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  1. This thread is trash, started by trash. Marinelli is a great competitor and seems like a stand up human being.
  2. I thought Griffith got warned once for stalling in the 2nd?
  3. I thought Ech looked good. Eirman is a funky wrestler and Ech looked to be competitive. I hope he’s ok and the injury is nothing too serious, I think he’ll be a tough out for anyone once he gets some folkstyle experience.
  4. Wouldn’t that have been Mike Golic, his brother?
  5. I’m sorry about that Fletcher, I wasn’t trying to turn this into another covid/political thread. I think Idaho answered your question from our state.
  6. Perhaps you didn’t understand my point. Fargo isn’t cancelled (yet) why wouldn’t the wrestlers be preparing for it? What if, by some miracle, it does happen? I’m not saying it should or shouldn’t happen, all I’m saying is if I was a competitor I would still want to be prepared.
  7. NCAA wrestlers were live wrestling before their championship got cancelled, and I’m willing to bet so were the Olympic team hopefuls. Fargo hasn’t been cancelled yet, (it probably will be) but why wouldn’t the competitors prepare like the event will happen if it isn’t cancelled officially?
  8. Fargo is usually in July I think. It seems like the cadets/Juniors should probably get a little live wrestling in before Nationals.
  9. He didn’t score with any leg laces in the 04 finals I don’t believe, did he? His points from top were from lifts to guts. But either way, he was an incredible technician. Maybe the best ever.
  10. Absolutely. I wasn’t sure if throwing in 3 Americans with one Russian in one bracket would be frowned upon. But I definitely love those matchups.
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