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  1. Disagree. I felt like it was pretty even till about 2 minutes left and Zain started to evade.
  2. Fix - Bronze/Silver Graff - 0-1 Yianni - 5th/Bronze/ Silver or Zain 0-1/1-1 tough weight. Green - 0-1/ 5th JB - Gold/ Bronze Of he beats the Russia in the semis he gets gold, if not Bronze Dake - Gold Downey - 0-1 Tough weight and not our best option. Cox - Gold Snyder - Gold/ Silver Gwiz - Silver/ Bronze I could see 7 medals with 3 or 4 golds but it is tough and a bad draw could drop that.
  3. Yes. In his interview on Flo. He and CP talk about how he is in Ithaca now training and will be up until the Olympics.
  4. I think it is hilarious how upset the Penn State fans and wrestlers are.
  5. Koll just tweeted that they are going to re-wrestle match 2.
  6. Where are we at team score wise right now?
  7. Why not? Flo guys think highly of him. His results speak for himself.
  8. No one was up in arms when this happened last year.
  9. Fix - Lock Colon - Lock Yianni - Lock Green - Lock JB - Lock Dake - Lock Downey - Lock Cox - Lock Kyle Snyder - Lock Gable - Lock Go big or go home!
  10. Only because it is attached to colleges. Freestyle is more entertaining.
  11. Yes. DT said in his post “Downey shoot your shot. Moments like this don’t get gifted to you often.”
  12. DT just announced that he is out for this year.
  13. I 100 percent agree with this and have said this to local coaches for a long time.
  14. Not Flo’s fault. Power and internet went out in the arena.
  15. He has been at the OTC this year. He would have been a senior in high school this year. Doubt he has been on UNC’s campus training yet. So, it would make sense for the OTC coaches to be in his corner.
  16. Not technically but it drastically helps with recruiting which, is a massive part of their job.
  17. I wouldn’t look into it too much. He isn’t very good at freestyle. Who knows how he will turn out in college but this loss isn’t the indicator.
  18. Don’t have a IVY degree but I think he is saying that 99.9 % fail and failure is good. To continue to grow you must search for the right things.
  19. When Taylor and Ruth (and even Q. Wright the year before them) many people thought (including myself) that their bonus production would decrease and we wouldn’t see guys like that in their lineup again. Then along came Zain, Nickal, Nolf. So, the question is who is next? They still have Mark Hall, Cenzo and Cassar. But could Nick Lee or RBY jump levels? Or will it be Aaron Brooks? Starocci? Beard?
  20. Opposite. Jim is the dad of Ben and Issac. Jeff is the dad of Bo, Micah and Rocky.
  21. Jeff Jordan (WIS. 2x AA): Micah Jordan (tOSU) R-Sr. - NCAA 2nd, 6th, 4th, R12 Bo Jordan (tOSU) NCAA 5th, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd Rocky Jordan (tOSU) Rs-Fr. Jim Jordan (Wis 2x NCAA Champ) - Issac Jordan (Wis) 4x AA NCAA runner-up - Ben Jordan (Wis) AA
  22. Really sad. Really liked his potential and his brother's (who dropped off the face of the planet after transferring to UNC).
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