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  1. A young man from my area was suppose to wrestle for Stanford on scholarship this coming season. State champ but denied his second bid this year due to COVID . Really sad for him . Gotta be devastating .
  2. As a Ohio State fan, in my biased view, I believe Echemendia will AA next season. Just watching his YouTube stuff I could find, he seems like a phenom. Very rare speed in pursuit imo. I know nothing of his bottom game. I just can’t imagine him not being successful. Just seems to talented not to be able to work on week bottom game as some have specified here .
  3. Ohio state seems unlikely to me due to the talent next season already on the roster For next season in that area of weight classes . Particularly with Anthony E now on board . Not sure if Sasso stays 49 either .
  4. In my opinion watching Snyder wrestle much bigger opponents' and winning can't be understated. He looked small at times against some of the men mentioned. Truly impressive what he was able to do. And I'm just talking NCAA wrestling.
  5. Fair point and I agree after thinking about your response to me , maybe wrong thread to say what I said here , but you can’t deny it seems to drift into a lot of topics lately on here . Appreciate your honesty .
  6. Shame this MB is so political , I joined it over a year ago after lurking A few years only because I wanted to read , learn, and contribute from people who I clearly realize know more and understand then me about NCAA wrestling and its history . I could care less about anyone’s political beliefs on here . I think there are other MB’s for that type stuff people can join to express those positions Just my thought as a newer member .
  7. I have to agree with this . Your telling it like it is .
  8. Actually I was talking about Billy Miller who transferred to VT but never AA’d at HW . Good man . Local to me .
  9. Lugo left Eboro same time another NCAA qualifier left because the coach moved on to another school . He vastly improved his wrestling at Iowa . No question . But I feel no worse for him then any other young man that isn’t going to get The chance to win it all .
  10. I think he adjusted to his loss and believe we haven’t seen the best yet out of either of them yet . But I do think Pletcher is more sound in his wrestling . This match will be epic if it happens in finals . Right up there with cenzo / Mari .
  11. Pletcher has his number .
  12. I think Pletcher beats him again if they make it to the finals . I could be wrong tho , I had Sasso winning against Lugo this weekend too .
  13. Regardless of eligibility issues being discussed here , after watching what I could find on YouTube on this guy , it appears to me there is some serious trouble coming . Good trouble if tOSU fan .
  14. Sasso. He wrestles like a slow death .
  15. All I can say as a Buc fan is I can’t wait to see this happen . I knew really nothing about him til reading up from this post.
  16. Great match , Pletcher has work to do , Smith / Cenzo was better then I thought it would be . Rasheed not on same planet as Moore . A lot of the match seemed dead quiet watching it . Odd season both teams . Just my quick take .
  17. Not really relevant to this particular contest , but D*** I’m excited we get to hopefully see what Sasso accomplishes next few years as a Buc fan .
  18. Not a fan of either team , but looking forward to watching this . Should be great . I really love watching wrestling when it’s not my team . No worry of throwing an adult beverage through my TV screen or my Dog bitting me when I start jumping and yelling . Good stuff .
  19. Top 3 for sure I would think after this weekend , based on performance last 2 days my guess . And I say - guess ... but Smith and Romero matches were best of this contest IMO.
  20. Buckeye fan , can’t figure Sasso out . 2 huge wins this weekend . Seems to have patience of a stone . Different style for sure . Hard dude to take down . I say this having only been able to watch a couple matches this year .
  21. I'm excited to see the team they roll out this year with this new guys coming in.
  22. NATO won as fresh too but never again . The OP’s question was specific to freshman champs and not repeating . As a Buckeye fan , I feel NATO edges Martin in this venue . Tougher weight class at the time Imo .edit : my bad , he said one time champ , not freshman . Same outcome to me .
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