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  1. Zain's counter offense was very good I thought. He didn't score in the 2nd period with his re-attacks but he did slow the match down by getting to Yianni's legs.
  2. Maybe he is an Iowa wrestler, I have no idea. All I know is that I would like to see the end of this match considering the sequence we just saw. Maybe the guy made an epic comeback and won in overtime.
  3. He must have bumped up a weight for the team. I can respect that.
  4. Those are a couple tough dudes right there. Nice work getting a win over Escobedo. Who are the other 4 you can think of? I’m interested to know.
  5. Good question. Probably Jason Chamberlain for me. Or Tyler Graff. I was 1-0 vs Chambo and 1-1 vs Graff. My victories were in Greco though, so I’m not sure they actually count. What about you Lifeinthered? It’s your topic, whats your answer?
  6. This is a forum, You can have your own opinions and ideas. Don’t let anybody run you off for voicing them.
  7. Math is hard. I didn’t read it carefully I guess. He does say 99.9% of YOU. My bad.
  8. That’s 100% of people. Does this mean that nobody is successful? Because that’s not true.
  9. Boise state had 2 national champions, and then their program was dropped. Know your history.
  10. Thank you for posting. Zahid/Hall is one of the best rivalries in college wrestling right now.
  11. I really did enjoy Joseph working towards 4 titles, but hats off to Lewis.
  12. I might be in the minority here. But I like Quint. He has a tough job to do, our wrestlers don’t give the most interesting interviews after stepping off the mat and getting a microphone shoved in their face, but Quint seems to be somewhat knowledgeable on the matches and what happened to swing the match one way or the other.
  13. Mueller seems like a nice young man with a good head on his shoulders. Goofy interview, he’s obviously pumped to be competing. I’m looking forward to his match with Rivera. Both 125 semis are awesome.
  14. I’m going with Lee. He’s looking more like the Lee that won the title last year. I also have him avenging his losses to Rivera in the finals, when it matters.
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