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    Women's College Wrestling

    Bingo - these how soon these GEN-X'rs and Millennial's forget Title IX and how they decimated wrestling in the 1970's and 1980's. I wouldn't give a dollar or minute of my time to Women's wrestling for what these sell outs did. Then FIFA & Olympics take away men's weight classes in the Olympics and World Championships, while wanting us to grow the women's sport? On top of that, the Olympics, like many sports, gives equal footing to women's wrestling with the number of weight classes as men's when there are probably 20x the participants in the world (US - high school participation boys = 245,000, girls = 16,000) And now you want me to buy into Women's wrestling? Do they think we have to appease feminist wresting to to save men's wrestling? Now, I am not saying women can't wrestle, and I am all for those that want to, but it is not a sport that they look natural or good doing. Even the best in the sport, while talented and hard working, look out of place and stiff with no fluidity; they look like 8th grade boys wrestling - no thanks. No different than other activities that girls look better doing - If you want me to go see the ballet, I would say that the grace, lines, and elegance of a women are far superior to men doing ballet, and even the same with gymnastics - It is just natural symbiotic beauty watching them in those activities, there is just something innate beauty that both men & women see when they do those sports. That is why they are more popular then men in those activities. But watching them try to recreate the motion and fluidity of men in wrestling or basketball or baseball, there is nothing close - no 'Feng shui' , polished acumen, or graceful movement.
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    133 lbs Big Ten

    6 guys AA'ing from one conference, even the Big Ten, is pretty impressive
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    133 lbs Big Ten

    Holy fook - Just when you thought last years 133 BT finish was filthy at NCAA's with Big1 wrestlers taking 6 places on the podium with a 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 finish, they reload with 3 guys who have been finalists, two champions...You could be a top ten stud and go Zero wins for the month of January or February.
  4. Guys I lost to: John Smith - Oklahoma State - the low single makes him much faster than he looks. You catch yourself at beginning of match thinking “this guy doesn’t look that big”, while is knee locking you on a low single. There is absolutely no way to slow him down or stall on him unless you have great hips. Pat Santoro - Pittsburgh- Rips your arms off - only guy you ever thought about not getting hurt and wonder if you will be able move your shoulders at age 50. Sean O'Day - Edinboro - Strong as **** - have no idea how he made it down to 134 after going 142. You can shoot on him, but his guns were strong. John Fisher - Michigan - athletic but you can score on him Larry Gotcher - Michigan - huge for weight Joey Bales - Northwestern A few guys I beat who were Big Ten finalists. Brad Gintert - Ohio State, Brian Smith - Michigan State
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    Highest Quality Rivalry

    Thinking about all time rivalries like what we had some recent tastes with Nolf & IMAR (albeit 1 year), and Bo & Martin, etc. but these are nothing compared to some of the best..I can't think of a rivalry with such great matches and high quality competitors as with Nate Carr & Kenny Monday. On top of that, era-wise, you had some great competitors around that same weight. You had Metzker & Zelski twice in the finals and the era was tough to beat on quality with guys like Schultz, Metzker, Burley, Frizzell, Kistler, Heffernan, Lee Roy Smith Just looking at Carr & Monday's bios after is all said and done...wow. Man those were some great matches. *Nate Carr, Iowa State - Nate Carr was a three-time NCAA champion for the Cyclones in the early 1980's. His last two titles were achieved via overtime wins over his greatest rival - Oklahoma State's Kenny Monday, an NCAA, world and Olympic champion. Carr was a bronze medalist at the 1988 Olympics. (1981 NCAA Champ 150, 1982 NCAA Champ 150 in OT over Monday), 1983 NCAA Champ in OT over Monday *Kenny Monday, Oklahoma State - 1988 Olympic gold medal. He also won a world championship in 1989 and a silver medal in Barcelona 1992. He was an NCAA champion in 1984 and a runner-up in 1982 and 1983. Two tough loses in 82/83 and wins with future champs like Urbano & Kistler in the weight At that same weight you had guys like Roger Frizzell from Oklahoma who was 3,3,3,4 and could have been a 3xr in any other era. Down below them at 142 you had Metzker and Daryl Burley who was 3x champ, 4 x finalist..... As much as we think this is a great time now, I just don't know if they guys will be as iconic as these, perhaps JB excluded.
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    Highest Quality Rivalry

    True, but when all is said and done, will both of them be Olympians?
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    Transfer Success Stories?

    Charles Jones was NAIA runner-up and 3rd at Olivet Nazerine in 1989 & 1990, not JUCO. He then transferred to Purdue where in 1991 he was 3rd at 167 where he lost to Kevin Randleman (they had some great battles), and then in 1992, he won it all at 167 beating Todd Chesbro in the finals. Due to military service he was like a 24 year old freshman. https://www.teamusa.org/usa-wrestling/features/2008/january/24/african-american-ncaa-champion-17886?p=1 "Charles Jones, Purdue - At the age of 28, Charles Jones became the oldest wrestler ever to win an NCAA title when he captured the 167-pound crown in 1992. Jones wrestled for two seasons for the Boilermakers and posted a career mark 67-4-0. He was also a Big Ten champion in 1992 and finished third in the 1991 NCAA tournament.:" 1989 NAIA 177 pounds Champion Kenny Rucker, Northern Montana Runner-Up Charles Jones, Olivet Nazarene (Ill.) 3rd Hugh Meek, Carson-Newman (Tenn.) 4th Joseph Giacometto, Black Hills State (S.D.) 5th Gianni Buono, Simon Fraser (B.C.) 6th Kurt Olson, Jamestown (N.D.) 7th Bob Waldner, Chadron State (Neb.) 8th Terry Ochsendorf, Southwest State (Minn.) 1990 NAIA 167 pounds Champion Tim McDaniel, Adams State (Colo.) Runner-Up Trevor Wilson, Dickinson State (N.D.) 3rd Charles Jones, Olivet Nazarene (Ill.) 4th Clint Woodward, Southern Oregon 5th Shane Snyder, Western State (Colo.) 6th David Tawater, Fort Hays State (Kan.
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    Yianni Film

