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  1. All the best to the Champ - he was fun to watch in folk and free. His life, his decision(s)
  2. HIPPA is not an animal originating from the African continent.
  3. recognized (and not only because I know what your screen name means - regardless of Geno or Pat's)


    Wouldn't that be orange juice?
  5. I'll paraphrase a piece of a past conversation with a multi-time Olympic and World Team Greco coach: "Lindland was the most un-coachable guy with good results that is now the coach of the US team." Coaching or wrestlers? I can't say.
  6. I'd like to see the 1 point awarded for step-outs done away with in Greco and have the offender put down on hands & knees in the center and the other wrestler awarded the opportunity to secure a reverse-lift lock and then have the whistle blown. Going that route could create scoring 2 ways: The (obvious) 2 or 4 from the lifts or cautions and 1s from passivity and the option to go par-terre.
  7. He can't post any longer. Last I saw, he was just hanging around.
  8. Would love to see Shohei Ono and Dake go at it in a grappling match (similar to GRyan and Bo).
  9. BTW - Although it's been a couple of years, thanks Andy for the blue and red inflicts via NMU!
  10. I never had any Iranian sand in my boots.
  11. This does suck. I had some great times and very fond (and not so fond) memories of my time in the green. Being TAD to Quantico for the All-Marine tryouts a couple of times was definitely something I really enjoyed. NJ Dan, the 2 Olympians since '92 is not the focus. Marine Greco has had multiple World and National Team members since Buddy Lee (who gave me "flying lessons", although neither of us were aviators) was an Olympian back in '92.
  12. Saddam withdrawing from the competition in Kuwait back in late Feb 1991...
  13. If yelling at clouds or for kids to stay off the lawn were Olympic events, looks like there's some medal contenders here...
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