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    Pico announcing come back for 2024

    True, maybe. I haven't seen a crazy development in Retherford's wrestling overall, he seems to have improved in the areas he was always good at but in my opinion he hasn't come up with anything to make me think he is going to be "the guy" in freestyle. I think he's pretty similar to Metcalf, primarily a folkstyle hammer with a limited freestyle arsenal. That said, Pico's move to MMA for the past couple years certainly hasn't helped him any as far as freestyle goes, so at the moment I would pick Zain but like everyone says, in 2024 who the hell knows. My opinion, if he is even still at the weight by then, Yianni will be the man as long as his elbows / knees hold up. His abilities are unreal in freestyle / folkstyle /any style.
  2. Dake seems to have really developed his power game over the last couple of years. Not that he wasn't powerful in the past, but he has cranked up his high amplitude scoring to the point where he might be the most dangerous guy on the team in this respect. Look at his match history with the Russian and the difference between then and now is obvious. One could just chalk it up to experience, or Dake just having a great tournament at the right time but it does appear that changing up his training to this somewhat kinesthetic approach has been a good move for him. I'm not sure if these kinds of methods work for everyone, but those that it does work for seem to excel in the explosive movements / areas.
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    Howard commits to . . .

    I'll agree with you, except that beating Ohio State was long odds. At least in my mind. I had a feeling Penn State would wrestle slightly above their capability on paper, and Ohio State would wrestle slightly below theirs. Most of the guys in that practice room have no direction to go but up, based on the competition they face in it every day and the variety of knowledge and skills guys of this caliber can share with each other but what I would want to know is how they manage stay so injury free wrestling each other every day. Penn State guys just seem to be freakishly healthy almost all the time.
  4. custom fitch

    Howard commits to . . .

    I'm not a huge college women's basketball fan so maybe I will have to take your word for it on that one.
  5. custom fitch

    Howard commits to . . .

    Yet somehow Ohio State can't put it together. Penn State seems to excel most at staging their guys at each weight so that just when one animal graduates, the next one is ready and slots right in with seemingly no significant downgrade. Their timing with getting guys into the lineup is unreal.
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    Howard commits to . . .

    I think it goes without saying that the issue most people have with Penn State's run is what I referred to in my post; they get so much ridiculous talent that it's basically a foregone conclusion that they will win. I was thinking that after Nolf/Nickal/etc. graduates things would level out a bit but I just don't see it happening, some other blue chipper will get plugged in, and the cycle gets repeated. I wish there was some footage of their practice room. The stuff that goes on in there must be just unreal with all those guys going at it. Honestly, the day to day activity in that room is probably better than anything from any tournament throughout the year, nationals included.
  7. custom fitch

    Howard commits to . . .

    Penn State is starting to get dull to be honest. I'm not sure if there has ever been a college sports program that was able to recruit so much blue chip talent, its a bit ridiculous.