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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Flo New Setup   
    this is excellent feedback, and I encourage everyone to leave more feedback like this. Negative is totally cool and the more specific you can be (e.g. I liked it when it was set up like X, I don't like it now that I have to do Y to get to X) the better. 
    I also encourage people to leave comments with what features they wish the site had, whether it was on the old layout or not.
    general feedback is cool, just less helpful to the product team, who I'll make sure sees all your comments. Thanks!
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to HurricaneWrestling2 in College Wrestling Clip Library   
    OK - thanks for the update.
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    ex_kewzay_mwah got a reaction from Mphillips in College Wrestling Clip Library   
    Ah yes...McAfee is saying that because a couple weeks ago, the site got hacked and redirected to some spammy website. (I know what I did wrong security-wise, and fixed it so it won’t happen again.) I actually had to wipe the server clean and re-upload everything; fortunately, I keep full backups of the site in case something like that occurs (thank God — if I hadn’t, a full year’s worth of work would have been lost!). 
    I’ve submitted a re-test request to McAfee so they can update the site’s status in their database, but that can take a couple of days to get approved. But yeah, that’s the reason why you’re seeing that.
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    ex_kewzay_mwah got a reaction from John Coctostan in Just cancelled my wedding   
    This did not age well.

    Congratulations on your impending nuptials, though.
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to LJB in I think we all know where this is going to end up   
    oh, the melodrama is sooooo thick with this one...
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    ex_kewzay_mwah got a reaction from Housebuye in Just cancelled my wedding   
    This did not age well.

    Congratulations on your impending nuptials, though.
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to madcat11 in Is it actually cancelled yet?   
    I’m over this cancel culture 
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to Holtfan in Cancel the NCAA Wrestling Tournament – It’s the Right Thing To Do   
    That would be on the wrestler to make the decision to compete or not. It would be the athlete's decision to weigh his options and chances.  Most of the athletes are not in the danger area. 

    Now---what of the workers, officials, venue staff, etc?  Again, it's up to them to weigh their options and decide on their own. 
    That can happen if that same athlete is walking down the street, or across campus, or at the local 7-11.  Life happens.  We need not live in fear. Fear is a down payment in a problem you may never have.  

    Just my view from the cheap seats. 
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to Mphillips in Can Desanto be any more Unsportsmanlike?   
    DeSanto is hard nosed,  focused,  goes the entire seven minutes, hates to lose and gets excited when he wins.  What's not to like?  His immediate reaction to winning?  Because he doesn't give, "all glory to god?"  He hasn't tried to rip anyone's arm off in a couple years.  I choose to let it go.  
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to russelscout in Can Desanto be any more Unsportsmanlike?   
    If I remember correctly, Terry had a few incidents in his college years. It all ended up OK. 
    This has been said on here about Metcalf, Ramos, Gilman, and others and you know what? The world didnt end. 
    It turns out that a little extra fire on the mat does not mean you are bound to be an ax murderer upon graduation. Now relax, stop clenching your pearls and enjoy a pretty damn exciting athlete in Desanto
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to OfficialObserver in Hidlay had 2   
    What everyone is failing to understand in this situation is...the rules. The ref had to allow for reaction time in this situation because it is NOT a hand touch takedown situation since the action was already on the mat. The ref was too quick throwing up the two and right away went to his assistant to discuss the call. They both agreed that control was NOT established beyond reaction and, correctly, changed the call. It's not the most popular call of the tournament, but it was indeed the correct call.
    I personally know this official and he wants nothing more than to get every call right. He works his butt off to be one of the best and he is one of the best. Frankly, I'm surprised he didn't get a finals match.
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    ex_kewzay_mwah got a reaction from OfficialObserver in Hidlay had 2   
    I have to agree. Both refs are VERY skilled, and know the rulebook inside and out. They conducted an obviously thorough video review, from an angle that was definitely superior to what we saw. This was not a call they made lightly — something on that video made it clear to them that the correct call was no takedown.
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to Billyhoyle in Eierman robbed - danger zone count   
    Eirman was past 90˚ from 34 to 30 seconds on the ESPN clock. The first verbal count was at 32 and last one right at 30 as he is getting off his back.  Call looks good to me seeing as the first count marks the completion of the first second (33 to 32).  Second count is the completion of the second second (32 to 31).  Third count is completion of the third second (31 to 30).  
    Bottom line:  Don't put yourself on your back for 4 seconds if you don't want to give up 2. 
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to Lurker in Hidlay had 2   
    This. And the matside camera was in the perfect spot to see if the left foot came down before or after the right hand and knee came up. I’m a little different side of the fence this morning after rewatching that clip over and over. I believe that’s why it took so long and they looked it over and talked it over. Looking at that left foot in comparison to right hand and knee. 
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to Katie in Hidlay had 2   
    I favor believing the refs got the call right. Here’s why.
    First, both refs apparently agreed on the call.
    Second, both refs watched the action up close and then on the replay, multiple times.
    Third, the replay was reportedly at an angle none of us saw.
    Fourth, both refs knew this was a match everyone would talk about later. I have to believe they did NOT want to get the call wrong.
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to Lurker in Hidlay had 2   
    Watch his left foot. He keeps it up in the air until right after his right hand comes up. Looking at it like this I’m not sure there were ever three points of contact. And it appears the matside camera (that would be used for review) had the perfect angle to see. 
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to JHRoseWrestling in How hard is it to ref college wrestling?   
    I disagree.  The actions are easier to evaluate as you go higher up the levels for sure.  But as the level goes up the requirement to be involved in the flow of the match through verbal commands, position, mechanics, stalling, or passivity goes up as well.  Also, calls are magnified at the higher levels.  A single error in proceedure, judgement, or mechanics are much more likely to change a winner. 
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    ex_kewzay_mwah got a reaction from NJDan in Stalling and Context   
    I posted this in another thread, but I think it applies to your question as well.