    Most importantly, was there any video and pictures of Yianni's mom?
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    Props to Suriano tonight

    Not always easy against a funky Colon 61 kg - Nick Suriano (Rutgers) VPO1 Joe Colon (Valley RTC), 3-1
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    Nick Suriano: Fashion Icon

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    Nick Suriano: Fashion Icon

    Sorry, but that shirt is both out of style, major NJ / NY cheesy and gggggg..........hey!
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    Nick Suriano: Fashion Icon

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    Nick Suriano: Fashion Icon

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    Nick Suriano: Fashion Icon

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    Suriano’s Dad

    Flags all over the field - 15 yards unnecessary roughness - if you bring it up, you need to include the picture of her
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    Pittsburgh grades

    Because, after all, it is Detroit. Detroit sucks.
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    Lee taking down in the 2nd period vs Mueller

    That was big time balls - thought it backfired up until the stalemate on the cradle, as he lost most of his riding time.
  18. Chitown

    141 Finals

    couldn't have said it better. It made you feel dirty.
  19. Chitown

    141 Finals

    Disagree - It was a skillful move, but with "reaction time", plus "referee verbal notification", and counts were not there. It was less than 2 seconds. https://news.theopenmat.com/blog/2017/10/31/hey-ref-think-neutral-danger-zone-rule/64658/ Love Yianni and his defense, but 1 I thought the reward for the late TD with McKenna's arm still around the back was too fast; he never really completely had the TD. I am an OSU hater, but even I thought McKenna was robbed a bit. He did most of the action, created almost all the shots, took most of the space, but then to have the stalling called for 5 seconds of inactivity was ridiculous, if not match changing. IMO, Guys like Yianni & Fix have such incredible defense and counter ability that, at times against the very best in college, is a liability because they know they can wait and counter, sometimes stiffling their equally talented offense. That being said, I could watch Jaydin Eirman & YIANNI wrestle all day - their action, their chess matches, creativity, and counters are just an unbelievable privilege to watch. IMO, there is no tactically better rivalry in the last 10 years than these two. Sure the 133 and 125 has some more heated emotional rivalries because a few of these guys are mental, but these two guys leave all that baggage aside an just get it done. The only other rivalries that could compare was maybe Nolf & Martinez, or perhaps the way you were left breathless after watching IMAR and Ian Miller wrestle - after going "wow, what did I just watch?"
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    Yianni's Freakish Arms

    Yeah, I was focused on Yianni's arms - not!
  21. Chitown

    Rasheed Loss impact

    So you are saying there is a chance!
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    Big1 2019

    Impressed by Big! This year. Big Ten lost two 2018 national champs (plus Martinez & Tomasello from previous year) and about 10 All-Americans to graduation. Considering how the seeding stacked all the top Big Ten 141 lbr’s on the lower side of the bracket, losing Rasheed and Marineli losing in semis, and considering that there are 9 BLOOD-ROUND matches with two Big Ten Head-to-Head opponents battling it out for All-American podium, I have to give credit to the BIG1 is having a slightly better year than I expected. 2018 Champs - 6 2019 Champions (Where Big1 wrestler may be odds favorite) 9 2018 AA’s - 37 2019 AA’s - Guaranteed 30 - Max possible 41 2018 Semifinalists - 20 2019 Semifinalists - 21 2018 Finalists - 12 2019 Projected Finalists - 15 Will see what kind of drop off 2020 offers.
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    Big1 2019

    Hardly wrestle each other? That is just plain nuts - most see each other in Dual, at several of the midwest opens including Michigan State, Eastern Michigan, then 6 teams head to Cliff Keen, a few the Midlands. Then at Big Ten tourney, in many cases you may wrestle the same guy twice in one of 4 or 5 matches, plus the 9th & 11th place matches for NCAA allocations. MICHIGAN STATE OPEN · Indiana · Michigan State · Northwestern · Ohio State · Purdue CLIFF KEEN CLKV PLACE TEAM POINTS CH CONS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 Ohio State 148 - - 3 1 1 1 - 1 - - 3 Nebraska 105.5 - - 1 2 1 1 - - 1 - 5 Michigan 82.5 - - 1 - 1 1 1 - - - 6 Minnesota 79.5 - - 1 - 1 1 - - 1 - 9 Rutgers 66.5 - - 2 - - - - - - - 10 Purdue 65.5 - - - 1 - - 1 1 - 1 14 Northwestern 62 - - 2 - - - - - - - 15 Illinois MIDLANDS 1 Iowa IOWA 184.0 3 Northwestern NU 110.0 4 Wisconsin WIS 97.5 9 Illinois ILL 65.0 On top of that, some went to South Beach Open and wrestled the likes of NC State, Missouri including Minnestoa, Mich State, Purdue You got Penn State at Southern Scuffle///