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  1. Straight to name calling. Great argument.
  2. It is a style comparison more than anything. Both have their go to attacks and don’t have many other ways to score outside of that which is a hard way to win on the international level against the top guys.
  3. What has Zain done so far that shows he can medal at this weight?
  4. Just because I thought Yianni would win doesn’t mean I didn’t think Zain could. I am just being honest in my assessment of Zain at the international level. He doesn’t have very many ways to score. He is similar to Metcalf.
  5. I will be rooting for Zain but no way he wins. He won’t even get close to medaling. The weight is tough and he doesn’t have ways to score.
  6. We will see in 2020. For now I will root for Zain while he goes 0-1 at worlds.
  7. Today. Overall, I am still not sure. Going against the field at worlds I would still take Yianni every time.
  8. Y’all make trying to root for Penn State unbearable.
  9. Disagree. I felt like it was pretty even till about 2 minutes left and Zain started to evade.
  10. Fix - Bronze/Silver Graff - 0-1 Yianni - 5th/Bronze/ Silver or Zain 0-1/1-1 tough weight. Green - 0-1/ 5th JB - Gold/ Bronze Of he beats the Russia in the semis he gets gold, if not Bronze Dake - Gold Downey - 0-1 Tough weight and not our best option. Cox - Gold Snyder - Gold/ Silver Gwiz - Silver/ Bronze I could see 7 medals with 3 or 4 golds but it is tough and a bad draw could drop that.
  11. Yes. In his interview on Flo. He and CP talk about how he is in Ithaca now training and will be up until the Olympics.
  12. I think it is hilarious how upset the Penn State fans and wrestlers are.
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