never scores, he could still stop you with pure power. He smelled just like horse sweat, same dna found in Percheron sweat glands, and 10 times normal human strength, like a primate. If you started on top, it was like wrestling a concrete park bench. He loved being on the bottom, that was his nap time, he never scored a point in his life from the bottom except when someone kicked him loose for an escape. If you were on bottom, you could explode at the speed of light and he'd just hold onto an ankle or wrist or elbow, with one hand, like a six-inch vise...and scratch his Neanderthal eyebrow or hairy shoulder with his other hand while he watched your struggle to get free.
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