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    Lump reacted to russelscout in What has Willie Saylor done that was so great?   
    Do you believe what is good for clicks is good for wrestling? I for one would like to keep the constantly contentious approach out of it. There are enough stories in wrestling. If this is really about promotion let the wrestlers and teams provide that. I fail to see how it makes Willie well intentioned or a good guy when he is being an @$$ just to try to make himself the center of attention when there is so much more going on. He isn't helping the sport when he does that. He is making it all about himself. 
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    Lump reacted to BHawk91 in Why I think Penn State is about to decline   
    Once again, no one can have a negative opinion about PSU without TBar calling him them a troll.  Instead of calling in a Troll why don't you enlighten us on why you think he is wrong because all of his points, are pretty spot on.
    1) for sure is spot on, two of the best wrestlers in the history of the sport are no longer in PSU's lineup.
    2) 125 has been and will continue to be an issue for PSU
    3) a little bit of a question mark but you can't deny that he is correct at this time, RBY needs to work a lot more work and probably would benefit from a RS because if his best move is to stall most of the match with one hand behind his back, then there will be issues there.
    4) Prove him wrong, Nick Lee has peaked and the stats certainly tell that story
    5) Verk couldn't even crack the lineup and Berge was sucking wind for most of the year
    6) Here is where I differ a little because as long as Joseph is in the lineup, he has a shot.  Now with that being said, he is 0-2 against the Bull and 0-1 against Lewis (I guess I am not sure if they wrestled previously) and none of those matches where even close.
    7) I also think Brooks and Beard are studs but they are not in the lineup AND unproven.  Ask Fix and Steveson what happens to unproven Freshmen.
    8) He is spot on again
    So just because you are butt hurt you have to call someone a troll?  He is pretty spot on with his run down.
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    Lump reacted to BigTenFanboy in One of the most antiheroic moments in years   
    The ref did not award the match to Hall like you claim. He awarded a point. Hall then scored a takedown after the restart. Hall legitimately won that match. Zahid legitimately pulled on the head gear, however that is not what cost him the match. What cost in the match was later getting takedown when he had plenty of time to score a takedown of his own. Now you want to say Zahid went for a desperation move because of being behind by a point? Sure. But that's Zahids fault. He did not need to go for that stupid jump. He could have executed a proper set up. He didnt. His fault. He lost legtmately. There was zero controversy there.
    Suriano v Fix? Yes controversial. Hall v Valencia 1? Zero controversy.
    Do not even try to pretend theyr the same thing. And please no, I am no fan of Mark Hall. I laugh every day whenever I think of those people a few years ago calling him a once ina generation talent.
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    Lump reacted to Rugbypoet in Myles Martin 3'rd Place Interview   
    As jubilant as I was last year when Bo stuck Myles, I was honestly kind of equally miserable that he lost against Dean. It's all fun to have rivalries and hate other teams, but there was something about Myles that surpassed where he went to school. This interview that was posted on Flowrestling captures why I think I might have become a fan of his. And while I was relieved that Nolf got away with one in the semis, the look on Hidlay's face when it was done stole any happiness that I could feel that the better wrestler prevailed. Both Hidlay and Martin are the wrestlers that I've been thinking about the most post-tournament. As long as Myles never wrestles another Penn State wrestler ever again, I hope he becomes a world champion in his future. I also hope that those of you who hate PSU can feel similar thoughts about some of our guys as well. 
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    Lump reacted to VakAttack in Iowa returns 7 All Americans next year   
    I don't live in Iowa. Never even flown over it. I live in Florida. We're famous for....other stuff.

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    Lump reacted to JeanGuy in Penn Staters who need to redshirt   
    I think Hall is just a true FS guy and folk is a means to an end.
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    Lump reacted to TobusRex in Somehow the finals felt like a letdown for Penn State   
    Are you referring to the pollsters which accurately predicted Hillary would win the popular vote by 3 million votes?
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    Lump reacted to PSUSMC in Somehow the finals felt like a letdown for Penn State   
    No, it really doesn't.
    Were you a DNC pollster for the 2016 election?
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    Lump reacted to Ogalthorpe Haywood in Suriano has the last laugh   
    The ref gave Suriano a free pass with that stale mate 
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    Lump reacted to TobusRex in Suriano has the last laugh   
    He's pretty immature. He should take lessons from Yianni on how not to be a prick.
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    Lump reacted to VND in Suriano has the last laugh   
    Glad to see Nick win. i'm watching the off the mat version of the finals.They had video of his family in the corner...i sure hope nick breaks off a piece of that last laugh and shares it with his dad,not very smiley...i think he was mad at john smith
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    Lump reacted to MadMardigain in Suriano has the last laugh   
    Not sure Suriano laughs.  He can’t drop the serious routine long enough to try and do that. 
