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  1. 10) The bleeder. Spends as much time trying to stop nosebleeds as he does actually practicing. Usually ends up shooting the bloody plug out of his nose several times during practice, either on you or on the ground for you to roll around on and find later. 11) The weight cutter. Wears anywhere from 2 to 5 layers of sweats / clothing, usually with vinyls underneath. Not a bad guy to wrestle with actually because of all the nice padding. Kind of like wrestling Randy from A Christmas Story when their mom suits them up to play out in the cold. This guy is usually about as miserable as Randy was in that scene too. If he's not wrestling, he's either riding the bike or curled up between a rolled up mat and a padded wall, softly crying.
  2. Had a couple stinkers on my HS team. The one smelled like woodstove, not necessarily unpleasant but the smell was so powerful it got almost nauseating after a while. Second guy had a very strange, musky smell but I never figured out what it was until I went beaver trapping with a buddy...castoreum.
  3. As far as I can tell, the cynicism and anger slowly builds up in them over the span of years spent watching the 190 and up guys plod around and fart on each other, match after match. The little guys wish that once in a while they could have one match - just one day off - against someone as unathletic and one-dimensional as your typical upper/heavyweight. ;)
  4. I was a freshman 98 lb in 1989. I was a bit behind my peers growth-wise, so didn't have to really cut weight for it, maybe a pound or two here and there. Crazy thing was, that year my area was filled with a bunch of upper classmen 98's. My very first varsity match was against a man with chest hair, an afro and a mustache - a real mustache, mind you, not one of those cheesy kid mustaches. I was done before I even stepped on the mat. Anyway I digress. Back in those days there were enough numbers to populate the 98 lb class and even 91. I'm not sure the numbers are there anymore to justify this class based on the number of forfeits I see in the box scores.
  5. As a Yianni fan, I was sure that winning two matches against Zain would not be easy at all but I did think he would pull it off in 3. I actually think that Retherford's grinding style is the best antidote to what Yianni does so well, especially after Zain got familiar with some of Yianni's tricks/traps.
  6. Do you really think that anyone on Yianni's side thought that these matches with Zain would be "a walk in the park"?
  7. Seems like any arbitration that happens with this match is going to go much like what we are seeing in this forum. You can dissect this match 1000 ways and come up with 1000 valid outcomes. The main argument for Yianni has been rehashed over and over: how far back can the match be reviewed after it is over? You are ignorant if you think it wouldn't affect scoring in the final minute of the match and Yianni in particular seems to be very very good at making scores happen when he really needs them. Now taking the side of Retherford, there doesn't seem to be clear guidance as to how far back a review can take place, so why not go as far back as possible to try to get the outcome you want? I think for this time you have to stick to the final decision and send Retherford to worlds, but there has to be lessons learned because this kind of $hit can't happen again. While I think that Zain pretty much took it to Yianni, I don't feel that Retherford would be the better rep here; I think he has a Metcalf-like ceiling in freestyle and I don't think he medals this or any other year.
  8. My gut reaction is to say "WTF???" but if you think about it, how is break dancing much different from figure skating? Or floor exercise in Gymnastics? Some of the moves break dancers pull off are unbelievable athletic and I'd be more than willing to bet that there are more amateur break dancers than there are figure skaters. I wonder if it will be a "gender fluid" event...
  9. Probably Medved, Karelin, Saitiev, and IMO Beloglasov. Nice distribution of weights and eras.
  10. Baumgartner, Smith. Then pick from JB, Dave Schultz, Kemp, Gable, Cael. I'm inclined to select the first two. Maybe a more difficult question is, who would USSR/Russia pick for their four man monument? So many to chose from: Medved, Yarygin, Beloglasov, Fadzaev, Saitiev, Karelin, etc. etc. etc. It's pretty mind blowing actually. Seems like to even be in consideration for their spots you need at least 6 or 7 world titles.
  11. No actual matches against anyone notable. Wrestled around at a clinic with Randy Lewis and Brad Penrith while in HS. Took a shot on the impossible leg but never got to the leg to see if it truly was "impossible". It was like a horse drawn carriage going up against a UFO.
  12. My field of work is civil engineering, which like almost all engineering disciplines is generally populated by conservative types of people (both politically and behaviorally). In general, the further up the chain of command one goes, the amount / acceptance of tattoos goes down almost exponentially. Engineers working in land development, highway or even structural departments and/or those that may have to attend public meetings, interact with officials, etc. just don't have tattoos, or if they do they are absolutely not visible.
  13. That might have been it. It was a college match, that much I remember. I should probably do more research before I post.
  14. I recall when JB first appeared at 165, there was an early season NCAA tournament where they met in the finals (Cliff Keen?). I remember JB going ahead quickly with a couple doubles for tds, then fading a bit during a Howe rally. End score was JB 10-8 or something like that. My memory is pretty foggy on it so maybe I got it totally wrong. Burroughs generally seems to come through late in matches when he needs it but I recall Howe's physical style being something that seemed to be challenging for him. If JB does have a weakness, I could see it being intense grinders ala Geduev. Nolf is a grinding, constant attack kind of guy so that's where I got that theory from but even in college Burroughs' neutral technique was multiple, multiple levels above Nolf's.
  15. I thought Howe worn him down as well just grinding away at him, and that was what I was thinking when I said I could see Nolf winning in that way.
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