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  1. He still has a regular redshirt available so either way, he can take the year off from the NCAA
  2. And the NCAA changed the rules shortly after the Brown-Perry match to essentially call stalling on a side headlock. Perry made a living off of that tactic in the same way Heil made a living off of extended back exposure positions. (which the NCAA later created a rule for as well). Come to think of it, if you include Jordan Oliver's no takedown v. Steiber, OKST wrestlers have been the catalysts for some long needed rule changes. Not a bad thing I guess.
  3. well that match was total waste of 10 minutes of my Saturday. Seriously, how do US refs allow so much non-wrestling?
  4. he's back!!! We've missed you, DF!!! great stuff as always. If you could make a video with the GD music, your lyrics and the actual match footage match it would go down as an all time best post ever!
  5. correct...not racial. it was more of an ethnic slur Jap - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jap Jap is an English abbreviation of the word "Japanese". Today it is generally regarded as an ethnic slur among Japanese minority populations in other countries, ...
  6. Gasman1

    RBY TD

    Almost always is not the same as always. You seem like a knowledgable fan so please do not be so ignorant to say that DeSanto does not apply this tactic. And when a wrestler directly attempts to force a pushout without initiating a takedown or other offensive action, by rule it is supposed to be called stalling. To be fair, he's not the only one who does this. I think that the rule is flawed and the referees never seem to call it correctly but that's an argument for another thread.
  7. Gasman1

    RBY TD

    Incorrect. Nothing in the rule book that supports your statement. But you know what is considered stalling per the rule book? Directly pushing your opponent out of bounds in the attempts to draw a stalling call on your opponent without attempting to initiate a scoring opportunity of your own. DeSanto makes a living on this.
  8. Thank you so much. That answers every last question one may have regarding the stadium layout and whatever else we can expect from the 2020 NCAAs. If only we could view the rest of the article...thanks so much for posting a link that no one can read without a paying a fee.
  9. Bob Dole - do you have this info on good authority? I know at age 95, the eggs tend to get a little too scrambled.
  10. I have a feeling that 2020 will be an epic fail as far as viewing experience goes. Maybe someone who has attended an event at the US Bank stadium can weigh in on this one. It seems that even if you are lower level, your seats are still set further back from the action since the pitch of the lower bowl is not very steep. Compare this to last year's at Cleveland. Even if you had bad seats higher up, you were still on top of all of the action and could view all of the mats. Cleveland, like most indoor areas, have their video boards in the center. . The video boards at this stadium are at the end zones so if you are anywhere on the yard-line seats and cannot follow the action if you have a bad seat. You don't have a direct view of the boards. I hope I'm wrong.
  11. signature win? a 1-0 vs Hermida Other than that, he got in on previous accomplishments. Consider this, the Purdue wrestler that beat Stoll in the wrestle-backs (and placed 8th) is sitting home for NCAAs
  12. Flo can be annoying at times and I'm in no way affiliated with the organization other that being a subscriber. Most of their talking heads are barely tolerable, the feed spotty at times, and for those who watched the big 10's, their cameramen need to pay more attention to the action on the mat that they're working. That being said, it's a great subscription for the price. Considering that those of us of a certain age never got to see most of what they broadcast, it's well worth the money. Seriously...did you ever think you'd be able to watch a senior level freestyle tournament in Siberia from the comfort of your own home? Growing up, the best we could do was view a couple minutes of freestyle once every 4 years when they were broadcast on the olympics. Want to watch a youth level national tournament? Better gas up the family truckster because there's no way you'd ever see that one otherwise. But because of Flo and $150 a year, you get to see all of that and much more. For those of you who say it's too much, ask yourself what else you're spending your money on? $0.42 a day! That's right...$0.42 per day.
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