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  1. Reece also stated that he would rather be coaching than commentating.
  2. I was looking for some Russian twitter posts to see their reaction to the Worlds. I see that Ivan_FSwrestling hasn't posted since Feb 24th. His last post was ITS CRAZY NO WAR. Anyone know what happened to him? He is one of the best resources on Russian wrestling.
  3. FloArena normally links the video in the brackets, I am not seeing and videos linked. Anyone know if they are going to link the matches?
  4. I think Neil deGrasse Tyson would be a great choice. Hire some good assistants and recruit on star power.
  5. Not trying to take anything away from Sealey, but just asking a question, he looks really mature for a Soph. Could he be a man among boys at his age and peaking? I hope he is far from his peak, because he is fun to watch.
  6. Sealey is a beast. IMHO, the most dominant wrestler in whole tournament.
  7. Interesting that South Korea doesn't send anyone to this tournament. Certainly not a poor country.
  8. Flo brackets have 65KG wrong - Kasak won his match and is in the semis. 4 in semis and one with chance to wrestle back.
  9. Wow, they tried to take it away from Castillo and he pulls it off in last 4 seconds!!!
  10. They may have a different smell to them but calling them dirty seems a little harsh Borat was pretty dirty
  11. Erica Pastoriza on to the finals after wrestling a dirty Kazakh. Pastoriza is really good, first time seeing her wrestle.
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