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  1. Never did. But please note the "...recruitment process as a student or parent" above. That included discussions (note the "s", signifying plural, as in more than one) with Coach Koll, to which Finger Lakes was referenced but not in anything other than passing and an option if it was possibly wanted. Eventually it was irrelevant, as a different university was the end result. As for the "Never did", does that reflect the number of conversations you had with Coach Koll about you/your son wrestling for Cornell, or do you have experience with this?
  2. A lot of these threads have me smh in wondering which posters wrestled in college or went through the recruitment process as a student or parent...
  3. Should they both win their 4th title this coming season, and as they have not faced the same competition at NCAAs as the other, both are as accomplished and nothing separates the incredible achievement (neither will be the 1st to have done it, done it undefeated in varsity competition, or at 4 different weights). However, without Lee doing what he did in 2021, Iowa likely doesn't win a team title. Yes, it's individual, but Lee was a major factor in putting that Iowa team in the books. One of his titles means a little more to a lot more people.
  4. calmly doing it in $50 speed sweeps that a lot of American parents think their kids are too good to wear...
  5. "Kyle Dake just launched a 17 year old kid" As Jason Nolf (and others) would say with Dake, 17 is just a number - and it's usually "4" with that body lock
  6. Congrats to the Champ! He's going to try for Big Bruce's all time medal count...
  7. Nice box of UWW golf balls (4 sleever) they give to the champs along with the belt.
  8. Slay is looking more and more like Barry Davis (lol)
  9. Outstanding - with her and Elor, it's fantastic to see (greater) Bay Area wrestlers achieve at this level!
  10. Wait, doesn't Micic have at least 1 more redshirt?
  11. Coincidentally, both Neal and Steveson had losses to Penn State heavies at NCAAs before winning the weight the next 2 tournaments (it will be seen if Gable makes it 3).
  12. This is a tragedy. But if it keeps "Charms" out of tracks, it's a win!
  13. Nice work wkn! If you found this in your discovery, of those 50 3Xers - less the 19 that weren't eligible as frosh - how many of those besides Lincoln Mc and Ed Banach won as freshman but lost one of the other 3 years?
  14. I'm going to go out on a limb and say either John Smith or Dan Gable!
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