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  1. I wonder how much of the drama at Cornell affected Dake's performance if at all?
  2. Why did Mark Perry get yellow carded in that match? Helen looked great, the Mongolian did nothing.
  3. Or the UWW website https://uww.org/event/tokyo-2020?tab=brackets&weight-category=2e7ca0d1-e8ea-11eb-803a-06b1e9be04dc
  4. With the exception of the dopes that are announcing.
  5. Pretty good interview with Lindsay Czarniak and LoLo Jones. She really has poise, I see broadcasting in her future. 10 minute interview https://www.nbcolympics.com/videos/her-turf-adeline-gray-earns-silver-freestyle-76-kg
  6. Anyone have the link to her semis match?
  7. Go to the 191 min mark. https://stream.nbcolympics.com/wrestling-day-3-greco-roman-77kg-97kg-womens-freestyle-68kg-finals
  8. Why aren't the Japanese women at this tournament? Is it because of the Olympics or do they traditionally not attend Cadets? Our girls killed it today, btw.
  9. To follow on that, why wasn't the action stopped as out of bounds on that lace. Not complaining, just curious why they let that continue?
  10. I hope they fix the feed for mat B.
  11. I could have went 2 or 4, but I dont think it was a true feet to back so they gave 2.
  12. No, it was the right call. Iran was in on a takedown and underneath. He got rolled, should have been 4 for Geo, but they called 4 for Iran. They gave Geo 2 on the challenge.
  13. What is a good publication in your opinion?
  14. This is the guy that started Spire, sounds like it was sold to Axxella Group in Baltimore for pennies on the dollar. https://www.starbeacon.com/archives/nordic-air-owner-ron-clutter-wins-two-major-awards/article_ffb98ea1-f14a-5605-ad78-9086ae1260bd.html
  15. I spoke with Neal at the Cleveland NCAAs. He was there with his agent and they were there to look at Coon. Sounds like they were successful.
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