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  1. Fan Guide to the North Carolina State Tournament: http://www.southeastwrestling.com/north-carolina-1
  2. It is amazing to me that Kinner is not getting dwarfed out there. He looks small but not terribly. I mean he made 133 this year. Crazy.
  3. Rocky need like 12 seconds after that takedown to secure riding time. The ride out got him the win with riding time.
  4. I agree with you. I was just answering the guy above. Personally, I was never high on Decatur to begin with. He is great on his feet but his bottom issues against high school kids last year were alarming. Then add the gas tank issues....
  5. They still can use their redshirt later in their career.
  6. Wow. Have we ever seen a guy bump up like that and then get a tech in his first appearance up 24 pounds?!
  7. Yeah. This version of Joe Smith is hard to watch.
  8. You’re correct. Lost to Red in that round. Thanks for catching that.
  9. Sasso teched Storr 19-4. I would say that is his best win
  10. Line up next year? This is a complete guess based on the info above 125 McHenry 133 Micic 141 Siliva 149 Storr 157 Lewan 165 C. Amine 174 Massa 184 M. Amine 197 Embree 285 Parris
  11. I missed on Mock too. Other North Carolina guys that I missed on: Jon Burns Chris Bullins E. Palma Wasn’t high on Parisi (App) and he performed well.
  12. Which guy(s) were you wrong about coming out of high school? Either you thought they would be great and they didn’t pan out for one reason or another or you weren’t high on them and they turn out to be really good. The guy I thought was going to be an absolute monster that didn’t turn out that way was Patrick Bond. The guy that I wasn’t high on in high school was I-Mar. Completely missed on that one.
  13. since it became clear that Quinn Kinner wasn't handling the cut as well as he had originally anticipated (in an interesting twist, Ryan said Kinner is actually working on going up to 157) SAY WHAT?!! Ohio State is a freaking mess this year.
  14. The first minute of overtime really isn’t bad. The problem with it is usually when the match is tied the wrestlers seem to “wait” for OT rather than take the risk in regulation. With Criteria someone is always losing so someone should be looking to score at all times When we start with the ride outs and who rode who for longer etc. it isn’t promoting action it really is promoting stalling. Think about in the situation how many times guys drop to the leg and hold on.
  15. Only comes down to shot clock if no one scores the whole match though. So, I think you problem is more with the shot clock rule rather than criteria.
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