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  1. All coaches have duds, I wonder how many for sure things Gable recruited that didnt pan out? Pan out meaning didnt AA or win a Natty. I don't know the answer.
  2. But he didnt choose the right guy. If memory serves, Fried was heavily considering Iowa until Gable recruited the Brands. The Brands were the right choice. Just saying, I think both are great, but Cael has a little way to go.
  3. Like to see Cox 97 and Snyder 120.
  4. Good question, but we are talking college, not pro. Gable would have had Snyder out of HS anyway, LOL.
  5. Interesting question, but I think FRL suffers a bit when it comes to age of their personalities. When I was growing up in the 80's, all of the best wrestlers went to Iowa, at least the ones Gable wanted. He dominated the recruiting scene. In fact, I think even recently Gable has beaten Sanderson in the recruiting arena with Spencer Lee. Whether he was directly involved in the recruiting process or not, Lee in part went to Iowa based on the legacy Gable built. No way would Gable had lost Lee if Lee was an in-state recruit. Cael did lose in-state Lee. I think Gable was the better recruiter, but Sanderson is damn good and not finished yet.
  6. I thought this was interesting and something I did not know (but probably should have known). "But other schools had more disappointments than Iowa. Oklahoma, which came in with serious hopes of challenging Iowa, was blitzed early. The Sooners won two titles, Andre Metzger (142) and Mark Schultz (167), but a heavy favorite, Mark's brother, Dave, lost in the 158-pound finals. Dave is intent on international competition and doesn't exactly mouth the stuff of which OU recruiting brochures are made. Even before Dave lost, he was saying, "You've got to be crazy to wrestle. Everybody knows there's no money in it, and the way Title IX is going, there probably won't be any wrestling either. Plus, I don't like school. I'm just going along, making a little progress toward a degree. I guess I'm just a flake." Says one teammate, "He's a flake.""
  7. A new study has come out. Wrestling ranks pretty high, but not near that of Football. https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/15/health/concussion-high-school-sports-study/index.html
  8. Is Marsteller coaching at Lehigh now?
  9. His body could be adjusting back to normal after years likely spent with RUSADA?
  10. I dont think he meant stupid the way you think he meant it MSU158. I believe he is using stupid as something unbelievable not that the kids are stupid for going there. Like that kid has stupid talent, which is meant as a good thing, not a bad thing. I could be way off though.
  11. I agree with you on Demas, kinda one dimensional. However, I think that one dimension is the big move, not just the inside trip. Kinda reminds me of Bowles from Cuba, always a threat for the big move, even though you know it is coming. Plus he has sweet Lou in his corner (someone I think Snyder should go train with).
  12. Van Ness is the guy that everyone should be (and probably are) all in on. He has got stamina and his movement is world class. So slick
  13. Very cool. Glad they both got the money.
  14. Gotta bump, you know how those gymnastic fans are. Plus they get more Oly coverage than we do. https://www.flolive.tv/video/6562517
  15. Sounds like the mailman was involved here.
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