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  1. He has a great shot to medal. He is improved from a year ago. But 65kg is stacked. So, it will be largely draw dependent.
  2. Kennedy Monday announces his top 4.
  3. If you bought your tickets for your group, Do you have to send them the ticket on Ticketmaster or can you just have them scan the tickets at the door and let your group in behind you?
  4. The roof blew off the building when Moisey pinned Gilman.
  5. My friend was in the mic with Corby calling the event and said it was awesome!
  6. Willie tweeted that Hahn is committed to SD and is staying.
  7. Willie just tweeted that Koll is targeting Hahn as the #2. https://mobile.twitter.com/MatScoutWillie/status/1400519582415265792
  8. Willie just dropped a video on his Rokfin page. Gives out a whole lot of information .
  9. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/rob-koll-on-why-hes-heading-to-stanford-ep-120/id1475498491?i=1000523588853 I would go listen to this Koll interview.
  10. Mike Grey is the new head coach of Cornell. https://mobile.twitter.com/SpartanRTC/status/1398790024666177536
  11. Spartan Combat just tweeted that Mike Grey is the new head coach of Cornell. https://mobile.twitter.com/SpartanRTC/status/1398790024666177536
  12. Bronco, don’t forget last year didn’t count eligibility wise. So, a RS Jr last year is a RS Jr again next season.
  13. His Facebook post said work related. I think it was for his post-wrestling career or his wife’s career.
  14. He might still be associated with them but he recently moved to Asheville, NC.
  15. Alex Marinelli and Jayden Eierman make it official on Twitter that they will return.
  16. From Hayden Hidlay’s tweet doesn’t sound like he will be back. opinion: Both Massa and Myles Amine will be done.
  17. Isn’t there a free transfer this year with the COVID eligibility rules? I could be wayyyy off but I thought I read that somewhere. But usually that is the case.
  18. Gardner-Webb did great! I thought they really looked prepared and are trending in the right direction.
  19. I think they realistically have an outside chance at 1 AA. Russell is probably the best shot because of how wide open 125 is. He has looked good this year. I think that their other shot is Millner. His length and top abilities will cause a lot of people fits. I believe we see Formato, Millner and Russell do well. problem for most of the Socon guys is their seed won’t be great without CKLV, Midlands, Scuffle and not many out of conference duals this year.
  20. Lol. I know just clarifying for those who didn’t pick up on it.
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