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  1. Didn’t forget just hit submit topic too soon while doing some other things.
  2. 125: Spencer Lee’s the toughest Pokémon fan of all time 133: Fix and Suriano should never wrestle again. Please. 141: Yianni’s mental game is stronger than 99% of people. 149: Ash was the best guy all year and he proved it again. 157: Nolf next topic. 165: Lewis being VT’s first champ was really cool to watch. He basically cenzo’d cenzo. 174: Hall and Valencia is the greatest college rivalry right now and maybe ever. Still not convinced that Valencia had the td though. 184: Doug Schwab is doing great things at UNI. Good to see it pay off. 197: Honestly, I expected more fireworks from Nickal. 285: Cassar’s leg attacks are next level. Cael continues to prove he not only gets the best recruits but develops guys as well.
  3. Wow. With that win Max Dean could keep this streak alive tomorrow night.
  4. Definitely hit or miss in the suit department.
  5. I think as long as the winner of the Lee/McKenna match gets 1st and the loser gets 3rd they will probably be the 2/3 seeds at NCAAs
  6. He wasn’t unheralded. He was a prize recruit.
  7. That is a lie. Tons of wrestling fans in the US want to watch the PA finals and haven’t been able to. Now they can. Quit your whining.
  8. Yeah it is terrible that everyone in the world can watch the finals instead of just a the people in PA. It is great! Y’all quit whining and get FloPro
  9. Joe weighed in at 173 for Lehigh. If he is going 165 he has to be on his way down. I don’t they wrestle him against Lewis weigh around 170. I don’t think we see Jacobe or Geer either for the same reasons. I agree with you that he takes Duals seriously but considering the situation I think he sits those guys.
  10. I doubt we see OK State’s full lineup with all the guys coming down weights.
  11. It would help if you read the comments that Spey and Pyles put up top. It explains the ranking. Roman Bravo-Young notched the best win of his nascent career with a victory over All-American Luke Pletcher. RBY moves up to #9 behind Austin Gomez, who beat him earlier in the year at the Southern Scuffle. Pletcher had built himself enough cushion at the CKLV, among other results, to maintain his #6 ranking.
  12. Some of y’all don’t know how rankings work and it really shows.
  13. I wish refs would call stalling as quickly as they call hands to the face.
  14. Am I the only one who would like to see Yianni, Spencer, Fix and Gable go the Kyle Snyder route and wrestle only a partial schedule. Not because folkstyle hurts freestyle development but to not put the wear and tear on their bodies.
  15. Does anyone have a connection to the N.C. HS wrestling forum? I am been trying to get my username approved for way too long. It is pretty dead forum but I am trying to get on.
  16. They probably took it away because of the vulgar things people would write.
  17. I think it has a lot to do with his style. He is pretty counter reliant despite having slick attacks. He has never had the motor of a Nolf, Nickal type. I agree with Val I thought he would develop that type of bonus rate at PSU.
  18. Weak sauce argument. You pay for cable, direct TV or whatever service you have. You aren’t growing the sport by supporting the streaming serivce that has the product you would like to view.
  19. Use them while they are healthy.
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