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  1. Not Flo’s fault. Power and internet went out in the arena.
  2. He has been at the OTC this year. He would have been a senior in high school this year. Doubt he has been on UNC’s campus training yet. So, it would make sense for the OTC coaches to be in his corner.
  3. Not technically but it drastically helps with recruiting which, is a massive part of their job.
  4. I wouldn’t look into it too much. He isn’t very good at freestyle. Who knows how he will turn out in college but this loss isn’t the indicator.
  5. Don’t have a IVY degree but I think he is saying that 99.9 % fail and failure is good. To continue to grow you must search for the right things.
  6. When Taylor and Ruth (and even Q. Wright the year before them) many people thought (including myself) that their bonus production would decrease and we wouldn’t see guys like that in their lineup again. Then along came Zain, Nickal, Nolf. So, the question is who is next? They still have Mark Hall, Cenzo and Cassar. But could Nick Lee or RBY jump levels? Or will it be Aaron Brooks? Starocci? Beard?
  7. Opposite. Jim is the dad of Ben and Issac. Jeff is the dad of Bo, Micah and Rocky.
  8. Jeff Jordan (WIS. 2x AA): Micah Jordan (tOSU) R-Sr. - NCAA 2nd, 6th, 4th, R12 Bo Jordan (tOSU) NCAA 5th, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd Rocky Jordan (tOSU) Rs-Fr. Jim Jordan (Wis 2x NCAA Champ) - Issac Jordan (Wis) 4x AA NCAA runner-up - Ben Jordan (Wis) AA
  9. Really sad. Really liked his potential and his brother's (who dropped off the face of the planet after transferring to UNC).
  10. Cornell 125 Vito 133 Tucker 141 Yianni D 149 Richard 157 Stroker 165 Merola 174 Ramirez 184 Dean 197 Ben D 285 Fernandes interesting greyshirts- Foca and Cardenas...
  11. That is what I think they will do. 125 Heinselman 133 Pletcher 141 Hayes 149 Sasso 157 Mattox 165 Romero 174 Jordan (rumor was he was going to be the guy before injury) 184 Hoffman 197 Moore 285 Singletary
  12. Didn’t Cox take 5th that year??
  13. Why do people want them to turn in rumors of recruiting violations when the coaches themselves won’t report them?
  14. It wasn’t recruiting violations he is taking about. He was referring to how the refs rigged portions of the Olympics in 2016.
  15. I guess they are giving 6th years for being JV. They should give Metcalf his year back.
  16. Nolf. Lost in the Dual and then beat Nolf at Big Tens and NCAAs
  17. You’re correct but it is an alternative to the standard Olympic Redshirt If they still want to complete at NCAAs but be ready for the Trials.
  18. Gable mentioned in his post NCAAs video that he is wrestling next year but possibly doing the Kyle Snyder type schedule. I wonder if other guys will consider doing the same deal.
  19. Cassar deserves one. Shakur was JV...not a reason for a 6th year.
  20. I’d take Howe over Martin. 2-1-3-2 Even Schlatter based on the year he won 1-3-7-DNP
  21. *Since 2011 Zain- 3x NCAA Champ, Hodge winner Spencer Lee - 2x NCAA Champ Yianni - 2x NCAA Champ Mark Hall- 3x NCAA Finalist, 1x Champ Jarod Verk- Penn State Back up Gable - NCAA 3rd place at HWT as a true freshman Mason Manville- Penn State Back up (Greco world team member) Aaron Pico- Skipped College, Senior National Team Member Adam Coon - 2x NCAA runner-up, Senior Greco world silver entering college or coming off redshirt - Will Lewan, Aaron Brooks, Matt Ramos, Kurt Mchenry, Daniel Kerkvliet
  22. 125 1st Place - Spencer Lee of Iowa 2nd Place - Jack Mueller of Virginia 3rd Place - Sebastian Rivera of Northwestern 4th Place - Vitali Arujau of Cornell 5th Place - Nicholas Piccininni of Oklahoma State 6th Place - Pat Glory of Princeton 7th Place - RayVon Foley of Michigan State 133 1st Place - Nick Suriano of Rutgers 2nd Place - Daton Fix of Oklahoma State 3rd Place - Stevan Micic of Michigan 4th Place - Luke Pletcher of Ohio State 5th Place - Austin DeSanto of Iowa 8th Place - Roman Bravo-Young of Penn State 141 1st Place - Yianni Diakomihalis of Cornell 3rd Place - Jaydin Eierman of Missouri-Oly Shirt 4th Place - Dom Demas of Oklahoma 5th Place - Nick Lee of Penn State 6th Place - Mitch McKee of Minnesota 7th Place - Kyle Shoop of Lock Haven 8th Place - Chad Red of Nebraska 149 3rd Place - Austin O`Connor of North Carolina 5th Place - Matthew Kolodzik of Princeton 6th Place - Brock Mauller of Missouri 7th Place - Jarrett Degen of Iowa State 8th Place - Pat Lugo of Iowa 157 4th Place - Hayden Hidlay of NC State 5th Place - Kaleb Young of Iowa 6th Place - Ryan Deakin of Northwester 8th Place - Larry Early of Old Dominion 165 1st Place - Mekhi Lewis of Virginia Tech 2nd Place - Vincenzo Joseph of Penn State 4th Place - Evan Wick of Wisconsin 5th Place - Isaiah White of Nebraska 6th Place - Joshua Shields of Arizona State 7th Place - Alex Marinelli of Iowa 8th Place - Bryce Steiert of Northern Iowa Former AAs-Massa of Michigan, Smith of Ok State 174 1st Place - Zahid Valencia of Arizona State 2nd Place - Mark Hall of Penn State 3rd Place - Myles Amine of Michigan 5th Place - David McFadden of Virginia Tech 6th Place - Mikey Labriola of Nebraska 7th Place - Jordan Kutler of Lehigh 8th Place - Devin Skatzka of Minnesota 2018 Place winners- Kemerer of Iowa 184 2nd Place - Maxwell Dean of Cornell 7th Place - Dakota Geer of Oklahoma State 197 2nd Place - Kollin Moore of Ohio State 4th Place - Patrick Brucki of Princeton 5th Place - Josh Hokit of Fresno State 7th Place - Jacob Warner of Iowa 2018 Place Winners- Ben D of Cornell, Conel of Penn State 285 1st Place - Anthony Cassar of Penn State 3rd Place - Gable Steveson of Minnesota 4th Place - Jordan Wood of Lehigh 7th Place - Matt Stencel of Central Michigan 8th Place - Trent Hillger of Wisconsin
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