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  1. As tOSU fan I think he’s saying I’m done . Karch is gonna be a serious issue going forward . Injury aside .
  2. If Ohio State recruited the top talent in this state I am born and bread of 50 years now , this wouldn’t be a conversation . Particularly North East Ohio . Just my opinion with a sprinkle of homerism . I say this as having gone through the nightmare of how tough these kids are in this state . Brutal .
  3. As far as the food goes .. skyline Chillie is slop . Further north you go in Ohio ( food ) better it is imo .
  4. I admit , watching Ech on bottom was surprising , but to say bust or imply it is a stretch at best at this point in his college career imo . But as you noted , mat skills need to come up significantly .
  5. Sasso .... damn that was sweet
  6. I’m happy for E.Smith . AA
  7. Is it just me or did some of tOSU guys looked gassed fast today ? First time I’ve got to watch them on BTN today . Just seems like some guys out of shape . Decatur and Singletary come to mind instantly watching there matches even though they won .
  8. A young man from my area was suppose to wrestle for Stanford on scholarship this coming season. State champ but denied his second bid this year due to COVID . Really sad for him . Gotta be devastating .
  9. As a Ohio State fan, in my biased view, I believe Echemendia will AA next season. Just watching his YouTube stuff I could find, he seems like a phenom. Very rare speed in pursuit imo. I know nothing of his bottom game. I just can’t imagine him not being successful. Just seems to talented not to be able to work on week bottom game as some have specified here .
  10. Ohio state seems unlikely to me due to the talent next season already on the roster For next season in that area of weight classes . Particularly with Anthony E now on board . Not sure if Sasso stays 49 either .
  11. In my opinion watching Snyder wrestle much bigger opponents' and winning can't be understated. He looked small at times against some of the men mentioned. Truly impressive what he was able to do. And I'm just talking NCAA wrestling.
  12. Fair point and I agree after thinking about your response to me , maybe wrong thread to say what I said here , but you can’t deny it seems to drift into a lot of topics lately on here . Appreciate your honesty .
  13. Shame this MB is so political , I joined it over a year ago after lurking A few years only because I wanted to read , learn, and contribute from people who I clearly realize know more and understand then me about NCAA wrestling and its history . I could care less about anyone’s political beliefs on here . I think there are other MB’s for that type stuff people can join to express those positions Just my thought as a newer member .
  14. I have to agree with this . Your telling it like it is .
  15. Actually I was talking about Billy Miller who transferred to VT but never AA’d at HW . Good man . Local to me .
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