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  1. Hadn’t heard this but makes sense since they haven’t been at his corner for the freestyle events he entered.
  2. They have talked on FRL several times that he might not return due to other interests.
  3. Check out http://www.southeastwrestling.com/ Jason Fulmore is doing big things to promote wrestling in the Southeast.
  4. Fan Guide to the North Carolina State Tournament: http://www.southeastwrestling.com/north-carolina-1
  5. It is amazing to me that Kinner is not getting dwarfed out there. He looks small but not terribly. I mean he made 133 this year. Crazy.
  6. Rocky need like 12 seconds after that takedown to secure riding time. The ride out got him the win with riding time.
  7. I agree with you. I was just answering the guy above. Personally, I was never high on Decatur to begin with. He is great on his feet but his bottom issues against high school kids last year were alarming. Then add the gas tank issues....
  8. They still can use their redshirt later in their career.
  9. Wow. Have we ever seen a guy bump up like that and then get a tech in his first appearance up 24 pounds?!
  10. Yeah. This version of Joe Smith is hard to watch.
  11. You’re correct. Lost to Red in that round. Thanks for catching that.
  12. Sasso teched Storr 19-4. I would say that is his best win
  13. Line up next year? This is a complete guess based on the info above 125 McHenry 133 Micic 141 Siliva 149 Storr 157 Lewan 165 C. Amine 174 Massa 184 M. Amine 197 Embree 285 Parris
  14. I missed on Mock too. Other North Carolina guys that I missed on: Jon Burns Chris Bullins E. Palma Wasn’t high on Parisi (App) and he performed well.
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