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  1. UVA is a major upgrade (not to put down UNC either) UVA ranks as the second be public institution in this country, only surpassed by Cal Berkeley.
  2. https://www.radioiowa.com/2009/11/19/former-isu-wrestling-coach-runs-for-congress/
  3. From FRL, it sounded like Askren had a contract with ESPN to be a commentator at this years NCAA. Not sure what capacity though.
  4. Agree on the Chiapparelli - Pope match. One of the best matches ever.
  5. Curious where Ian Miller will land or if he pursues something other than coaching.
  6. Guess you have never been to Alaska?
  7. I made the Ohio freestyle team in 1986, by beating Mark Kerr in the qualifier. When I say beat, not sure how it happened, but about a minute into the match Kerr either broke his leg or injured his knee. He injury defaulted and I made the team. He would have killed me if he didn't have the injury. I was having breakfast in Forksville, PA a few years ago and Gene Mills came into the restaurant (his camp was just up the road) and I asked him if he remembered Kerr being injured coming into his freshman year. He did remember and I told him the story.
  8. Word is on facebook that Mark Perry is also going to ASU. That would be strange.
  9. Havent been following closely, but is he letting the assistants go? Or is it just speculation he will bring in a whole new staff?
  10. Who you got. I think the most talented don't always make the best HC's, but who are those guys you think will be great coaches? Check out the 1999 bracket of the NCAAs. https://nwhof.org/NCAA-Brackets/PDF/NCAA 1999.pdf Lots of coaching talent in there. Love looking at the old brackets and I have more time now.
  11. Glad for him and Navy. Tough to recruit everyone with the standards they have and getting someone to commit for 6-8 years will be a challenge. But I like the prospect of him being available to our armed forces, I think he is going to do some interesting things. How about Logan Stieber as his replacement?
  12. I wonder if Lee Kemp would throw his hat in the ring?
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