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  1. I have three section 212 Row K all-session together, I paid $500 a piece for them few months back. PM me with any offers or cell# to discuss
  2. I am saying ducking good competition prior to NCAA or conference tournament has become the norm. Give whatever excuse you want, if you can go out and wrestle a no one, you are healthy enough to wrestle. At the end of the day our sport kills itself when these sort of things continually happen.
  3. I get tired of the excuses. Literally makes an excuse for last years performance by Micic and then says ,”Not that we are making excuses.” Competes in multiple duals then is not healthy enough all of a sudden. Ducking a meat grinder of a tournament that honestly he probably would have won.
  4. I paid $500 a piece for them through stub hub, now they look like they are going for a lot more. Do you guys think it is fair if i make $25 on each ticket so $525? Let me know, not trying to stroke those in the actual wrestling community like these ticket companies are.
  5. I may have 4 all-session tickets for sale in section 212 row K I'm trying to sell. My crew backed out and I don't want to wait until the last minute. What do you think a fair price for these tickets would be?
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