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  1. Thank You Title IX - instead of watching the worlds best wrestlers like 'J'Den Cox and Snyder, We have to watch only six of the original ten men's Freestyle weights, and six of the women's weights in a women's sport that has not earned equal footing. But we are told to be nice and take it. And for the record, I would rather watch Women's Gymnastics then men's Gymnastics. But in wrestling it's tiring watching wrestlers who couldn't beat average high-school boy wrestlers.
  2. "Amateurs Moves" only if you do it on amateurs. It's called 'FUNK' if you can hit top guys on it. The sport needs more FUNK. That is no different than guys taking one move or position all the way to the AA Podium. Many notable guys who can't ride or turn to save a life, or guys couldn't stop a take-down but choose top and can cradle or tilt everyone.
  3. Not outlandish, with the flurry of scrambling these two potentially bring, and Lee's length, there are times in the Pletcher's matches where he is susceptible to the nearside cradle. It will happen in one of these three matches (Dual, Big Ten's, or NCAA's)...book it.
  4. Terrific Athleticism - and this was they type of motor everyone assumed Stevenson would bring every match.
  5. Ironically, 2 of Lee's high school losses came to pretty good guys: 2014 - as a freshman, he lost in Semi-finals of Indiana State to Micic (who was a senior) as 126 by score of 10-3 2016 - as a Junior at 132 he lost in back & forth match to Chad Red 6-5 on late take-down 6-5 Funny thing is if Lee wrestles next year he will finish college eligibility the same time as Micic who was a Senior in High School when Lee was a Freshman; granted LEE took his senior high school year off to wrestle in Nitney Lion Wrestling Club. LOL, will Micic be eligible for Social Security next year? - he will end up with 7 seasons of eligibility. That has to be an NCAA record.
  6. True, but they did only beat Purdue 22-19 - that tells you about the missing Lions
  7. New Brunswick was one of the ****-hole countries Trump was talking about.
  8. NATE CARR #2 Weight Place Wrestler Team 150 1st Nate Carr Iowa State 150 2nd Kenny Monday Oklahoma State 150 3rd Roger Frizzell Oklahoma 150 4th Jim Heffernan Iowa 150 5th Dave Holler Illinois State 150 6th Wes Gasner Wyoming 150 7th Pat O'Donnell Cal Poly-SLO 150 8th Ron Winnie SUNY-Brockport
  9. This will not be good for Olympic sports due to redirection & erosion of funding. Title IX part 2
  10. Ricky Bonomo - one of the most underrated Champions, despite winning three NCAA titles. Just a real classy and humble guy, and an amazing artist in his own right. https://tb2cdn.schoolwebmasters.com/accnt_214735/site_214736/Documents/KORTBonomo_LakeLehman_121916.pdf
  11. We become Iran in regard to challenges
  12. Bingo - these how soon these GEN-X'rs and Millennial's forget Title IX and how they decimated wrestling in the 1970's and 1980's. I wouldn't give a dollar or minute of my time to Women's wrestling for what these sell outs did. Then FIFA & Olympics take away men's weight classes in the Olympics and World Championships, while wanting us to grow the women's sport? On top of that, the Olympics, like many sports, gives equal footing to women's wrestling with the number of weight classes as men's when there are probably 20x the participants in the world (US - high school participation boys = 245,000, girls = 16,000) And now you want me to buy into Women's wrestling? Do they think we have to appease feminist wresting to to save men's wrestling? Now, I am not saying women can't wrestle, and I am all for those that want to, but it is not a sport that they look natural or good doing. Even the best in the sport, while talented and hard working, look out of place and stiff with no fluidity; they look like 8th grade boys wrestling - no thanks. No different than other activities that girls look better doing - If you want me to go see the ballet, I would say that the grace, lines, and elegance of a women are far superior to men doing ballet, and even the same with gymnastics - It is just natural symbiotic beauty watching them in those activities, there is just something innate beauty that both men & women see when they do those sports. That is why they are more popular then men in those activities. But watching them try to recreate the motion and fluidity of men in wrestling or basketball or baseball, there is nothing close - no 'Feng shui' , polished acumen, or graceful movement.
  13. 6 guys AA'ing from one conference, even the Big Ten, is pretty impressive
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