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    Lump reacted to KingK0ng in Suriano has the last laugh   
    Ref bailed him out with the stalemate call or the hip heist would have never happened. But he won the match when he had to so congrats.
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    Lump reacted to VakAttack in Suriano has the last laugh   
    Please, please God let that be the last laugh.
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    Lump reacted to simple in You may not like it but...   
    Most ppl don’t dislike the “kids”, they dislike the arrogant delusional fans who have nothing to do with the young men’s success.
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    Lump reacted to wrestlingnerd in You may not like it but...   
    If my kids were smart and accomplished enough, I’d go Ivy, with Cornell and Princeton my top two choices. If Stanford had a more consistently excellent program; I’d add that to the list of top choices. There’s more to life than wrestling. 
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    Lump reacted to Cary by the Lake in Annual Vak Bracket Breakdown   
    **** Overall a great job and a Labor of Love.  All on this Board have their own predictions but at least you had the courage to post yours.  I only see one glaring omission: Josh Humphreys of Lehigh will at least make the Blood Round and very likely can place.  He is a Young Beast, similar to Austin Meys in strength.
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    Lump reacted to VakAttack in Annual Vak Bracket Breakdown   
    Hey man, thanks!

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    Lump reacted to VakAttack in Annual Vak Bracket Breakdown   
    Yeah, yeah, I know, I was too rosy for the Hawkeyes.  Anyway, BRING ME YOUR HATRED!
    Spencer Lee, Iowa Ronnie Bresser, Oregon State Nick Piccininni, Oklahoma State Sebastian Rivera, Northwestern Patrick Glory, Princeton Vito Aruau, Cornell Sean Russell, Minnesota Brent Fleetwood, NDSU Semifinals:  Arujau vs. Bresser; Lee vs. Glory
    Blood Round:  Fleetwood vs. Jack Mueller, Virginia; Rivera vs. Travis Piotrowski, Illinois; Piccininni vs. Alex Mackell, Iowa State; Russell vs. Rico Montoya, Northern Colorado
    Daton Fix, Oklahoma State Nick Suriano, Rutgers Austin Desanto, Iowa Ethan Lizak, Minnesota Mickey Philippi, Pitt Luke Pletcher, Ohio State Montori Bridges, Wyoming Tariq Wilson, NC State Semifinals:  Fix vs. Philippi; Suriano vs. Desanto
    Blood Round:  Pletcher vs. Roman Bravo-Young, Penn State; Wilson vs. Chaz Tucker, Cornell; Bridgers vs. Stevan Micic, Michigan; Lizak vs. John Erneste, Missouri
    Yianni Diakomihalis, Cornell Nick Lee, Penn State Joey McKenna, Ohio State Jaydin Eierman, Missouri Chad Red, Nebraska Josh Alber, UNI Mitch McKee, Minnesota Dom Demas, Oklahoma Semifinals:  Diakomihlis vs. Eierman; Lee vs. McKenna
    Blood Round:  Alber vs. Kaid Brock, Oklahoma State; Demas vs. Mike Carr, Illinois; McKee vs. Tristan Moran, Wisconsin; Red vs. Max Murin, Iowa
    Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers Mitch Finesilver, Duke Micah Jordan, Ohio State Anthony Artalona, Penn Matt Kolodzik, Princeton Pat Lugo, Iowa Jared Prince, Navy Jarrett Degen, Iowa State Semifinals:  Ashnault vs. Artalona; Finesilver vs. Jordan
    Blood Round:  Kolodzik vs. Kaden Gfeller, Oklahoma State; Degen vs. Tommy Thorn, Minnesota; Lugo vs. Brock Mauller, Missouri; Prince vs. Austin O'Connor, UNC
    Jason Nolf, Penn State Tyler Berger, Nebraska Alec Pantaleo, Michigan Kaleb Young, Iowa Hayden Hidlay, NC State Ryan Deakin, Northwestern Steve Bleise, Minnesota Ke-Shawn Hayes, Ohio State Semifinals:  Nolf vs. Hidlay; Deakin vs. Berger
    Blood Round:  Pantaleo vs. Quincy Monday, Princeton; Hayes vs. Christian Pagdilao, Arizona State; Bleise vs. Taleb Rahmani, Pitt; Young vs. John Van Brill, Rutgers
    Alex Marinelli, Iowa Vincenzo Joseph, Penn State Chance Marstellar, Lock Haven Evan Wick, Wisconsin Branson Ashworth, Wyoming Logan Massa, Michigan Mekhi Lewis, Virginia Tech Demetrius Romero, Utah Valley Semifinals:  Marinelli vs. Marstellar; Joseph vs. Massa
