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  1. His Facebook post said work related. I think it was for his post-wrestling career or his wife’s career.
  2. He might still be associated with them but he recently moved to Asheville, NC.
  3. Alex Marinelli and Jayden Eierman make it official on Twitter that they will return.
  4. Pretty sure Parco is headed to Utah Valley.
  5. From Hayden Hidlay’s tweet doesn’t sound like he will be back. opinion: Both Massa and Myles Amine will be done.
  6. Isn’t there a free transfer this year with the COVID eligibility rules? I could be wayyyy off but I thought I read that somewhere. But usually that is the case.
  7. Gardner-Webb did great! I thought they really looked prepared and are trending in the right direction.
  8. I think they realistically have an outside chance at 1 AA. Russell is probably the best shot because of how wide open 125 is. He has looked good this year. I think that their other shot is Millner. His length and top abilities will cause a lot of people fits. I believe we see Formato, Millner and Russell do well. problem for most of the Socon guys is their seed won’t be great without CKLV, Midlands, Scuffle and not many out of conference duals this year.
  9. Lol. I know just clarifying for those who didn’t pick up on it.
  10. I was kidding but I wouldn’t be surprised if something occurs to get him another match.
  11. This just in Real Woods wrestles an extra match on mat 5 as the finals conclude.
  12. App State should realistically get 7 NCAA qualifiers. Russell, Carter, Brito, Millner and Bond all earned the AQs. Formato and Flitz have very strong cases for and At-Large bid.
  13. 174- Murphy over Flitz Campbell takes the team title.
  14. Team Score update: App State- 87 Campbell- 86
  15. 157- Cody Bond, App turns Barton of Campbell in the 2OT to win the Socon title.
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