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  1. Where can I find these matches?
  2. Even though Ben said he could see both sides, which was ridiculous.
  3. Ohio RTC to train with his old nemesis Logan Stieber. Probably couldnt have a better training partner than Logan.
  4. Sounds like a very calm Zeb. He says a lot of the same things, but not him.
  5. who are the guys calling mats 3 & 4
  6. I am not so sure about that, Track was showing all matches were semis.
  7. ridiculous, now they have 4 mats going, but no option to see mat 1
  8. I think they are on mats 2 and 3 but Peacock is showing mat 3 and 4. Nothing is happening on mat 4.
  9. Premium plus is just commercial free, no additional content.
  10. NVM, Track does have the dashboard.
  11. Does anyone know where we can find mat assignments? Track and Flo do not have anything. Thx
  12. Surprised Nate Jackson has not qualified for the OTT.
  13. I agree, I think he can win it all with the limited amount we know about him at the collegiate level. Hopefully he has a bottom game, because it will not be taught at tOSU.
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