    Blood Round:  Wick vs. Isaiah White, Nebraska; Lewis vs. Bryce Steiert, UNI; Ashworth vs. Te'Shan Campbell, Ohio State; Romero vs. Josh Shields, Arizona State
    Zahid Valencia, Arizona State Mark Hall, Penn State Daniel Lewis, Missouri Jacobe Smith, Oklahoma State Myles Amine, Michigan Jordan Kutler, Lehigh David McFadden, Virginia Tech Dylan Lydy, Purdue Semifinals:  Hall vs. Kutler; Valencia vs. Smith
    Blood Round:  Amine vs. Mikey Labriola, Nebraska; Lydy vs. Taylor Lujan, UNI; Lewis vs. Matt Finesilver, Duke; McFadden vs. Drew Hughes, Michigan State
    Shakur Rasheed, Penn State Myles Martin, Ohio State Ryan Preisch, Lehigh Max Dean, Cornell Dakota Geer, Oklahoma State Cam Caffey, Michigan State Tayor Venz, Nebraska Emery Parker, Illinois Semifinals:  Martin vs. Dean; Caffey vs. Rasheed
    Blood Round:  Parker vs. Chip Ness, UNC; Preisch vs. Zach Zavatsky, Va. Tech; Geer vs. Cash Wilcke, Iowa; Venz vs. Louie Deprez, Binghamton
    Bo Nickal, Penn State Kollin Moore, Ohio State Pat Brucki, Princeton Jacob Warner, Iowa Willie Miklus, Iowa State Preston Weigel, Oklahoma State Christian Brunner, Purdue Tom Sleigh, Va. Tech Semifinals:  Nickal vs. Brucki; Miklus vs. Moore
    Blood Round:  Warner vs. Jacob Woodley, Oklahoma; Brunner vs. Ben Honis, Cornell; Sleigh vs. Rocco Caywood, Army; Weigel vs. Nathan Traxler, Stanford
    Gable Steveson, Minnesota Jordan Wood, Lehigh Amar Dhesi, Oregon State Anthony Cassar, Penn State Derek White, Oklahoma State Mason Parris, Michigan Sam Stoll, Iowa Youssif Hemida, Marylan Semifinals:  White vs. Wood; Steveson vs. Cassar
    Blood Round:  Stoll vs. Tate Orndorff, Utah Valley; Parris vs. Matt Stencel, Central Michigan; Hemida vs. Conan Jennings, Northwestern;  Dhesi vs. Chase Singletary, Ohio State
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    Lump reacted to stp in Brands' comment on the pundits.   
    Does Brands' drink covfefe?
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    Lump reacted to hammerlockthree in Brands' comment on the pundits.   
    Two things can be true at the same time.
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    Lump reacted to VakAttack in Tommy and Terry 4th is the new 1st   
    Depends on who you're talking to, I guess.  Brands shtick has worn thin long ago with many, but Iowa fans still love him and he runs a successful program in the new era.  They also have colorful personalities that I, personally, enjoy.
    I've loved the Flap a long time, but he's not doing anything new.  The jokes are the same.  Now it's descending into bitter vitriol.  I'm sure several will lovei t because they love anything that take a shot at Brands, but it's just not funny, to me, any longer.
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    Lump reacted to muskyjunky in Myles Martin Interview   
    To me he sounded disappointed how he won Big 10 . Good interview . Can’t wait to see him wrestle in Pits. 
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    Lump reacted to LHU125 in How Title IX Destroyed SEC College Wrestling   
    Some of the posts in this thread show such a blatant lack of understanding how college athletics/universities work. It's a shame really. 
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    Lump reacted to Katie in How Title IX Destroyed SEC College Wrestling   
    NCAA wrestling exists because other people are forced to fund it. The money comes from taxpayers, students, and -- at some schools -- fans of other sports.
    Title IX provides a framework school administrators use in determining which teams will be propped up by others' money. Title IX's framework seeks to give women a legitimate opportunity to play college sports -- which is fair given that women are also being forced to subsidize college sports.
    In this environment, the best way for college wrestling to survive is to put out a good product, play the institutional game, and promote women's wrestling.
    An idea that probably won't work is to lobby Congress to make a wrestling exception to Title IX.
    An idea that definitely will not work is playing the victim even though others are already being forced to subsidize you.
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