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  1. How about Ohio University for Ben? With his name he could do some damage recruiting. I think the reality is that Ben will stay in Wisconsin and run his academy. I would also bet his academy becomes a top MMA gym with MMA fighters seeking out Ben.
  2. Beat Oklahoma and destroyed Kent State. Glad to see them on the upswing!
  3. Resources as compared to results would have to be Cuba.
  4. It was so outlandish of a statement, I was thinking he was joking.
  5. I always have liked Frank DeFord (RIP). Did not know of this, thanks for the link!
  6. If you look at how this kid represents himself and the pride he has, I think he will thrive. He DOES come from Cuba and I think he understands that this is his golden moment in life, attending college in the US. He is no normal recruit, this kid left his family behind to better his life and opportunity. He more than any of us understands this and I dont think the kid can fail. Too much sacrifice on his part to let this slip away.
  7. Funny, there seemed to be a bit of gamesmanship from the BTN guy. He knows wrestling for sure, and he hit CP with a few results that CP did not know and asked about a few results that CP didnt know. The BTN guy has a great baseball voice.
  8. I think Darmstadt is cutting a bunch of weight. Why isnt he going 197?
  9. Zach Steiner should win the J'Den Cox Hyperhidrosis award this year. The kid can sweat.
  10. Exactly what I meant with Cormier as you did with Herbstreit. Do some high level shows, commentate the big events, promote flosports, but not do all the other BS.
  11. I like most of the talent at Flo, but it seems they need an injection of new talent, and preferably someone with high wrestling credentials. The pool is probably not a large one to choose from, but what would it take to get someone like Cormier as the new face of Flo? He would obviously be great for FRL, but also as a color guy at big events. I have heard him call a few wrestling matches and he is one of the best.
  12. I was way more skeptical of Coleman Scott than Ramos though. I remember when Scott was selected, many on this board were saying that UNC was trying to kill the program by hiring someone with very little coaching experience. I felt the same way, and I can happily say I was wrong. Scott is doing a great job, I think well beyond most people's expectations. Ramos continues to amaze me. He went from being the most hated wrestler in College to now a super likeable and accessible coach. I don't recall many athletes that have made this transition in the eyes of the fans. The villain role is hard to shake.
  13. Maybe University of Northern Colorado and he trains all year at the OTC and is close to J'Den?
  14. Terry also developed Henry Cejudo into an Oly Champ.
  15. No, why? Typical, cannot engage in a conversation. Keep on with your one-liners though... they are getting tiresome.
  16. Wow, you sound like Hitler or Pol Pot here. Why are you afraid to have a conversation about this? Engage like I have. I have answered everyone of your points in detail. Why name call? You have no substance, but please continue to puff your chest.
  17. To proclaim you are the greatest mind in wresting in a room full of type A wrestling guys was bold (tongue and cheek I get), but come on. I have always been a huge fan of Flo and have paid for nearly 6-7 year now (an will continue to do so), but I think Track is hot on their heels. Flo needs some personalities with some real D1 and international experience. CP, Nomad, MMal are good as analysts, but you need some color as well. I hope Huskerdu and Flo the best regardless.
  18. Sstern, Thanks for the reply. I understand what the Constitution means. You may interpret it a different way, but it is clear on the separation of church and state. Simply put, if you are using tax payer dollars (like tOSU) you should not be promoting a religion. Ryan does this, you can wiggle your argument however you want, but he does. I wrestled for a D1 school and we had a coach that promoted the stuff Ryan does. Funny that this coach eventually matriculated to Liberty University, but it divided the team. Like it or not, it is what happens. Going back to my point, it limits recruiting. I am a tOSU fan in that I am a fan of Ohio wrestlers, (funny, same as questioning someone's patriotism). I am proud of Ohio wrestling and and the guys we produce. tOSU should take the best of the best regardless of their "living the right way" stuff. History, funny, tell that to JJ, Rex Holman and many more. Ryan took over when tOSU decided to heavily fund wrestling. tOSU has some funds to spend and Ryan was in a great place at the right time. Was he the only one who could have done what he did? I doubt it. If I recall, when they hired Ryan, the pool of candidates was limited. Another good sign??? You are saying Ryan was Lou's mentor? HAHAHA! He did not create an opportunity for Lou, Lou created that for himself. tOSU results have tapered way off since Lou's departure. Lou will turn OK around and it is already happening. Cupboard was empty when he got there. So you are saying that Ryan is the better coach than Lou (he might be, I am just asking your opinion here)? Trevel was great for Snyder? Ok, show me the results and the results of the other guys he is coaching. Since 2017 Snyder has not been improving. If he was so great for Snyder, why did Snyder leave? Why did Kerk leave? Why was Martin one and none? Who has Trevel made better? Yes they sync on the religion stuff, but did he make Snyder better than he was before? Finally, who has Ryan developed?
  19. Yes, with the talent they have recruited and the resources they have and the state of Ohio (with no real in-state competition for recruiting), they should be 1st a few more times. Second in one of those years was competitive, the others were not. So let me ask, if you were to stack rank the best coaches in NCAA, you would put Ryan at #2? Recruiting, Ryan is one of the best, developing those recruits, not even close. Which goes back to my original point, Ryan creates a mono-culture and tries to fit those kids into that mold, which is not necessarily wrestling.
  20. With the amount of resources at tOSU, they should be there or better.
  21. Ok, based on what? And I say this meaning what is your criteria. I get that Ryan won a NCAA, that was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I dont see him winning another one. Some coaches lose a step and get replaced. Happens all the time. Ryan did a great job getting them to this point, but I dont think he can move the needle much more.
  22. Ohio State could get whomever they want (except Cael). Pat Popolizio, Cary Kolat, Terry Brands, Kevin Dresser, etc. PSU did.
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