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  1. Marinelli vs Joseph. These 2 are always an exciting matchup. I hope they go upper body again.
  2. Maybe Spencer is proving his dominance with techs instead of pins? Anybody can get lucky and get a pin, nobody gets lucky and gets a tech. When I was in youth wrestling I wrestled for a very tough club in Idaho, we always held a club tournament and invited kids from the Portland area (PITT). We gave an Outstanding Wrestler award every year at the tournament , and it was given to whoever had the most pins. I always thought that was ridiculous considering we were taught gut wrenches and leg laces all day in practice, which score points but aren’t intended for falls. Maybe this post post belongs on the international forum instead of here. But all I’m saying is what Spencer is doing is incredibly impressive, whether he is “only” teaching guys or pinning them. He is fun to watch.
  3. Thanks for the play by play Tbarr. I can’t watch but am following this thread.
  4. Little girls are the best. I’m a dad for 2. Congrats to you and the lady Vak. Now get some sleep.
  5. I’m sure this has been discussed already in some other thread, but is Carr redshirted or injured or what? Thanks in advance for the info.
  6. Merry Christmas to all the forum posters. I love reading all the banter and knowledgeable insight. My favorite posters to follow are: Housebuye Russelscout Vak TobusRex Idaho No disrespect to anyone else, keep doing what you’re doing and someday you can make the list too!
  7. Where does the OP say it had to be in high school? Or are you saying it’s a childish topic? It’s hard to tell without punctuation.
  8. I won a belt buckle at a tournament in La Grande Oregon. Definitely the coolest trophy I ever won.
  9. Thank you. I wasn’t aware of that.
  10. No Demetrius Romero vs Wick? That’s lame.
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