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  1. My brother's team had a textbook "beach muscle" guy but even scarier - nothing nice looking about his physique, this dude looked like a friggin' gorilla. But he was as mild mannered as they come and somehow he just wasn't strong at all; it was mystifying. I used to enjoy watching the psychological torture he would inflict on his dual meet opponents. Before the match you could see them staring at him pacing on the other side of the gym, just $hitting their pants, and then they would strut off after winning decisively like they actually accomplished something great, totally unaware that they've beaten easily the weakest member on the team.
  2. 2003 NYS also a very good group. JP O'Connor, Nickerson, Gillespie, and Josh Glenn all D1 champs, plus Arthur Jones (NFL), Gian Villante (UFC), along with a few other solid D1 guys. A guy out of this champion class that I always wonder how he would have fared in D1 is Chris Hand. Three time champ. I believe he went on to play lacrosse in college; in my mind he was just as good as anyone in this class other than Nickerson.
  3. Neck bridges are touchy for newer / younger wrestlers with not fully developed neck strength. An exercise that i constantly did that put no strain on the neck was a simple neck lift as follows:- lie on a bench or coffee table on your back with your head hanging off of it. Slowly let your head drop down until it is basically upside-down and then lift your head until it is right side up. Repeat as many times with as many sets to make it a challenge. Then lie on each side and do the same. Then lie on your stomach and do the same. Lift your head's own weight with your neck from multiple angles. I guess you can bring in a harness like Saitiev if you get really strong but I was able to develop really good functional neck strength with my head weight alone, to the point where when I did do bridging exercises I could do whatever I wanted with no hands and in matches it was pretty difficult for my opponents to control my head.
  4. 125 - OK 133- RBY is a finalist and potential titlist. Desanto 3rd or 4th, if the knee holds up. 141 - Lee wins it. Murin Rnd of 12 149 - Lugo 3rd. Verkleeren Rnd of 16 best case. 157 - Young 5th or 6th seems right.. Pipher zero points 165 - Joseph / Marinelli: Either guy can place 1st through 3rd, depending on seeds and when/if they meet. 174 - My gut says you are right with these picks but could also be similar to 165 depending on when/if they meet. 184: Brooks 7/8 tops. Assad Rd of 12 197: Warner 5/6. Rasheed Rd 12 or 16 285: Cass 3rd or 4th. Nevills Rd 12 or 16. In summary, For Iowa, I think you undersold a few guys but it's about right, 110-120 pts For PSU, I think you have a few too many high placings, maybe slightly undersold RBY, 90-105 pts. Close race if one of them doesn't poop their pants this year.
  5. 1. Hmmmm, maybe? I could also see a few other matches ending the finals, namely 165 (Vincenzo / Marinelli), 174 (Hall / Kemerer). Maybe Zahid as well as it is his last finals. 2. I see your point and I prefer folk as well but if the point is to expose your opponent like that, then under freestyle rules he actually did establish control in those situations. But I don't think Lee would have allowed himself to be exposed like that in a freestyle match.
  6. I agree Hall looks and is very small for his weight class but his college record does speak for itself. Yeah he hates weight cutting but there's probably not going to be a place for him at the next level if he doesn't suck it up and cut some weight. Who knows what weight class that is, I mean my eyes tell me he's even smaller than Dake or JB. 30 years ago he wouldn't have had a choice and would have been wrestling in the 150 lb class I bet.
  7. Not a bad problem to have if you're the Hawkeyes.
  8. Yep, seems like he got the knee a little tweaked and then he freaked.
  9. Alright I'll go contrary to everyone and go with Kemerer although I'm not sure I believe it myself. I saw in their match a guy that can hang with and at times even out-scramble Hall, plus he is obviously larger and appeared to have a strength edge. Seems like he could get to Hall's legs fairly easily.
  10. As young as he is, I think it is entirely possible that he actually physically, mentally and performance-wise peaked a couple of years ago. I know it seems counter-intuitive due to his young age but this dude has been a full on physically mature bull for a long time now, I mean he was a full-feed 96 kg in high school 7-8 years ago. The window only stays open for so long and lately I've been wondering if he's one of those guys who matures super quick and just destroys everything but then flames out prior to expected because that same juice isn't there anymore. The question at this point may very well be, can he develop some tricks or tweaks in his game to continue to be relevant on the world stage? All of the all-time best guys have a craftiness that generally seems to be developed in the second half of their careers, that allowed them to keep winning.
  11. My alma mater. His brother Marty held the state record for wins for a period of time.
  12. 10) The bleeder. Spends as much time trying to stop nosebleeds as he does actually practicing. Usually ends up shooting the bloody plug out of his nose several times during practice, either on you or on the ground for you to roll around on and find later. 11) The weight cutter. Wears anywhere from 2 to 5 layers of sweats / clothing, usually with vinyls underneath. Not a bad guy to wrestle with actually because of all the nice padding. Kind of like wrestling Randy from A Christmas Story when their mom suits them up to play out in the cold. This guy is usually about as miserable as Randy was in that scene too. If he's not wrestling, he's either riding the bike or curled up between a rolled up mat and a padded wall, softly crying.
  13. Had a couple stinkers on my HS team. The one smelled like woodstove, not necessarily unpleasant but the smell was so powerful it got almost nauseating after a while. Second guy had a very strange, musky smell but I never figured out what it was until I went beaver trapping with a buddy...castoreum.
  14. As far as I can tell, the cynicism and anger slowly builds up in them over the span of years spent watching the 190 and up guys plod around and fart on each other, match after match. The little guys wish that once in a while they could have one match - just one day off - against someone as unathletic and one-dimensional as your typical upper/heavyweight. ;)
  15. I was a freshman 98 lb in 1989. I was a bit behind my peers growth-wise, so didn't have to really cut weight for it, maybe a pound or two here and there. Crazy thing was, that year my area was filled with a bunch of upper classmen 98's. My very first varsity match was against a man with chest hair, an afro and a mustache - a real mustache, mind you, not one of those cheesy kid mustaches. I was done before I even stepped on the mat. Anyway I digress. Back in those days there were enough numbers to populate the 98 lb class and even 91. I'm not sure the numbers are there anymore to justify this class based on the number of forfeits I see in the box scores.
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