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  1. Any chance hes goes back down to 184 with Zahid out? Or is he just to big to going back down?
  2. Who gets the #1 seed at Big tens?
  3. Ik earlier in year Bormet said he was working on school than he wrestled a couple matches. Anyone know if its school again or is it something else?! Idk just curious
  4. Think was just those three had a ton of other D1 guys from that same team
  5. Jesse Dellevechiaa - Rider Micky Phillipi - Pittsburgh Runner up last year been training all off season, coming for the Gold or silver or 0-2. You know whatever they decide really
  6. Yeah the year he transferred to Michigan he earned a Olympic redshirt that year.
  7. Was wondering if anyone knows if hes taking one? Also how does one earn a Olympic redshirt year when they compete for another country?! Thanks any info
  8. Watch out for Tanner Sloan from South Dakota kids the real deal!
  9. Hardly smoked him it was a 2 point match massa and Joseph were upper body Joseph got best of the situation and got 6pts at the end.
  10. I think heavy and 157 should also be great close matches that lean in Michigan favor even thou OSu took heavy early in season. And I'm calling storr for the upset!! (prayer emoji)
  11. So it's just me and njdan or not?! I will say hes probably got the upper hand but I got faith in brucki I mean kids goes to Harvard and B1G championships is brutal at heavy this year even for being watered down from last year.
  12. Hey now brucki is still in 4 me! Also if either fix or Stevenson loses don't both njdan and scribe get eliminated per the elimination rules?!
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