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  1. The Big 10 announced the cancellation of all non-conference games. Most of those are the first few weeks of the season (although Wisci-ND was to be Oct 3rd). Reasoning, the conference states is, "... By limiting competition to other Big Ten institutions, the Conference will have the greatest flexibility to adjust its own operations throughout the season and make quick decisions in real-time based on the most current evolving medical advice and the fluid nature of the pandemic."
  2. I'm not really knowledgeable regarding the Star Wars character group and whether that's a name from the franchise, but is "Darth Vomitus" related - or similar - to Lord Barf Later?
  3. 99% of the dads after their kid drops a match at any local USAW freestyle/Greco weekend tournament...


    NATO was great - flying over parts of the North Sea in a CH53 was less than desirable, but the cold-weather training with the RM Commandos (the plunge sucked but the rum made it a little better) and the libo in Norway was awesome!
  5. Good thing Bellarmine's admin didn't come to this board looking for ways it wouldn't work for starting a DI program...
  6. Both schools are mentioned in the movie "That Thing You Do".
  7. A coach wanted me to drop a further 8kgs in trying for the inter-service tournament. I told him I got crabs from a rack in the transit barracks. No practice, no weight cut, no tournament. A free 2 weeks in Quantico and DC before having to go back to my (parent) unit.
  8. PD3 is a lot of things. What he's not is a ducker. If the Taylor option of the 2x4 with no tech was proffered originally, I think PD2 accepts without any problems and doesn't make any excuses when Taylor beats him by double-digits.
  9. It may also have been that there were issues with classes/credits transferring between the institutions and that he was to make them up during the Olympic shirt (online, at a jc, elsewhere and didn't). Obviously speculative as is everything - but certainly a possibility.
  10. Please, no pics of Lizzo in assless anything...
  11. Rau is definitely a Greco guy, but he's also a dedicated Chicagoan (including a tatoo that's a variation of the city's flag on one of his shoulders).
  12. I disagree a bit. McCoy wrestled 190 his freshman year, his losses at NCAAs were to the eventual champion and 5th place finisher. When he was no longer sucking weight he went 131-1 with an 88 match winning streak. As a senior he was awarded the Hodge Trophy and WIN Magazines wrestler of the year award. Those last 3 years were a career, not peak performance. Regarding Top 5, MSUs look to be a fair collection and order: 1.) Nolf 2.)Retherford 3.)Ruth 4.)Taylor 5.)Nickal I might swap Nickal & Taylor and I'd also throw in Cenzo as a supernumerary. As a freshman, he gave a 2X NCAA champion the first loss of that wrestlers career in the final match of that guys Jr year - and pinned him in the process. He won just as many titles as Taylor and was well on his way to another finals appearance this past season. That's no slight on Taylor.
  13. yeah, forgot about that Selma kid.
  14. So much for him burning out before high school. Sky is the limit for Stevo should he remain healthy. 4 time AA and multi-time finalist isn't a stretch for him. He'll be competitive out of the gate without a red-shirt (but maybe take one and let Spenser Lee vacate 125 and see about making a run as a 4X NC).
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