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  1. I agree, Coach J is the real deal, I know from experience.
  2. I am a big Myles fan, he is a great wrestler. But I was worried about him wrestling Dean for the 3rd time. Cornell is very good at getting kids ready for specific matches. If you watched Myles wrestle much this past season, you would have noticed he scores a lot of points in the 1st period and 2nd period, but not many in the 3rd. Not saying he is not in shape. He obviously is but he not a 3rd period scoring machine. Dean was able to weather the storm and slow him down so it came down to a take down. I feel bad for Myles, But you have to take your hat off to Dean and the Cornel team!!! Great execution and game plan.
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    I think we should be thankful that ESPN is showing every round. Back when I was in college, back in the 90"s all you saw was the finals and it was not great coverage. Now don't get me wrong, did I feel like yesterday was all about Penn St, yes, but I guess they have earned that right too. I would have like to have seen more matches yesterday, I didn't see as many split screen views as last year, but of course last year it was Ohio st and Penn st duking it out. But I am still very thankful for ESPN coverage's.
  4. I think Bo is a great wrestler, but the last thing I would want after the guy just kick my ass would be for him to help me up. I honestly think he been lucky n one has thrown a punch at him. I know I would have been like get your f-bleep hands off me!!!!! I used t think it was him just being a good guy, but now watching him do things like that and wasn't him who was adjusting his shoe while on top. Come on guys lets be respectful. It kind of reminds me of how Iowa started getting back in the day when Gable had them at full power. I always loved Gable and Iowa, but never liked all that bs ****. In the end you still can't take away how great of a wrestler BO is. He does amaze me.
  5. I watched is quarter final match and he had a big knee brace on, not sure if he had it before.
  6. MY hats off to the Northwestern kid for bumbling up. I like seeing more of this and this is good for wrestling. This ducking stuff for what ever reason hurts the sport. I was not surprised that Micis won, he a great wrestler, but I could not believe the difference in size. There was a notable difference in there size. I'm sure Rivera will take what happened and use it in the future. I always hatted it when my coached used to tell me, you learn more in a lose than a win. But he is right. This I'm sure will benefit him down the road when it counts. Again, my hats off to Northwestern for this. Thanks you.
  7. I'm a Ohio state fan, I'm taking Moore. He seem to do better when he in there with guys who are attaching too. I like his chance in furies.
  8. I think both guys looked pretty even. Olk St worked the ref the whole match about hands in the face. Its sad that they didn't call it in regulation, but call it in ot. Neither guys ever really had a serious let attach. I say just let them keep wrestling, lol
  9. We all know that Lizak doesn't do well with duals due to weigh-in rules. Take for example last year then Nato tech him in the dual. But at NCAA for 3rd place it was a dog fight. It will be a different story at Big Tens and Nationals.. But I am not trying to take anything away from the DeSant´╗┐o, I think Iowa is the perfect choice for him. It will be interested what happens at Big Tens and Nationals.
  10. Heinselman beat Elijah Oliver3-2, but wasn't he national qualifier?
  11. I agree, but for it was it worth, they seem to be improving. I agree the field is not nearly as strong as it was years ago.
  12. Did anybody else think Northern Iowa looked good? I think they had a hell of a tournament. What do you guys think?
  13. We can go back and forth on this subject all day and then some, Spencer got beat, he is human, after all. Give the Rivera some credit, he took it to him this time. To be honest this is a good time to take a lose, if there is a good time, now he can go back and knows he can not cruise and need to turn it back on just like last year. As for Suriano, who knows what happens after he drop 8 more pounds to make 125. It doesn't sound like much, but anybody who has cut weight, knows 8 more pounds on a lean frame like he has is a lot. Last year Lee took Nationals like a whirl wind, what he have like 3 techs, pins Nato, who in the world would have imagine that, then take out Suriano. Doesn't get much better than that. The season is just now really begging. My old coach always told me it was all preseason up till league, then sectional, districts then state. Same here other than how it affects seeding.
  14. I not don't the rules on this anymore, but back when I wrestled, being 80's and 90's, we had a hair rule, it would not touch your collar of your shirt or be longer. I remember being at a college tournament and when we were inspected by the ref, he made me get my hair cut. Now when my coach cut it, it was pretty rough and very high, he also taught me a lesion. LOL. I disagree on how this ref handled this, should have been done before the match started. Not at mat side. I was not scared for life over it, yes was I embarrassed, yes, but it also taught me a lesion, that there are rules in life and you can either decide to follow them, or if you choose not to, then there a risk you could have to get your hair cut, or no be aloud to compete.
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