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  1. Starroci’s single leg is nice! Very impressed by him. He and Brooks are going to be a pretty good combo.
  2. You’re right. Slipped my mind for some reason. Really like his potential too.
  3. Agreed. Interested how it plays out lineup wise with Darmstadt and Dean having 2 years left and Cardenas coming in next year. I am also really high on Foca, Starroci and J. Lee.
  4. 125 - Lee 133 - Gross 141 - Pletcher 149 - Boo Lewallen 157 - Hidlay 165 - Cenzo 174 - Hall 184 - Zahid 197 - Moore 285 - Gable
  5. Can someone explain this take to me? I have listened to almost every episode of FRL and never gotten this impression. In fact CP leans Penn State a ton. Askren does hate Iowa though.
  6. Anyone know what section the Iowa and penn state crowd will be in?
  7. Anybody know what the mat configurations will look like?
  8. I don’t think that the rule has changed it just varies incredibly from situation to situation. Even the same ref will call it differently in the same dual or match. I personally hate it and think it is a dumb rule.
  9. What happened that led to Martin leaving or being cut out?
  10. Agreed. Hasn’t been the same guy since then.
  11. Rivera will be competing at 57kg for Puerto Rico.
  12. What do you think is best for determining the NCAA team championship? I see arguments for both sides. Though I tend to lean towards the tournament format.
  13. Pretty sure that Coleman was not happy about him switching his commitment and was pretty vocal about it. So, I doubt he goes there.
  14. Definitely hurts Flo. Willie was the mastermind behind WNO, the big boards, Flonats and was very knowledgeable about High School Wrestling. Honestly, not sure if there is anyone out there with his knowledge base. I liked how CP and Willie complimented each other with different takes and views. Hopefully they can find someone who can fill the void. Curious to see what Willie does next.
  15. Straight to name calling. Great argument.
  16. It is a style comparison more than anything. Both have their go to attacks and don’t have many other ways to score outside of that which is a hard way to win on the international level against the top guys.
  17. What has Zain done so far that shows he can medal at this weight?
  18. Just because I thought Yianni would win doesn’t mean I didn’t think Zain could. I am just being honest in my assessment of Zain at the international level. He doesn’t have very many ways to score. He is similar to Metcalf.
  19. I will be rooting for Zain but no way he wins. He won’t even get close to medaling. The weight is tough and he doesn’t have ways to score.
  20. We will see in 2020. For now I will root for Zain while he goes 0-1 at worlds.
  21. Today. Overall, I am still not sure. Going against the field at worlds I would still take Yianni every time.
  22. Y’all make trying to root for Penn State unbearable.
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