    First of all, think of stalling as having two different types (although they are both treated identically for purposes of the penalty sequence):

    • “Traditional” stalling — “attempting to avoid wrestling action as an offensive or defensive strategy”; failing to “wrestl[e] aggressively in all positions (top, bottom or neutral)”

    • “Rule-based” stalling — Stalling because a wrestler’s conduct meets a specific criterion which the rulebook defines as stalling, regardless of whether the wrestler is engaging in “traditional” stalling. The Rulebook contains quite a few such criteria:

    “Art. 7. Stalling by Wrestling on the Edge. Near the edge of the wrestling area, a wrestler shall not leave the wrestling area unless it is to sprawl from an opponent’s takedown attempt or when interlocked in wrestling.
    Art. 8. Stalling by Kicking Out of Bounds. A wrestler kicks out of a lower leg hold and this kick out requires the referee to make an out of bounds call.
    Art. 9. Stalling by Fleeing. Fleeing or attempting to flee the wrestling area as a means of avoiding being scored upon.
    Art. 10. Stalling by Pushing or Pulling. Pushing or pulling the opponent out of bounds so as to force a restart.
    Art. 12. Stalling by Dropping Down to a Lower Leg. When the offensive wrestler positions himself with one or both hands below the buttocks of the defensive wrestler, the referee immediately shall start a verbal and visual five-second count. The referee shall stop the count when the offensive wrestler improves his position, moves his hold back up above the buttocks of the defensive wrestler, or releases the hold. If the referee reaches the fifth count before the offensive wrestler improves his position, moves his hold back up above the buttocks or releases the hold, then the offensive wrestler shall be called for stalling.
    Art. 13. Stalling by Waist and Ankle Ride. If the offensive wrestler applies a hold with a hand or arm around the defensive wrestler’s torso while applying the other arm/hand below the buttocks, the referee immediately shall start a verbal and visual five-second count. The referee shall stop the count when the offensive wrestler moves his arm/hand back up above the buttocks of the defensive wrestler, or releases the hold. If the referee reaches the fifth count before the offensive wrestler moves his arm/hand back up above the buttocks of the defensive wrestler, or releases the hold, then the offensive wrestler shall be called for stalling.
    Art. 14. Stalling by Side Headlock. When an offensive wrestler applies a side headlock or cross body headlock to the defensive wrestler, the referee immediately shall start a verbal and visual five-second count. If the offensive wrestler does not release the hold or attempt to put his opponent in a near-fall situation (defined as on their back or in a near-fall criterion) before the referee reaches his fifth count, the offensive wrestler shall be called for stalling.
    Art. 16. Stalling by Delaying Match. Delaying the match, such as straggling back from out of bounds, unnecessarily changing or adjusting equipment, or match delays directly related to shoelaces, shall be penalized as stalling.

    Many of these criteria are completely independent of any contextual analysis — in other words, who has been more aggressive, for example, is a factor that is completely irrelevant. Your wrestling could be the antithesis of what we think of as traditional stalling, but if, say, you use a waist and ankle ride for 5 seconds, or you kick out of bounds, or you aggressively push your opponent out of bounds, or you back out of bounds without making an attempt to circle inward, you must still be called for stalling. “But he just took 3 shots, and the other guy took none!” is not a defense to a stalling call for backing out of bounds. The official may wish to consider calling the wrestler who took no shots for “traditional” stalling if that lack of aggressiveness continues, but that does not absolve the more aggressive wrestler of a rule-based stalling infraction.

