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    Innovative Wrestling Camps

    It does. Hope it's not at Ocean Beach (SF) though. That place is no where to "learn" how to surf or have novices try it. Then again, it could make them hate it and forever stay out of the water. Win/Win!

    Check out this smoke show

    His son wrestled at ISU for a couple of/few years; 2 time CA State qualifier out of the Sacramento area. He may have relocated to Ames during that time - which could be why he was coaching the club team?

    Mt Rushmore for your state

    + David Lee (1st 3 time CA HS State Champ, NCAA DI Champ, multi-time NCAA DI AA), Greg Gibson (World freestyle and Olympic Greco medals, 2X NCAA finalist), Darrell Vasquez (1st 4x CA HS State Champ, multi-time NCAA DI AA)

    Cornell Greece Man Will Win Worlds

    pennsy called it

    Final X Rutgers live thread

    Cry much? Retherford didn't ref the match. Yianni had a chance to win the 1st one. He didn't. If Yianni had gone to his offense he may have kept it out of the review. He didn't.
  6. PD3 made the team under the system that exists. I hope he wins Worlds.

    Hypo: pick 1 incoming recruit to add to your team

    How about a forum trade of cinnabon for JTTS - he has to be posting somewhere?

    Threatened by "College Wrestler"

    The best thing about this thread is the image over Danny Devito's right shoulder.

    Logan Stieber retiring

    He was an absolute hammer in college and achieved what almost every wrestler wishes for (4 time State Champ, 4 time NCAA champ and World or Olympic Gold). At OSU, Stieber was one whose matches I would not miss when the opportunity to see them was there.
  10. PSUSMC

    Nick Suriano: Fashion Icon

    What form of self-respecting NJ ginz doesn't doesn't sport the cornicello? You know Nicky's dad does!
  11. Being that the question is "most exciting", it's Desanto for me. There's no telling what will happen, win or lose. When he's wrestling, there's going to be intense action, whether for a limited time or the entire match.
  12. Stephen Abas did place twice at State wrestling for Canyon Springs (Moreno Valley/Southern Section - placed 7th and 3rd at SS, 4th and 1st at State) before transferring to James Logan (2x North Coast/State Champion).
  13. Another interesting note is that at the 2010 CA State Tournament, freshman Isaiha Martinez from Lemoore beat senior Jesse Delgado (Gilroy) for 3rd place at 125lbs (12 -3 major)
  14. Parris pealing the top hand of the 2 on 1 and circling in would, too. Allowing himself to be shoved off the mat and dinged for stalling was, more or less, the "step out".