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  1. Even worse, this site has no mention of the incident on it's news feed. I mean, come on...it was released by the major newspaper of AZ and confirmed by the university. It's not speculation at this point. Regardless of the forum responses, this should at least be a news item on USA Wrestling's website.
  2. Has anyone who order via Ticketmaster received their tickets yet? Email from them just says tickets deliver in February but there's no way to track shipment or even which shipping carrier is delivering.
  3. The Walsh brothers (Taylor - Indiana, Chad - Rider) were always good for an unauthorized headlock or a JV reach back from bottom position. Somehow they seemed to make it work.
  4. Try the NCAA ticket exchange. I put my pair of tickets (in section 237) up for sale yesterday and they sold in about an hour. It pained me to do so since this is the one event every year that I truly look forward to. Face value. (ticket exchange takes 5% fee so I added that in and broke even). Hopefully you can unload your lower levels. This year is a total shot in the dark. I have yet to hear what the final decision for the mat configuration or stadium layout.
  5. I think the funniest part about all of this is why we even care about what Spey has to say. If I followed him on Twitter I would have begged him to mute me but since I don't I'll call it out here. I did however see the retweet from Flo so I had to fight the urge to follow Spey just so that he could mute me. Spey's threat was a typical "take my ball and go home" response to criticism. Highly immature and not what is expected from a sports journalist (or whatever you'd like to call him). Backsliding on FRL is even more gutless. Although if you think about it, everything he did (agreeable or not) created buzz, chatter and more clicks to FLO (and Rocket Mortgage adds) so guess who wins in the end?
  6. thanks BTN, keep your laces down and bring your hips to the party!
  7. After last week's mailbag, I officially deleted Intermat from my favorites and refuse to visit that site ever again. There was once a time where Foley and Intermat released interesting commentary and wrestling news. Now it's basically a day late and a dollar short.
  8. Gasman1


    Buy in bulk and the cost per unit is typically less. Simple economics. And I'm pretty sure (unless they recently changed) the only subscription available is an annual.
  9. He still has a regular redshirt available so either way, he can take the year off from the NCAA
  10. And the NCAA changed the rules shortly after the Brown-Perry match to essentially call stalling on a side headlock. Perry made a living off of that tactic in the same way Heil made a living off of extended back exposure positions. (which the NCAA later created a rule for as well). Come to think of it, if you include Jordan Oliver's no takedown v. Steiber, OKST wrestlers have been the catalysts for some long needed rule changes. Not a bad thing I guess.
  11. well that match was total waste of 10 minutes of my Saturday. Seriously, how do US refs allow so much non-wrestling?
  12. he's back!!! We've missed you, DF!!! great stuff as always. If you could make a video with the GD music, your lyrics and the actual match footage match it would go down as an all time best post ever!
  13. correct...not racial. it was more of an ethnic slur Jap - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jap Jap is an English abbreviation of the word "Japanese". Today it is generally regarded as an ethnic slur among Japanese minority populations in other countries, ...
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