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  1. Great match , Pletcher has work to do , Smith / Cenzo was better then I thought it would be . Rasheed not on same planet as Moore . A lot of the match seemed dead quiet watching it . Odd season both teams . Just my quick take .
  2. Not really relevant to this particular contest , but D*** I’m excited we get to hopefully see what Sasso accomplishes next few years as a Buc fan .
  3. Not a fan of either team , but looking forward to watching this . Should be great . I really love watching wrestling when it’s not my team . No worry of throwing an adult beverage through my TV screen or my Dog bitting me when I start jumping and yelling . Good stuff .
  4. Top 3 for sure I would think after this weekend , based on performance last 2 days my guess . And I say - guess ... but Smith and Romero matches were best of this contest IMO.
  5. Buckeye fan , can’t figure Sasso out . 2 huge wins this weekend . Seems to have patience of a stone . Different style for sure . Hard dude to take down . I say this having only been able to watch a couple matches this year .
  6. I'm excited to see the team they roll out this year with this new guys coming in.
  7. NATO won as fresh too but never again . The OP’s question was specific to freshman champs and not repeating . As a Buckeye fan , I feel NATO edges Martin in this venue . Tougher weight class at the time Imo .edit : my bad , he said one time champ , not freshman . Same outcome to me .
  8. I will make my disclaimer upfront here . I do NOT know the rules as most of you others on this forum , I am an x high school wrestler . That being said , I can not understand the reviews not being overturned in the Nolf semi match and now Mckennas tonight . Can’t wrap my head around it honestly . Just my opinion
  9. Can't help but root for this guy going forward. Incredible performance. The emotion in his face at match end was powerful. Respect.
  10. To me he sounded disappointed how he won Big 10 . Good interview . Can’t wait to see him wrestle in Pits.
  11. This pisses me off . Wanted to see Mymar destroy him .
  12. It’s taken 4 minutes to run off 5 seconds of this B-ball game
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