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  1. Agreed! We need rivalries like this in wrestling! True back and forth battles.
  2. I think that Teasdale is going to wrestle this year. They will pull his shirt after the scuffle
  3. I agree with you. It is more about the implementation of the plan than whether or not they are ready because Cael and Co. are the best at getting their guys/ready and in peak form. I think Cassar has to ride Gable and has to slow the pace down. If he turns it into a shootout he will be worn down by Gable’s handfighting and having to get through his hips. I could be wrong but I don’t see it happening. Gable is too good.
  4. Just like they had Mark Hall ready for Zahid last year.
  5. So, is this why Busiello decided to go to ASU? What does this mean for Teasdale (who always seems to be a 133lber?? Personally, I think Cael and Co. have moved on from Teasdale. Even though it pains me to say that because I was high on him coming out of HS. 125 Teske 133 Howard 141 RBY pretty salty.
  6. Y’all realize Cassar lost to Garrett Hoffman a year ago, right? Gimme Gable.
  7. Yianni will be back for the Northen Iowa dual. So, he will wrestle Alber, Eierman and Mckenna prior to EIWAs. If he wins out, he will earn the one seed.
  8. Didn’t expect him to beat Phillippi that bad....but I still think Micic, Fix, Gross and Pletcher are tough matches for him. And yes, I realize Phillippi just beat Pletcher.
  9. I hope they continue it for years just to annoy people.
  10. Okie State as a team looked bad for from bottom.
  11. Makes sense. Bring Yianni back slowly and Tucker earned the spot with the win over Vito. If Vito makes 125 effectively than he has finalist potential.
  12. Maybe. I still think we see guys stick it out at Okie State, Penn State and Iowa etc. I think what we will see is the power programs picking up a guy here or there to fill a hole in their lineup.
  13. That’s right. I forgot they didn’t they did that. I just remembered they didn’t come.
  14. It is the toughest right now for sure. Scuffle was until Nolf/Nickal’s sophomore season when Penn State didn’t come and then last year Okie State, Cornell, Minny and Missouri all went the South Beach Duals route.
  15. They should’ve just had him make 157 last year and redshirted this year. It would have made more sense line up wise. I am sure he was either injured or couldn’t make it anymore.
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