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  1. Teir 1 1. Yianni 2. Valencia 3. Lee Tier 2 4. Lewis 5.Joseph Teir 3 6. Nick Surriano/Mark Hall 7. Nick Surriano/Mark Hall 8. Cassar Teir 4 9. Moore/Micic 10. Moore/Micic
  2. A #29 seed never existed before this year.
  3. For starters I don’t believe any other team has a chance besides Oklahoma State. With thar being said if 8 or 9 of these conditions are met I believe OKS can pull this off. 125- Realitic chance here but pitch needs to win. 133- with fix at the 1 he has a great chance of winning, on the flip side RBY not going all american is very likely. 141- kaid brock needs to grab 7-8, this seems relatively do able but would also need Lee staying out of the top 3. 149- berge misses all american and and gfeller takes 4th. 157- nolf earns 25 team points or less 165- cenzo take 2nd or 3rd and smith takes top 3. I dont like this one too much after watching big 12 but im not ready to rule this out. 174- Hall takes 2nd and smith takes 6th. 184- shakur is hurt otherwise i believe he is the 3rd best. If he takes a lower all american status (6-8) and Dakota places higher this upset would be a lot more possible. 197- nickals gonna win, same deal as Nolf. I like preston taking 3rd, possibly 2nd. HWT- Heard speculation that white gets the 1 seed. With no upsets in play that would leave him in the finals vs gable or cassar. If Cassar makes the finals he needs to beat him. If gable wins the finals result would not matter. These are not predictions, let me know what you think
  4. 125-Rivera over Arujua 133-Nick Surriano over Daton Fix 141-Eirman over Lee 149-Kolazik over Ashnault 157-Jason Nolf over Tyler Burger 165-Marinelli over Joseph 174-Mark Hall over Valencia 184- Martin over Venz 197-Nickal over Moore HWT- Cassar over Steveson
  5. Interestingly enough, it appears Hall put all that work in for the 1 seed, just to possibly see Valencia in the semis.
  6. Doesn’t matter anyway this is Roccos weight class to lose
  7. Moore takes out Bo and it’s not particularly close
  8. Rivera ends up 4-0 against Lee this season, no hodge for Bo or Nolf this season.
  9. If anyone is looking for information on the non-flo matches look no further. Sign up for Bananatalks.wrestling where we will talk about wrestling while eating cheesecake. Daton fix will go round of 12 this year. Find out more about this take on Bananatalks.gov for more information.
  10. I would put Martin at 6 or 7. 285 is Stolls weight class to lose, go hawks
  11. I would have to assume Teesdale would ‘smoke’ the competition at 125 this season. I see him lighting up the ncaa tournament with an 8th place finish.
  12. He is the hero we need but not the one we deserve or something like that
  13. I don't really see how Stevenson can go 7 minutes with a talent like Stoll. Young bucks gotta learn.
  14. Love bananas or hate bananas, Banana Peterson is here to stay.
  15. All I know is that what Stevenson is doing is ruining the sport and we must put a stop to it immediately.
  16. The same people that chastise Stevenson and want his antics removed from the sport are the same people who wonder why wrestling is not as popular as it should be. UFC antics keep viewers entertained adding intrigue and viewership. Love Stevenson or hate him, it doesn't necessarily matter. The only piece of data on the topic that is relevant is that we expended 3 pages talking about him. 'I don't care what you think,As long as it's about me' keep it coming
  17. Open mat ran an interesting article that I unfortunately cannot access. With that being said who are some dark horse/non ranked wrestlers that can make some noise at this years tournament. Guys like Vito, Tucker and Singletary come to mind for me.
  18. Bo Nickal hitting that Winn Dixie really mixed me up it appears.
  19. 125- Lee decision over Piccininni 133- Surriano decision over Wilson 141- Yianni decision over McKenna 149- Ashnault major decision over Jordan 157- Nolf major decision over Hidlay 165- Wick pin over Marsteller 174- Valencia decision over Hall 184- Reenan decision over Martin 197- Nolf major over Moore HWT- Cassar decision over Stevenson
  20. Flo gets better year after year, love to see it.
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