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  1. I wrestled all through middle school, my dad first got me into it in 6th grade. I really enjoyed the sport and had a decent amount of success for a first year wrestler. My second year I did not enjoy the sport very much, mainly due to trying to cut way to much weight, and my third year was similar to my first. Now that I am in high school it is a different league, I have a daily schedule of waking up, going for a 5 mile run, going to school, practicing, lifting weights, studying/homework, and going to sleep. I haven't been getting any positive feeling from the sport and have just stopped enjoying wrestling. I want to quit, but I know my dad would be very upset, I would lose respect from anyone that knows me, teammates, coaches, friends. I tend to get very anxious and dreadful about the sport, but I am not sure what to do, any advice?
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