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  1. jeffrideal

    LeRoy Smith and Randy Lewis Controversy

    The letter to the editor by Smith Sr. is brutal. Calls out Gable big time. Never knew of this bad blood.
  2. jeffrideal

    Will Steveson's suspension be lifted?

    Just posted a link to an article from the Star Tribune. Did not comment on it, just posted the link and the moderators took it down? Wow.
  3. jeffrideal


    I wonder what the story is with Reece leaving tOSU a few years ago. No room for him with Trevel? Seems like ORTC missed out on a great coach.
  4. jeffrideal

    Gwiz and Gable

    Anybody know what Gable said to Gwiz after the second match?
  5. jeffrideal

    Who's the best wrestler you've ever beaten?

    He is a Michigan man, Joe Pantaleo.
  6. jeffrideal

    Who's the best wrestler you've ever beaten?

    I beat Mark Kerr in freestyle in HS. Somehow he broke his leg while we were wrestling and I won by injury default.
  7. jeffrideal

    Brackets are out!!!!

    I probably missed it, but is NATO not wrestling or did not qualify?
  8. I like the new podcast better. I think Dernlan is more up to speed on current wrestling and his perspective from the coaching angle is great.
  9. jeffrideal

    Predict the world team

    You have Nolf listed twice.
  10. I agree with your last statement. Yanni is getting TD's when he is on his belly and has a leg, just incredible. His mat awareness is off the charts.
  11. With his new Amish haircut, I think Jesus was mad he took a plane to the Open.
  12. Awesome thank you. Listed as the Marine Corp open.
  13. Still not showing up for me. Can you post the link if you found it? I appreciate it!
  14. Where are the brackets? And mat assignments? FloArena and Track do not appear to have them.
  15. jeffrideal

    Who will Maryland hire?

    How much does Under Armour influence this decision? David Taylor I believe is sponsored by them.