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  1. COLLEGE WRESTLING CLIP LIBRARY https://collegewrestlingclips.com VERSION 2.0.3 UPDATE Speed • The site is ridiculously fast now. (Page loading speed had been a huge issue; if you visited the site before, you know what I’m talking about. We have since moved to a new hosting provider, and the difference is unbelievable!) Interactivity • All users can now indicate whether or not they like a clip. • All users are now able to vote whether or not they agree with a clip’s result. Bookmarking (logged-in users only) Logged-in users can now bookmark clips, and can view/manage a list of their bookmarks by clicking on “Bookmarks” in the main navigation menu. Your feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated!
  2. Ah yes...McAfee is saying that because a couple weeks ago, the site got hacked and redirected to some spammy website. (I know what I did wrong security-wise, and fixed it so it won’t happen again.) I actually had to wipe the server clean and re-upload everything; fortunately, I keep full backups of the site in case something like that occurs (thank God — if I hadn’t, a full year’s worth of work would have been lost!). I’ve submitted a re-test request to McAfee so they can update the site’s status in their database, but that can take a couple of days to get approved. But yeah, that’s the reason why you’re seeing that.
  3. sorry, the site was down for a few minutes, please try it again, it should be fine now
  4. I thought this new website might be of interest to the forum. The College Wrestling Clip Library https://www.collegewrestlingclips.com
  6. This did not age well. Congratulations on your impending nuptials, though.
  7. Fine then — I‘ll suggest it. In fact, I‘ll say it explicitly: This has been a bizarre, grotesque overreaction.
  8. I’m looking to put together a compliation of “close calls” video clips in order to help train collegiate officials. If you can recall any controversial situations (or even non-controversial ones, as long as they were close), it would be very helpful if you could share them in this thread. You don’t need to provide me with links if you don’t have them — the most important things are the name of the wrestler(s), the event (was it a dual, tournament, etc.), the year (anything from 2016 onward would be ideal), and a brief description of what the situation was (if it wouldn’t be obvious from watching the match). I have full access to both Flo and Trackwrestling, so if the video is somewhere online, I should be able to track down the footage as long as you can give me enough information to work with. I’d like to avoid the Division I Championship finals, as most officials have already seen those videos. But any situations from any other events would be great. Thank you very much for your time and assistance.
  9. “Beyond reaction time” is a prerequisite to scoring in all aspects of college wrestling *except*: (1) “Hand-touch takedown” rule (which requires rear standing neutral control) (Note: All takedowns down on the mat still require reaction time.) - and - (2) Illegally locking hands from the offensive position while down on the mat. Those are the only exceptions.
  10. I have to agree. Both refs are VERY skilled, and know the rulebook inside and out. They conducted an obviously thorough video review, from an angle that was definitely superior to what we saw. This was not a call they made lightly — something on that video made it clear to them that the correct call was no takedown.
  11. That’s inaccurate. The lead ref is from Ohio; the assistant is from North Carolina.
  12. Exactly. This, of course, was the impetus for instituting the hand-touch takedown rule — the Rules Committee wanted to increase scoring as well as the quality of wrestling action, and thus no longer wanted to enable the kinds of lengthy situations you describe. (Another area we see this is in the implementation of the “neutral danger zone.”) It should be made clear, however, that the hand-touch takedown (which, again, requires *rear standing neutral control*) is the only takedown situation that does not require control beyond reaction time. In all other circumstances, control beyond reaction time is still required to score a takedown.
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