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  1. Can they make a bitch slap reaction? You know, like for cinnabon? I tried to find Gable Steveson’s slap to Cassioppi the other night but the only this is as close as I could find: https://giphy.com/gifs/slap-dave-chappelle-rick-james-gfkETzKFBSkBW
  2. This dual had some good matches, a lot closer than team score depicts. Michigan will be salty next year
  3. Let’s change the subject. Exactly how much bigger do I need to photoshop this knee brace before this pic gets a laugh?? Vak is the only one who noticed
  4. If Traub gets pin, and Cael loses cool n loses team point, which team wins?
  5. “If I tickle you, do you not chuckle?”
  6. Maybe if they play Monopoly later
  7. On 2/12/2020 at 9:45 AM, MedicineMan said: "AND 25 pounds of emergency rations in a roll of fat around my belly." On 2/13/2020 at 5:27 PM, russelscout said: "Be honest. Its more than that!" 29 pounds then, but I was averaging out over the year...summer is coming.
  8. Many thanks to all of you, sisters and brethren. Do you guys have those wrestling dreams? I hope Cptafw164 dreams he pins the state champ. In my years after wrestling there have been a few altercations off the mat, ( I work in a fairly "western" environment ) where my wrestling instincts and muscle memory have always given me victory. Although not lately, as now I'm old enough that confrontations do not become physical. But I have those dreams too, where some 240 pound bully throws a punch or reaches to grab the front of my shirt, and I use his forward momentum and foot sweep him to his back...and he turns docile in a hurry. Dream on.
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