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  1. Just to confirm, there are just 2 mats, correct? I am watching the Russian feed, i think it is slightly behind.
  2. I have to say, CP has stepped his game way up in commentating. He is pretty quick witted, I could see him going to a major outlet in sports broadcasting for other sports, if he chose to pursue that. He used to really get on my nerves, btw.
  3. Someone locally was telling me that they are using electronic whistles at some open tournaments. Voice commands would also work well.
  4. Anyone notice the face shields on the officials this weekend. All of them were covered with spit. Surprised they haven't gotten rid of the whistles yet. Just an observation.
  5. Wonder why Flo didn't provide some sort of content during the breaks, like commentary on matches, etc.?
  6. Is the female referee the same person that testified with Giuliani in Michigan this week?
  7. 18 straight points by Gwiz, impressive.
  8. 010-11 Results: Donnie Vinson (Binghamton) Dec Kyle Dake 5-3 Kevin LeValley (Bucknell) Dec Kyle Dake 4-2 SV (EIWA Championship Finals) 2009-10 Results: Kyle Dake Dec Zack Bailey (Oklahoma) 3-2 Reece Humphrey (Ohio State) Dec Kyle Dake 4-2 SV Zack Bailey (Oklahoma) Dec Kyle Dake 2-1 TB Kyle Dake Dec Reece Humphrey (Ohio State) 8-4 Kyle Dake Dec Reece Humphrey (Ohio State) 3-2 TB (NCAA semi-finals)
  9. I am sure this has already been covered, but why is Lewis wrestling for NJRTC (I assume it is close to home and he is going to VA Tech virtually) ? SERTC also just posted photos of their guys wrestling today and they show Lewis.
  10. Who did you wrestle for in the 80's/90's? I went to St. Joes.
  11. Yes, the site seems to be up and running again.
  12. Not sure if it is my computer, but the site seems to be down. Any .neters here know what is going on?
  13. Mason also ran the hurdles in HS. He was a 2 time state qualifier in the 110M high hurdles.
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