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  1. Where are you guys watching this at?
  2. Yeah that would be one hell of a lineup next year! And how many on post graduate degrees , team full of doctors lol
  3. Hope that he does comeback but if unfortunately not maybe opens up a scholly for Real Woods once he gets his Stanford degree?!
  4. Anyone know why these two guys aren't listed under there respective schools on wrestlestat?!
  5. Ik gwiz has the top seed because he qualified the weight but if anthing changes who would get the top seed? (I mean it is still 2020 anything can happen)
  6. Idk about heavily favored in 5? (Wasnt pantaleo/retherford a close match recently) but I'd love to see Gilman vs Micic and Nickal vs Amine since Snyders out unfortunately
  7. Everyone says Penn or Hawkeyes would run it but what would there 6 weight lineup be I just dont see them destroying Michigan or Cornells programs! Anyone wanna throw one together based off of the RTC Cup weights?
  8. Also didnt realize there having but still send lineups.and wheres it gonna be at? Might have to pull out the camera and pray for a media pass!
  9. Whose got the best lineup If it happens?! Would love kid if they did a professional and a amateur(college kids) duel for each competition! Present and possible teams what I think... present. NLWC future CKWC
  10. How many kids careers are now over for there Ivy league schools since they cant wrestle post grad? Any chance we see a huge transfer next semester/ year of these athletes? Figure someone might know a list of these kids, idk just some food for thought.
  11. Been out of the fray any new news on the program?
  12. Mimic also beat NS in a match that he blew out his knee, unfortunatly he lost at nationals to him by one I believe with knee still messed up. Micic is IMO the most underrated guy at 133 and by far the best 57kg freestyler or the group....IMO that is though lol
  13. Just a thought would they let guys who wrestled this year but never used a redshirt might be able to burn it for the past season?! Just wondering thoughts or if it's been brought up at all.
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