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  1. Luke Sheridan pinned Cox with a left-side HL and Morgan McIntosh beat Sheridan (he also beat Cox in the NCAA consi-semis) You fail, again, Jimmy; Morgan Mc > Cox
  2. UC Davis dropped wrestling the year after Derek Moore became their 1st AA and National Champion. The year prior to Moore winning, Kenny Cook made the R12. 2 years after the drop Ricky Alcala AA'd for Indiana - where he transferred and red-shirted.
  3. With the resources then available, Gable was incredible, possibly the greatest. However, is Spenser Lee a true comparison? Did Nick Suriano play any role in the way Sanderson did (or didn't) recruit Lee? As for recruiting, personally I have 1 Gable, 1(a) Sanderson. 3 Koll, 4 Ryan/Smith
  4. Only if his children were brought into the competition illegally. But it wasn't an issue when the prior ayatollah(s) implemented that process.
  5. 1990 118lbs: Jack Griffin Northwestern 12-4 over Zeke Jones ASU. I believe Zeke was the 2 and Griffin the 4. Zeke beat Griffin the year prior in the consi-semis
  6. Win or lose, Yianni's defense is incredible. Congrats to Zain; bring home a medal!
  7. Pey has always been an excellent athlete - going back as far as a bantam. He played football for years (was the Outstanding Player on the freshmen team at De La Salle HS, playing RB and LB) and also played rugby and ice-hockey in junior hs (he hadn't wrestled "year-round" until his sophomore year of HS). He was DLSs first CA State Champ and one of Mark Halvorson's best (Halvorson is the head coach at DLS and the CYC in Concord - CYC has produced a large number of Greco wrestlers, including National Team member Kenny Cook, Olympian Robby Smith, Niko Triggas, National Team member Luke Sheridan, World Teamer Jon Jay Chavez and many other Fargo National Champs and placers).
  8. Having been in Tempe yesterday, I learned that he's been in the Sunkist room (which, is, ASUs room).
  9. It does. Hope it's not at Ocean Beach (SF) though. That place is no where to "learn" how to surf or have novices try it. Then again, it could make them hate it and forever stay out of the water. Win/Win!
  10. His son wrestled at ISU for a couple of/few years; 2 time CA State qualifier out of the Sacramento area. He may have relocated to Ames during that time - which could be why he was coaching the club team?
  11. + David Lee (1st 3 time CA HS State Champ, NCAA DI Champ, multi-time NCAA DI AA), Greg Gibson (World freestyle and Olympic Greco medals, 2X NCAA finalist), Darrell Vasquez (1st 4x CA HS State Champ, multi-time NCAA DI AA)
  12. Cry much? Retherford didn't ref the match. Yianni had a chance to win the 1st one. He didn't. If Yianni had gone to his offense he may have kept it out of the review. He didn't.
  13. PD3 made the team under the system that exists. I hope he wins Worlds.
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