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  1. The biggest problem is the bracket manipulation. Dresser knew that Coleman was getting injury defaults the first 2 rounds. Yes it was possible for him to meet up with a Minnesota or SDSU wrestler in the semis and/or finals, and he would have wrestled if that was the case. I can assure you that the Gopher and Jackrabbit wrestlers in that bracket are walk on, room guys. it is a near mathematical impossibility that the bracket was randomly drawn that way. And if it was seeded, Sebastian should have been on the 1 or 2 seed line.
  2. Did Dresser personally draw up the bracket? Hard to believe it went like that by random draw.
  3. Did Sebastian need 1 match? Probably made a deal with Bono.
  4. He had his left arm in a sling and didn’t wrestle at SDSU yesterday.
  5. LOL! Are you talking 60% strength or conditioning or 60% of his appendages? I say Thomas or Tucker easily pin him if it’s any of the above.
  6. Gable will get a minimum of 4 takedowns
  7. All suffered knee injuries tonight. Desanto and Sloan injury defaulted, McKee was up 5-2 on Schroder, gutted it out to get teched 20-5. Hopefully they can make it back for postseason.
  8. Kolodzik is entered.
  9. Trackwrestling OPC, there are more entries now.
  10. Buffalo, Central Michigan, Cornell, Notre Dame, Navy and Ohio State have entries so far.
  11. 141 Luke Pletcher dec Mitch McKee 12-6 tOSU 19 Minn 13
  12. 133 Jordan Decatur md Jake Gliva 16-6 tOSU 16 Minn 13
  13. 285 Gable Steveson md Gary Traub 13-2 125 Patrick NcKee dec Malik Heinselman 5-1 tOSU 12 Minn 13
  14. 197 Kollin Moore tf Hunter Ritter 19-3 tOSU 12 Minn 6
  15. 184 Owen Webster dec Rocky Jordan 5-4 tOSU 7 Minn 6
  16. 174 Kaleb Romero dec Devin Skatzka 2-1 tOSU 7 Minn 3
  17. 157 Ryan Thomas dec Elijah Cleary 3-2 165 Ethan Smith md Bailee O’Reilly 12-4 Minn 3 tOSU 4
  18. I’d give Robb more of a shot than Labriola.
  19. Alirez ducked Thomsen last night.
  20. He’s just there to collect the NLWC money that is owed to him.
  21. And Brookings is only 335 miles from Wall Drug.
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