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  1. Man, I was ticked when Steiber beat JO for his first title, but the guy won me over. 4-timer and World Champion. Congrats on a great career.
  2. You triggered, Bruh? Maybe you need to go to your safe space, lol
  3. Titan Mercury, Sunkist, NY AC, etc. Do the members have a head coach and do they have actual practices where they train together, or is it just a list of wrestlers that get a stipend from the club? Also, how are these clubs financed?
  4. I hope it’s competitive but I think Askren gets his ass kicked. And I’m a big fan of Askren.
  5. Hey, great picture of a handsome fella! I’m imagining the disappointed look of the girl you met on a dating site, lol
  6. Post a picture of yourself if you’re gonna throw stones about another person’s appearance. Keep in mind that people don’t usually go to old guys like us, who post on internet message boards about wrestling, for fashion advice, lol
  7. It was shades of Delgado vs Megaludis: one preferring to work from ties, the other avoiding the ties to work from space, with PSU fans clamoring for a stall call.
  8. I didn’t watch any of the Junior Team stuff, but if he won a world title then he’s probably pretty decent from neutral. I guess I just saw the match through a different lens. I didn’t see defensive stalling, I saw Lewis avoiding Joseph’s strongest position. Too bad Lewis is in the ACC, we’ll just have to hope they meet again at the NCAA tournament next year.
  9. Joseph lost because Lewis cradled him up and put him on his back. From the top position. How is that “counterpunching”?
  10. I’d love to see them wrestle folkstyle matches! Remember when David Taylor wrestled at the Midlands tournament a few years back and edged TJ Dudley by 1-2 points?
  11. Of course JB has taken down wrestlers with far better technical ability but Joseph just has ridiculously heavy hips due to his odd build: a really short torso with a big waist and thick legs. JB is a far better wrestler and would definitely win, I’m just at curious to see if his blast double works on Joseph.
  12. I think Green is faster and more explosive than Nolf but the only time I ever thought Nolf *might* be tired was the last 15 seconds of his final against IMar. The kid never stops coming. I could see him getting a few quick takedowns in the last minute or so.
  13. JB is obviously an all-time great but it would be interesting to see how he might take down Vincenzo Joseph. Seems like the only way to get Joseph down is to go upper body.
  14. Ian Miller. If he’d beaten IMar and wrestled Nolf in the finals it would have been classic. IMar/Nolf was classic, too, but it’s another match I’d love to have seen.
  15. Having the award named after you is a bigger honor than winning said award.
  16. I’ve had a subscription to to flowrestling and I liked it well enough then got mad and dropped it when the coverage of the PSU-OSU dual was a train wreck. I liked the little documentaries they put out and such but I wished they wouldn’t give away the results of recent matches in the headings. Finding specific matches from the past was also like sifting though old newspaper clippings. Minor complaints, though. Might get it again but I agree the OP prob works for flo, haha!
  17. I think Joseph wins the dual but Wick wins the title because Askren will help him make the necessary adjustments
  18. I’m pretty sure he dips Skoal bandits, mint flavor
  19. I’m not mad at Flo, maybe a little bemused. They gave up a lot of hits when they passed on even a simple recap. Or maybe they put one up and I missed it?
  20. Flo is from the Dana White school of thought: if we didn’t broadcast it then it sucked or it didn’t happen.
  21. KMF is right, he does break all the big ones. He’s one of the reasons I check this site.
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