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  1. exactly how I did it last year...keep track wrestling open to show the current match scores and on deck mat assignments.
  2. couldn't agree more. Prior to the shut down of 2020 NCAAs and the rest of the world, I was a faithful NCAA championships attendee for nearly 20 years. Now, unless it's in a decent destination city, I doubt I'll return. ESPN, thru their broadcast and streaming services, have made it possible to stream every mat at once so that you don't miss a match. The access we have now is incredible but like anything else, you have to be willing to pay. Whether it's the streaming service, cable provider or whatever...the cost is a tiny fraction of what it costs to attend in person. (heck, my bar bill alone at NCAAs would cover a few years of cable and streaming fees).
  3. and also the vaccines: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/06/26/fda-adds-warning-of-rare-heart-inflammation-to-pfizer-moderna-vaccines.html
  4. I think he's awesome but you have to pay attention to the subtleties. He has some great lines. best Smith line of last night's broadcast (re. officiating): "hopefully we'll see some sneakers left on the mat after this years games"
  5. I'd go Ashnault over Suriano... both 4x undefeated state champs but Ash had a better NCAA career with 4 aa finishes. And far less drama.
  6. Here's my question...what classes could any of these 7th year college students have to take to complete their degrees? Unless they're in a master's program or a specific professional degree program, what could they possibly have left to take? Tommy Boy anyone? Tommy: Did you hear I graduated? Richard Hayden: Yeah and just a shade under a decade too, all right. Tommy: You know a lot of people go to college for seven years. Richard Hayden: I know, they're called doctors.
  7. The coverage was not good considering that different mats were on different channels but you could work around it to see all of the mats at once. It requires using your computer and a Roku, AppleTV or other streaming device that can accept screen mirroring. Open multiple tabs on your computer and then play around with the sizes so that all 3 or 4 mats are in a split/multi view on the same screen. Mute the sound on the ones you don't want to hear (I kept the sound on the NBCSN broadcast since John Smith was the color guy - who BTW is excellent). Screen mirror it to your TV, crack a beverage of your choice and you're in business. I know the coverage was not ideal but for those of us who grew up only being able to watch a few minutes of tape delay wrestling every 4 years when they were on the olympics (if you were lucky) this isn't all that bad. The casual fan is never going to be interested in watching every single match at once and NBC tried to broadcast a variety of matches on their main channel to give coverage to all 3 styles.
  8. https://www.trackwrestling.com/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&TIM=1616585112973&pageName=
  9. My guess is he's referring to TR Foley. While I don't know of his financial situation or "rich kid" status, Foley was the #1 reason I said goodbye to Intermat for good. I followed that site since it's inception in the mid 90's but I could no longer stomach his weekly liberal grandstanding.
  10. A couple changes since the last time it was in Philly to make it more fan friendly when it comes to entertainment. Unfortunately the hotels, other than the casino, are still further out in Center City and not within walking distance. https://philadelphia.livecasinohotel.com/ https://xfinitylive.com/
  11. seriously, why do we all do it? Is it because there's no other option? Are we all just that in need of something to watch that we will pay them for the privilege of screwing up yet another live stream? Sure they've given us great content over the years but why, oh why can they not get the live events correct? They hype the crap out of these things for weeks on end yet fail to deliver once again. This is just unbelievable.
  12. seriously? why can't flo ever get the server thing right??
  13. this is going to take forever...6 minutes of wrestling. 30 minutes of BS breaks...
  14. I love this dig Myles throws at Taylor...Subtle but DT picked up on it and took the high road on the response. 5:55 minute mark: https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6751130-flowrestling-dake-vs-chamizo/videos?playing=6760130
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