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  1. South Dakota State https://gojacks.com/schedule.aspx?path=wrestling
  2. Looks like another solid middle of the pack B1G team again this year.
  3. This will certainly help him pedal Jesus to the masses.
  4. Marty Morgan and Ryan Lewis. Both went from Then d2 NDSU to Minnesota. Morgan won a national title and Lewis was a runner-up.
  5. Tony Nelson earned a spot on the national team by beating Coon 4-1.
  6. Minnesota had 52.5 125 na 133 Sykora 1.5 141 McKee 11 149 Thorn 2 157 Parriott 1.5 165 Brolsma .5 174 Hall 17 184 Venz 2 197 na 285 Steveson 17
  7. And half of the conference tournament.
  8. He had his opportunity to beat Derek White.
  9. His best wins are over Gomez and Tucker. He has losses to Fix, Suriano, Lizak and Paetzell. Not sure how he’s top 6 in the coach’s ranking, but if he ends up a top 6 seed, it’s a joke.
  10. That Wisconsin staff seems to be ruining Evan Wick.
  11. Hahn is a much more honorable human being.
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