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  1. WF89

    Minnesota vs Indiana

    Bleise takes a finger to the eye but no hands to the face but he has to take injury time and Danishek gets choice.
  2. WF89

    113 pounders in College

    119 as a senior
  3. WF89

    Bo vs. Steveson

    But how would Bo do against a 197 pound NaTo?
  4. WF89

    Cassar vs Stoll

    Likely to face Hilger in the quarters.
  5. WF89

    Connor Brown

    He hasn’t redshirted, how does that factor into it?
  6. WF89

    Connor Brown

    Anyone know why he would be leaving Wisconsin?
  7. WF89

    Cassar vs Stoll

    Is this a 2/7 quarter at B1Gs?
  8. WF89


    I’m thinking Brands wishes the Ok State dual wasn’t on the schedule. I’d put the over/under at 3.5 for number of Hawkeye starters sitting this one out.
  9. WF89


    Go back and rewatch his match against Derek White, it will put your mind at ease.
  10. Stoll has Hemida, Hillger and White left on the schedule. Does anyone think he will wrestle any of the three? iowa does also have a dual left with Indiana, certainly Sam will be on the mat for that one.
  11. WF89

    The Snyder Route

    I’d rather see them go the Dake, Taylor, Burroughs route.
  12. WF89

    Wisconsin going forward

    Schopp was the biggest influence on Gross.
  13. WF89

    Kyle Conel

    In the transfer portal. Where will he end up?
  14. WF89

    Edinboro Open

    Yes he did.
  15. WF89

    Wisconsin going forward

    They are 1-5 in Big 10 Duals. They have a ways to go.