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  1. I think your forgetting Michigan gets the Harvard hwt and he redshirts a year since this year was a medical ;) or maybe Parris does a year and vice versa with the injury
  2. Let’s not forget big difference in making 134.5 once now compared to twice a week at 133 for months in a row 8- 11 months from now. Just saying (and yes ik the Brands sit guys a lot also)
  3. Lachlan McNeil kid is a hammer
  4. Yeah he does have a do not contact on him
  5. Oh I thought you said he might qualify for a medical for this past season
  6. Okay so he might have 3 years plus a redshirt to burn still…. So Michigan and redshirts this year or next depending on what Parris does lol
  7. Highly doubt it they have there 141 of the future who beat there ncaa finalist this year in the wrestle off
  8. This year was his redshirt year but would ncaa give him a medical since he got hurt early or no since it’s at a IVY League school? Ik Brucki got one last year but ivy stuff is always different plus with the Covid year
  9. Other top 3 before signing with Iowa was Iowa State, Michigan, and Nebraska I believe
  10. Idk forsure but he’s in the portal and you can’t compete if your in grad school at Ivy League school. He has already graduated according to his portal information
  11. How many years of eligibility will he have looks like he only would be a sophomore with a redshirt still available but I’m not sure? Huge pickup for someone soon thou
  12. Zach Price -SDSU went 149 this year but last year was a r12 guy with loses to Myers and Cannon at 133. Probably a great get for 141 his teammate AA at 141 last year and r12 this year
  13. Does anyone on here know how to get athletes signed up for the annual Midlands tournament? I've done some internet searching but can only find tickets....thanks for any help!!
  14. Does anyone know where I can find the video from a couple years ago of sadulaev training snapdowns on a wrestling dummy? I believe it was sadulaev atleast... thanks for any info
  15. Was match close b4 the pin?! Jw didnt see it
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