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  1. Interesting. Could we see Penn State redshirt: Howard, Bartlett, RBY, N. Lee, Brooks, Kierk
  2. Don’t worry, if he is wrong he will delete the tweet and pretend like it never happened.
  3. Shayne Van Ness is making his college choice tonight at 6pm. Where do you think he ends up? My guess is Penn State.
  4. We must live within minutes of each other.
  5. Originally from OBX and moved to the mountains around 9 years ago. The drive from the Outer Banks to here is incredibly long and a unique type of torture. Haha
  6. Great place. Lake gets real busy during the summer/fall. People speak highly of the Rumbling bald. I live about 25 minutes from there.
  7. Someone needs to take away his phone/delete his twitter account.
  8. Don’t look now but PD3 is at it again on Twitter.
  9. Hadn’t heard this but makes sense since they haven’t been at his corner for the freestyle events he entered.
  10. They have talked on FRL several times that he might not return due to other interests.
  11. Check out http://www.southeastwrestling.com/ Jason Fulmore is doing big things to promote wrestling in the Southeast.
  12. Fan Guide to the North Carolina State Tournament: http://www.southeastwrestling.com/north-carolina-1
  13. It is amazing to me that Kinner is not getting dwarfed out there. He looks small but not terribly. I mean he made 133 this year. Crazy.
  14. Rocky need like 12 seconds after that takedown to secure riding time. The ride out got him the win with riding time.
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