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  1. As a Ohio State fan, in my  biased view, I believe Echemendia will AA next season. Just watching his YouTube stuff I could find, he seems like a phenom. Very rare speed in pursuit imo. I know nothing of his bottom game. I just can’t imagine him not being successful. Just seems to talented not to be able to work on week bottom game as some have specified here .

  2. 1 minute ago, Force118 said:

    I don’t particularly like political banter on threads clearly labeled something else. But you can’t expect anyone to talk about anything else other covid-19 or politics when that is actually in the title of the thread and the op’s post. 

    Fair point and I agree after thinking about your response to me , maybe wrong thread to say what I said here , but you can’t deny it seems to drift into a lot of topics lately on here . Appreciate your honesty . 

  3. Shame this MB is so political , I joined it over a year ago after lurking A few years only because I wanted to read , learn, and contribute  from people who I clearly realize know more  and understand  then me about NCAA wrestling and its  history .  I could care less about anyone’s political beliefs on here .  I think there are other MB’s for that type stuff  people can join to express those positions  Just my thought as a newer member . 

  4. 48 minutes ago, Heisenberg said:

    Anyone concerned about their retirement accounts should be glad to see the mass cancellations of events and social distancing that is being encouraged.  Those measures are saving the market, not destroying it.  This virus, left unchecked would cause much more long term damage to the economy and your retirement account.

    I have to agree with this . Your telling it like it is .

  5. 28 minutes ago, hammerlockthree said:

    based on what? 

    I think he adjusted to his loss and believe we haven’t seen the best yet out of either of them yet . But I do think Pletcher is more sound in his wrestling . This match will be epic  if it happens in finals . Right up there with cenzo / Mari .    

  6. Not a fan of either team , but looking forward to watching this . Should be great . I really love watching wrestling when it’s not my team . No worry of throwing an adult beverage through my TV screen or my Dog bitting me when I start jumping and yelling . Good stuff .

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