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  1. I've been saying this for a while. In my opinion, he's certainly earned the respect of the wrestling community with his wins over IMAR + dominance. But I definitely agree (for whatever reason) he doesn't get the respect he deserves. I'm an Iowa fan, but because he gets overlooked part of me wants to see Cenzo walk away with 4 NCAA titles.
  2. Is buying tickets from scalpers generally pretty reliable? That's how I'm planning on getting tickets this year. Just curious as to the prices compared to Stubhub, etc and what time to start buying. (1 hr before the session, maybe 2?) Any info would be appreciated
  3. The Mile High Challenge (AZ) is a fantastic west coast tournament that is only getting tougher every year. Showcases some elite talent with schools from AZ, CO, UT, NM, TX, CA, NV and WI. Some names that come to mind of wrestlers that have competed there over the past couple years are Jesse Ybarra, Roman Bravo-Young, Danny Vega, Quentin Hovis, Josh Kramer, Brandon Courtney, Marcus Castillo, Jason Holmes, just to name a few. Henry Cejudo gave out the awards a couple years back too- pretty cool. One of the smoothest- run tournaments we've taken our guys to. Tourney champs get a custom belt buckle too. Would go along pretty well with a Doc B cowboy hat if you ask me. Might have to start hitting more tourneys out west- might end up collecting a full on cowboy outfit by the time postseason rolls around.
  4. As someone who has never been to NCAA's, I'm a bit fuzzy on how the general public acquires tickets. I'm sure we're all hearing about teams getting less tickets than they requested (I heard there were 24,000 requested this year with only roughly 18,000 seats in the arena,) which leads me to wonder how your average joe would go about getting tickets. From what I see at the moment, an all-sessions ticket is going for around $650+ online. It's my understanding that people are selling their tickets outside the arena for much cheaper the day of, but that seems a bit risky to me. I'm curious as to how someone (without getting their tickets through a team's allotment) would go about getting reasonably priced tickets. I'm aware there's probably an obvious answer, but as someone who's never been to the big show, I'm not sure how the whole thing works. Curious about any tips or tricks you veterans have picked up along the way.
  5. Not sure if this has already been discussed, but what in the world were the guys behind AWL thinking having their inaugural event the same weekend as CKLV? You've got to assume that it's going to drastically affect attendance/ viewers. Seems like that's something that should've raised some flags early on, especially if they're trying to get AWL to take off. I could be completely wrong (and I hope that I am) but it just seems like it's forcing the wrestling community to choose between two good events when moving the date would, at least on the surface, solve the issue.
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