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  1. It quite often seems: Purdue might, can, will! In the end it's usually Purdon't
  2. Did Vince Clarke leave to start another band? An Alsion Moyet project?
  3. Possible rematch of the Jan 2018 120lbs Doc B finals (Howard d Aguilar 7-6)! NLee/Sea bass will be a good one.
  4. Wrestling could definitely use more proponents/champions of the sport like Shane Sparks!
  5. After the sub AJ McKee put on Caldwell, he may still be nursing his neck.
  6. 1985 - Dan Chaid with a TD just seconds before time ran out was a crazy finish with Duane Goldman (Goldman was in his 3rd finals, losing to Mark Schultz (83) and Jim Sherr (84)). DG had beaten Chaid by a point in the semis in 84 and then got by him 5-4 in the 86 finals.
  7. I don't disagree, but If those D2/3 guys didn't (or couldn't) pass the clearinghouse for DI, they shouldn't get a shot at the DI tournament (probably more likely to apply to D2 guys than D3).
  8. I do not have the reason, just know that he passed away earlier this week. Coach Jensen took over the SF State program, where he competed and was a DII National Qualifier, in 1983 and led the team to the 1997 DII NCAA Team Title (the only NCAA Team Championship San Francisco State University has won in any sport); he was the head coach from 1983 through the 2017 season and coached numerous All-Americans and National Champions. He was an SF State, California Wrestling and National Wrestling HOF inductee.
  9. It's unfair to all of the poo (ever) in the world to be implied that trev alberts is a piece of it! That's how low he is.
  10. Cael - Bill Walsh Gable - Lombardi/Shula Tom Ryan - Joe Gibbs Tommy Brands - More of the Lasorda type (I'm a Dodgers loyalist) Koll - Belichick (not the championships, the demeanor) Storniolo - Pat Riley (although the suits are a fraction of what Riley paid and not quite as much product in his hair) Roselli - Don Zimmer
  11. For those attempting to make a comparison of WW2 deaths and COVID, the advances in medical science/casevac technology make it impossible to do so (and they shouldn't be done in the first place). If anything, Spanish flu is (at least) a virus. Go there, not man-against-man against armed conflict (unless you're stating the CCP purposefully made COVID as an offensive weapon against humans, then you're data may be useful).
  12. Sylvester Carver would put a "Tweetie Bird" doll in one of the/his coaches chairs at tournaments.
  13. it was just an opportune troll job. I'm not a big-enough pu$$y to use "toxic masculinity" on my own.
  14. Whoever led the charge for Columbia to drop the marching band must be sighing in relief.
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