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  1. What does this even mean? When you haven't been throwing shade my way, you've been misrepresenting my statements throughout this thread. I gave you a reputable fact that strongly supports my opinion. If you've got anything that backs up yours, this would be the time to put it out there.
  2. Well I think I made it clear that I believed that today's GOATs won't be tomorrow's GOATs, so I glad that we can (possibly) agree on that. As for the knowledge of sporting greats among youth now and in the future, in 2019, the NY Times had a poll conducted that measured the degree to which a nationally representative sample of 6000 Americans could identify photographs of prominent public figures. Only 32% of Gen Z (13-22 year olds) could recognize Tom Brady. If only 1/3 of that cohort could could identify him at the peak of his fame, how many people of that age will know about him 20 years from now? Not many I would bet. What I never said was that those greats will be totally forgotten. Maybe more than any other sport, wrestling has always seemed to me to be to be a sport that remembers and revers its elders. And that it how it should be for all sports.
  3. What did I originally write? "And pick the current GOAT in any sport. Twenty years from now, a child born today probably won't have any idea who that person is/was." I stand by that. I once had a 20 something tell me that Juan Manual Fangio was a "Sunday Driver" compared to Lewis Hamilton and another told me that I was an idiot because I didn't believe that Winky Wright was better fighter than Sugar Ray Robinson. My father believed that Joe Louis was the greatest heavyweight ever lived and that Jim Brown could have (in his words) beaten the hell out of Muhammad Ali. How many people under thirty do you think know who any of those three were? It's all generational. Being the so-called GOAT is like being the oldest person in the world. Maybe you are it. But you won't be for very long.
  4. Comaneci replaced by Biles. Montana by Brady. Spitz by Phelps. Robinson by Mayweather. Clark by Hamilton. And so on.
  5. And pick the current GOAT in any sport. Twenty years from now, a child born today probably won't have any idea who that person is/was.
  6. I was at that match. Bono put a mean ride on Kolat for the entire 3rd period. Basically, he bullied Kolat. He titled him,; he cross-faced him and Kolat was very lucky to have gotten out of the period without giving up back points. He certainly got the benefit of the doubt on a couple of close calls.
  7. I totally agree with this. In many years working on a university campus, I have seen this happen several times. Consultants also provide a convenient scapegoat should a chosen course of action turn out badly.
  8. Oops... thanks for the clarification. Now I see what was going on. I really wasn't trying to start any arguments but like most people from Pittsburgh, I get all crazy and fly off the handle when somebody (usually an east-coaster actually) starts that PA/Midwest business. And just for the record, I really like the midwest...It's a beautiful and interesting part of the USA. : )
  9. This is not true. Pennsylvania is an eastern state. Part is east coast. Part is interior east. A strong argument could be made that the central and western parts are actually "Appalachian" and I would not argue with that. I've lived on both sides of the state and they are far more like each other than anything to the west. In fact, if the center and west resemble anything, it is upstate New York. In terms of history, culture, architecture, politics, sporting traditions and leisure patterns Pennsylvania is tied to the east, not the midwest. Apologies in advance for a somewhat off-topic post on a wrestling board but I can't let a comment like the one above go without responding.
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