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  1. Uchi Mata with a near-side over hook and grabbing the far wrist translates well. Jamil Kelly seemed to have used a variation on his ride to Olympic Silver. Seoi Nage is another one that works in wrestling
  2. Congrats Coach Gable - a great representative of the United States as a competitor, coach and administrator.
  3. Great coach - but an even better person.

    RBY 141

    I'm sure Caerl (sp) will let Flo know so they can break the story...
  5. Former VP Biden also had numerous deferments to avoid service.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i066Jm5R1tQ BTDT - and going to war doesn't mean someone isn't a coward...
  7. I wonder when the first Class-Action lawsuit will be filed by a plaintiff claiming the unlawful use of Student-fees to finance college athletics that aren't being contested will appear.
  8. As Stanford has shown by not allocating $$$ from their endowment to cover some "non-revenue" sports, one could surmise that without the football money (TV contracts) EVERY sport is in trouble. It is likely/probable that football and basketball will be first in line for preservation, all other programs will be fighting for their survival.
  9. Will Furman's wrestling team survive with the former wrestler AD now gone? (some will get it...)
  10. yeah, if he decides to "quit", he won't end up with any kind of GD, it will be with an RE Code of RE-4 and a possible big chicken dinner.
  11. I get what you're saying, but this was a USAW event with wrestlers from approx 25 states. Some with a number of restrictions in effect. I'm not condoning anything, but I know there are many that are wrestling/practicing un-sanctioned and it's not only in garages/basements, but in clubs/facilities.
  12. And he was the State champ at 140lbs the year prior
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