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  1. Nick Simmons might be smiling at this thread
  2. If that's Rudy Ryszczyk "Rules" is that you can look but not touch?
  3. Lee Pritts! RE the Tirapelle's, Alex has been an assistant at Stanford & UC Davis and was the head coach at the University of Pennsylvania. Adam is in the private sector and coaches at Clovis HS Troy is the HC at Buchanan HS, also located in Clovis, CA
  4. My son wrestled for a B1G school (not Penn State). His freshman year of college, he didn't turn 19 until the week of the NCAA tournament. At least 3 members of his recruiting class were either 20 when they arrived on campus or turned 20 that Sept (and one of them turned 21 soon after the Christmas break). There are plenty of 20 year old freshmen in a lot of college wrestling rooms.
  5. WTF - Koll brought in a guy/guys that could beat a starter? According to posters here, only Cael does that.
  6. Good for Kem But I do believe Starocci beats him in the B1G finals and will at NCAAs if they meet (which would likely be in the semis or finals)
  7. Better than being the pie in the movie "American Pie"
  8. What freestylers call punch clubbing, Greco guys call just any other day
  9. I've seen F18 airstrikes that didn't have bombs like that.
  10. That Dagestani is going to give a lot of Americans a case of the Sads in Tokyo.
  11. Barabbas Long following him does not a double class make.
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