    If wrestler A shoots at wrestler B, wrestler B sprawls, and they go out of bounds, this *cannot* be rule-based stalling because the rules specifically permit leaving the wrestling area for the purpose of “sprawl[ing] from an opponent’s takedown attempt.” In such a situation, if the official blows them out of bounds and *then* hits someone for stalling for backing out of bounds, that is technically incorrect, but might also just be bad mechanics. Chances are, in such a situation, the official is making the stalling call because a wrestler was backing up from the center of the mat to the edge in order to “play the edge,” but it is mistakenly expressed that the call was for “backing out” when it actually was just *traditional* stalling (e.g., excessively backing up, avoiding wrestling as a defensive strategy, not working towards the center). When this is occurring, as a matter of good mechanics the stalling call ought to be made *before* the wrestlers go out of bounds (and perhaps even before the shot even occurs), not after the whistle is blown (which is typically reserved for rule-based stalling that, by definition, first requires an out-of-bounds call to be made).

    I hope this information is helpful, and I’m happy to try to answer any questions you may have.
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to Zebra in How hard is it to ref college wrestling?   
    That was not the case until 6-7 years ago. A supporting point had to be on the mat and reaction time was an element. Guys would be on their feet and bent over then momentarily touch their hand to regain balance and since it was so quick TDs were not being called unless the wrestler eventually went to a knee. I remember one match where the wrestlers were in that position for approximately 20-30 seconds and the "defensive" wrestler touched his left hand to the mat several times (4-5) in that span. There are more example that this one and a couple years later the rule removing reaction time on a TD was eliminated. 
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to qc8223 in Nick Suriano   
    I think we need to remember that Suriano moved into a significantly tougher weight this year. 125 has not been particularly deep the last few years. His freshman year, he emerged as the top challenger to Gilman as a true freshman largely due to the overall weakness of the weight. 125 was tougher last year, but Suriano didn't really hit any of the top guys other than Cruz and Rivera, who only entered the tournament as the 10 seed and was not at the same level last year as he is now. He's hit as many if not more hammers this year than he had his entire career combined. 
    In addition to the jump in quality of competition, a lot of what he does is somewhat mitigated by the weight jump. He is a power wrestler. He holds position really well and scores mostly off snaps to angles and reattacks. It's harder to do this against the more powerful 133s (Fix) and the longer 133s (Micic). Fix can hold position with him and Micic's length presents finishing problems. The only loss he's had his whole career that is "bad" is Desanto, who has emerged as a legit title contender at this point. Even in that loss, Suriano looked like the better guy and just had things fall apart on him in Carver (wouldn't be the first to have that happen).
    Because of the drama involved with his transfer, he was always going to be held to an insane standard by being compared to the Penn State guys. He's never been that kind of wrestler. He is who he is and I actually think he's added more offense since coming to Rutgers (not that he wouldn't have if he stayed at Penn State either). I thought he looked improved last year compared to his freshman year.
    We should also probably try to remember that he has 5 non injury default losses: Gilman, Lee, Fix, Desanto, and Micic. 4 of those 5 guys are world medalists, two of them champs. 3 of those 5 were 1 point losses, another was a two point loss on a buzzer beating takedown. His "blowout" loss was 5-1 to Lee who had one of the most dominant tournament runs in recent memory. The dude is elite. He happens to be wrestling at weights with other super elite guys, and hasn't broken through yet. At this point, he may or may not, but that doesn't mean he's regressing.
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to justafan in Nick Suriano   
    Rutgers staff is doing just fine and next year they will add Ashnault to the staff.Suriano wanted to go home and be around NJ people not sure what people don't understand about that.Way more to the journey then just wins and losses.
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to Housebuye in Pletcher loses to #15 wrestler but doesn't drop in rankings   
    You are all being ridiculous. Just drop it. Who cares.
    this is the kind of argument we would all jump into if it was June 24th and nothing interesting was happening in the wrestling world. We are 3 weeks from conferences and 5 weeks from NCAAs! Let’s talk wrestling 
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to russelscout in Battle of the Italians   
    Jeez man. Chill
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to CoachWrestling in Battle of the Italians   
    Why does it upset you? Who cares? 
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    ex_kewzay_mwah reacted to BobbyGribbs in Battle of the Italians   
    Not going to lie...this board had me rolling.
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