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  1. Was match close b4 the pin?! Jw didnt see it
  2. If it wasnt for the grateful dead skull I'd really dislike you right now lol but it's too true!
  3. Lol nvm on hyperlink when I quoted it, it made them hyperlinks probably cuz I'm on a phone. Anyways awesome work Coach
  4. Good for you guess but make the sites hyperlink so easier tl Awesome to see and I'll tell my kids keep up the great work coach! Also if you can make websites hyperlink so we can just click on them and bring even more attention to your awesome program! #growthesport
  5. Ehh Michigan for all 3 of them! fingers crossed... they need friends they can lean on being new kids on campus lol
  6. Lame take bro we get you PSU Homer's dont like Flo but still lame, they've said how many times there great just gotta see the young guys perform which they haven't yet, probably will. Also wrestlestat has them favored. In reality it would be a great dual that could go either way. Swing matches at 49 65 74 84 97 and hwt. 25 ncst 33 psu 41 psu 57 ncst sounds like something great if they could go at it this year
  7. Can you tell him to bring his 41 and 49 friends?!
  8. True but brucki gives them 5 and if they land shane Griffith that's 6 each just something to think about but who knows. Yeah idk it ragusin can hold it he looks taller for 25 could see him redshirting and them sending out Medley who's no joke has a win over current #2 Camacho and kept #1 Lee to a decision once lol (just a joke ik what he did the next time they wrestled). Idk will be another fun year to watch B1G wrestling that's forsure
  9. I think Michigan will be stronger next year forsure with the younger guys maturing a little plus they get Brucki in the lineup who's a instant top 4 contender. Also theres been a faint rumor a Stanford kid or two might be on the way which cant hurt. Also PSU and Cornell in the mix hurt Iowa just as much as Michigan
  10. True I actually think there chances are better next year if the seniors stick around another year. Plus nationals is in their own backyard
  11. I mean they have 4 legit NC contenders and almost everyone else has a outside chance to place so figured they might be only ones that can push Iowa and you never know with covid! I thought someone said Micic would be back soon just a little banged up but that might have been Amine idk?
  12. I think michigan might have just taken a huge blow as the current European qualifier for Tokyo is now slated as the same weekend as ncaa championships. I wonder if this will effect micic and amines attendance at nationals than?!
  13. Sounds like he has the most room to improve of the bunch than
  14. How long as suriano actively wrestled freestyle? JW I dont remember if he was a big fargo kid back in the day
  15. 57 Suriano 65 Yianni 74 Dake 86 Taylor 97 Cox 125 Parris
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