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  1. I am not offended. I am simply stating he is going over the top with the helping people out deal. If you don't think so, that's your opinion. Ironically he started helping people up every match this year. I wonder why......
  2. Plus this is Aruja's first year. He doesn't have past history to help him like a returning AA.
  3. You think the extra crap after the match was sportsmanlike?
  4. Hokit knew what he was going to do. Could Hokit have purposely derailed Nickal's run towards the hodge by denying the help? This could be a big headline. RUN IT FLO!
  5. Very dry commentating and interviews. Maybe I am just used to Flo and their boisterous personalities.
  6. I think he is going over the top with helping people up. That last dude wanted nothing of it and Bo tried picking him up like a baby. A little cringy in my opinion.
  7. I stopped after it predicted Aruja to beat Seabass 9-4.....no algorithm or formula can predict that and be taken reliable.
  8. Like most years, we like to start a thread that discusses what state could put together the best current NCAA lineup of native wrestlers. Now of course, with all of the mobility we see in the prep scene, their might be grey areas. But to make it easier, if there is a debate on where that wrestler is from, we will go off of the college website's bio for that wrestler. You can also bump up 1 weight class if you have a hole. So here we go. Ill start with Michigan. I live in Colorado but a "native" of Michigan :) MICHIGAN 125: #11 Rayvon Foley (MSU) Foley had Cruz on the ropes in the first round last year and and a tough out in the backside. He is good. Can't beat Spencer, but believe he can take out anyone else in the weight class. 133: #13 (125) Devin Shroder (Purdue) I couldn't find anyone that was ranked and past that I was too lazy to search. So I bumped Shroder up who is a tough cookie at 125. He'll scrap for 7. Might get a bloody lip too. 141: #19 Kanen Storr (Michigan) Kanen had Eierman dead to rights in that match. While biased, I think Kanen was the better wrestler. Storr has established himself as a contender. 149: #5 Justin Oliver (NC State) He's good. He's scrappy. Nothing flashy. He will punch you in the face. Even though he wants to kill you on the mat, he would always stop and help the elderly lady across the street. He will hang with everyone in the weight class. 157 #3 Alec Panteleo (Michigan) He took down Nolf. Twice. He might be the most athletic wrestler in America, college and beyond. I once saw him jump off a two story building, swing off a ladder, roll of a trash bin into a 360 double back flip. So when I mean athletic, think of a cheetah...mixed with a rhino. 165 #5 Logan Massa (Michigan) Can he win it? Yes. What are his chances? Low. Now, if we get the Logan from two years ago, Id be more confident, but last year makes me be more conservative. Top 3. 174 #3 Myles Amine (Michigan) If there is any wrestler that is able to beat both Mark Hall and Valencia in a single tournament, it is this guy. He had two 2 point matches with Valencia and two 1 point matches will Hall last year. This man can win it all! 184 #8 Max Dean (Cornell) Remember when a young Gabe Dean took out a national champion in Ed Ruth....yea I know Max might not be at the same level as Gabe but I do know Myles Martin isn't Ed Ruth either. While a longshot, Max could scrap his way into the finals. 285 #14 Trent Hiliger (Wisconsin) Thor is finally in the lineup for the Badgers. The Lake Fenton native is the missing child of Asgard and honestly already has a contract to replace Chris Hensworth. If he can save the universe from some bad dudes, why can't he beat Gable? (Ok, I might be reaching) But AA is not a long shot. Foley, Storr, Oliver, Panteleo, Massa, Amine, and possibly Dean (maybe I'm too optimistic) are all individually capable of making the finals. While very unlikely that they all do it in the same year, still a slim chance. Michigan is well represented in the NCAA scene.
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