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  1. jeffrideal

    Whizzer-Origin of name?

    We always called it the Japanese Whizzer, whizzer for short.
  2. jeffrideal

    Mizzou...overrated yet again?

    Mauller beating G'Feller.
  3. jeffrideal

    Best High School Team Ever?

    My dad went to LHU from 60-63. He went to a few of those HS matches. He said you had to get there an hour early otherwise you had to wait in the cafeteria. Standing room only. He also said that either BEA or BEN had 2 state champions on their team and State College also had a few. Given what the LHU teams were doing during that time frame, Central PA was the vortex of wrestling in the US.
  4. jeffrideal

    Most like Cael

    The first minute of this match is classic Nolf and maybe Nickal. But with how goofy Nolf is, he might be subtly trolling Cael with his style.
  5. jeffrideal

    Most like Cael

    You have to follow link to youtube
  6. jeffrideal

    Most like Cael

    Out of all the wrestlers that wrestled under Cael, who wrestled most like him? Answer: Jason Nolf.
  7. jeffrideal

    Handsomest Wrestler Award

    Ronnie Bresser?
  8. Interesting too that the Ref was a former teacher at the school of the opposing wrestler.
  9. jeffrideal

    3 qtr nelson vs side headlock ride

    I cannot believe Micah tries that 3/4 nelson as much as he does. Has he ever turned a ranked (much less un-ranked) opponent with it?
  10. jeffrideal

    Kyle Conel

    When was he officially taken off the KSU roster? Wonder if there is some bad blood with Andrassy?
  11. jeffrideal

    Askren presser for UFC 234

    It is good to see Askren make it to UFC. He is taking advantage of his shot. Here is the full presser. https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/1/31/18205378/ufc-235-press-conference-video
  12. jeffrideal

    Snyder to MMA after 2020?

    I wonder how much he is making from his Rudis contract? I would assume he gets a percentage of every KS Rudis shoe sold. He might not need the money from MMA or WWE.
  13. But IMar was not the phenom that Gable was coming into college. He was very good but not great. Remember he got worked by BoJo in HS a few times. IMar never won a world title, much less multiple ones. So the comparison is not a good one. Gable is a phenom and his current trajectory is pointing to a 4 X'r. However, Hwt is going to be the best it has been in the next few years.
  14. jeffrideal

    Tommy Aint Afraid to Run

    Even though I hated that the match didnt happen, I think it was the best move Brands could have made for Spencer. Spencer will likely see Rivera 2 more times this year. If you lose the match on Friday night, I think Rivera will be in his head for the rest of the season. Not an Iowa fan here btw.
  15. jeffrideal

    Lock Haven v Arizona State

    Werner is from LHU. He wrestled Courney from ASU, not sure why he wrestled instead of Milhof.