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  1. Johnny isn't embarrassed about not paying bets. Then again it doesn't appear that you are, either.
  2. I haven't been to State College or Penn State since Feb 2010 (Michigan dual). A lot changes in 10+ years. But The Tavern isn't bad. You can also get a good burger at plenty of places on College Ave.
  3. 1992-93 season for wrestling
  4. The University of Chicago doesn't really care, does it? :-)
  5. Most team's budgets are tight. $pending on airfare, accommodations and per diem for guys to get exhibition matches would be more trouble than it is worth.
  6. SLee RBY (prolly Gross, but I'm using my Blue n White glasses - after all, "...then why is the sky Blue and White?" NLee Sasso Hidlay Cenzo Hall Zahid Darmstad Gable
  7. Grimo - Apologies for casting you as a fake jimmy c account.
  8. False. It's a passive/aggressive cover for his actual dislike of Cael Sanderson and Penn State.
  9. I loved it when the US taxpayers (not just those from PA - but thanks for the your contribution to the upkeep) were paying my way at PSU!
  10. Yeah, this thread smells like cinnamon and buns. Jimmy Grimo - you've been here before, haven't you!
  11. Because NCAA stands for Need Carls Absolute Approval
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